Nothing is perfect; but it has been a perfect car for me.

I was wondering, whether there is a point to review a 230k$ car (yes, twice what it costs in EU); one would expect that everything would be great. All I can say: It is!

I used to drive Mercs for 20 years in DE, before I came to AU; 4WD-ing was more important at the time and I bought 4WD 3.5l Pajero... anyway... I never thought I would drive a star again, but due to commuting requirements (100km to work, one way), I had two requirements for a my car to be: 1. adaptive cruise, 2. quiet!

Would have loved to go Tesla (used over-priced), and settled for the S350 BlueEffiency. Little did I know (or believe) that the 7.8l/100km are realistic or even actually achievable. They are! I do 7.8l almost daily, but would settle for 8.0 overall (almost 1,000km in a tank).
The key technologies achieving this fuel consumption are hiding behind the tern BlueEfficiency, which means extra under body covers, alternator management (only charges battery when the car is decelerating or braking).
The adaptive cruise (radar-based, adapting to the set speed, keeping the desired distance, and automatic stop/go in peak hour traffic) make driving this thing a non-event -- as in: very relaxing, free of stress; and quiet it is! The car is highly noise-insulated, the typical closing of the door, will isolate from the surrounding noise; there is non inside.

300 plus horses and a top speed of 260km/h are simply ridiculous in AU, but its there for the daring... what is far more noteworthy, this car is about safety; best in its class, blind spot assist, lane assist, speed assist (yes reads speed signs and adjusts); pre-safe (seat belt tightening), umpteen airbags hiding everywhere. The heated / cooled seats, where I initially thought: yeah right; turned out to be used quite often; hop into a cold car (I live 200m AMSL and it gets minus temperatures in winter, in QLD), and the heated seat provides cosy comfort, slowly regulating down over 20 minutes, as it is no longer required.
The cars HVAC is very responsive... a matter of less than 2 minutes to get the car to the right temperature, be it 0 or 40 degrees C. There are heaps more features in this car making driving very pleasant and stress-free experience.
The 7-speed auto gearbox is another of these features; it shift, unnoticeable.. it adapts, yes to the driver's style of driving; shifting later when driving calmly, or early when pushing a bit more aggressive. Which car sits at 1,500 rpm at 100km/h... marvellous.
I can talk to the car; e.g. to switch or select an audio source (radio, DVD, HDD, SD, USB, change stations, go to navigation, take calls, etc. It has smartphone integration and Bluetooth. Yes, does video, but only for the passengers (as it should be) with its own headset and remote control.
Oh, I almost forgot: adaptive air-suspension. yes, adapts itself to driving style and road condition; it automatically lowers itself on highway driving... I am speechless. auto wipers, mirrors, reverse cam, park assist, etc.

I could go on... but won't ... maybe this; service interval is 12 months or 25,000km. I do 1,000km per week.
Regrets? None.

My time with this Mercedes S-class has so far taught me this: it may not be the most exciting car (buy a race car), nor will it make people look twice when you drive by (who cares?). But what can’t be denied is that the S-class is a car that will lower your heart rate and, ultimately, will make you live longer. (Has been scientifically proven, so have I with a Garmin vivoSmart).

The car works with you like a comfortable pair of shoes, and it’s for these reasons that I understand why Mercedes owners will always stay loyal to the brand.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

very realiable

I love my s class I have had it now over 10 years and has never missed a beat I do get it serviced by a good mechanic and he always keeps on top of any potential problems, I have always driven the car keeping other motorists well away from me meaning I don't slam on the brakes or accelerator and I am sure this has help look after this great car



I love my mercedes. So, so much. There aren't words to describe the joy I feel when I open the door to drive it. The accelerator barely needs a tap before the energy and power of the engine thrills through the body of the car. Driving is an absolute ease and heads turn as you pass less fortunate drivers. The display is like fireworks at christmas time, and the hum of the engine is like music to your ears. I will never look back on this mercedes. It was all completely worth it.
Superb design, a dream to drive it, absolute power, you'll never look back.
Fuel consumption isn't great

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It costs $300000 in Australia much more expensive than in Britain..

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