Way better than an LG

Bought this a month ago after fighting with a LG dishwasher for the last few years. It cleans the plates and easily without the need wash off. Haven’t had any issues yet. It was a great price from Harvey Norman. It is whisper quiet and easy to stack with the top cutlery tray.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Sensational Dishwasher

I adore the Miele dishwasher. My favourite features are the great wash that it does and its super quiet operation. I rarely get anything left on the dishes at the end of the cycle. Occasionally if this happens, it is due to poor placement of the item inside the washer, for example a large saucepan may affect the water flow and infrequently an item above it may have something left on it after the wash.

My wash philosophy is to let the machine do the work so mostly, items I've put in the washer have not been rinsed and almost always come out perfectly clean. I have not had any maintenance issues with the dishwasher and rarely have to clean the filters. I also love the easily adjustable top rack and the cutlery tray. The economy cycle does take a couple of hours and this is the program that I mostly use. There are other faster options available if needed.

I would highly recommend this appliance.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Cleans really well.

I’ve had this dishwasher for a while now. A friend who is in the market for a new one asked me recently what i thought of it. I decided now would be a good time to talk about it’s positives and shortcomings.
I did recommend a Miele, but not this model based on my experiences below.

We purchased this dishwasher after many hours of research to replace a 10yr old Lg which just was not cleaning our dishes well at all.
Clean wine glasses are important to us and putting them through a dishwasher is essential. Especially after a dinner party or get together.

I went into Harvey Norman and looked at all the Miele models and then went home and purchased online. The Miele website is a bit lacking and it does not really allow you to compare the models well and see inside. I found it a bit confusing to see what the differences were between the racks. These differences were not apparent in the shop either.

At first I was really blown away by the cleanliness of my dishes and the quietness of the machine. Then i started to have a lot of wine glass breakages. The rack design of this model is quite poor. There were no stem holders like in every other dishwasher. Tall stemware just can’t stand up and breaks.

I thought this cannot be right, am I missing some parts? I looked in the manual and found these could be purchased as an optional extra. Optional on a $1099 dishwasher?
I called customer care. The price for the wire stemware holders was nearly $100 per side! A basic feature which should have been standard in my opinion.

I did some more research and was fortunate enough to find the racks from the next model up on eBay. Near new. I purchased all 3 racks for 50. They were virtually new. These came from the next model up. I got the stemware holders, the 3D cutlery tray and all the other features that were lacking in my model.

Am I happy. Yes, with the 2nd hand replacement racks, I am a happy Miele owner. If you do have stemware spend the 200 bucks more and get the next model up. That’s what I would have done if I’d known. I have a silent and efficient machine now. I use Coles brand dishwasher tablets and love it. I would like a faster cycle option. It takes nearly 2hours. An optional beep would also be good for when it finishes. It doesn’t dry very well, so opening the door helps at the end. The machine is so quiet you can’t hear it finish.

I generally do scrape my dishes a bit. I don’t like to clean the filters too often. Miele has a great filtration system. The Auto sensing option is great. It dumps the first wash water very quickly if it very soiled.

Miele, a better website which actually shows you the interior and distinguishing features between models on the shop page would be a big help. Basic stemware holders should be considered a standard inclusion on products in this price range.

Would I recommend it. Yes. Great for a family, or anyone who doesn’t need to wash fine stemware. If you do, get the next model.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Quality at a good Price

I'd done a lot of research before buying my Previous Miele dishwasher. That was in 2001. We needed to replace it URGENTLY in August this year. Purchased the current version and it fitted perfectly into the existing space. There are a few design changes. It does dry better and is quieter than the old model. The standard cutlery tray is excellent and the stacking very flexible. Good choice of programs and it does a great job. Recommended.
And we got it on discount :)

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Absolutely excellent

I love this dishwasher. It cleans everything thoroughly. It is very very quiet, I had to check it was on when I first got it because it so quiet and I was used a loud machine. Easy clean and stylish. Couldn't be happier. When it eventually wears out in years to come, I will buy another one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Decent microwave for the size

Its stylish and have awesome features also it has different kool modes for running the product it washes all the dishes really well with powerful water pressure modes in the dishwasher machine it runs quiet with a Stainless Steel style look I give it 5 stars for this product.
Its stylish and have awesome features also it has different kool modes for running the product it washes all the dishes really well with powerful water pressure modes in the dishwasher machine it runs quiet with a Stainless Steel style look I give it 5 stars for this product

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Entry level brilliance

Owned this dishwasher for around 3 weeks and used multiple times per day ( we have 3 small kids). Fantastic build quality and cleans much better compared to any other make I've owned. The cutlery tray is so much easier to use than a basket and saves loads of space plus it's very quiet. This is effectively an entry level model but don't let that put you off - it may only have basic programs but they work superbly and frankly, we don't really need any more for our household - dinner parties aren't really an option right now....The timer is another bonus as we have low rate electricity at night. Very happy so far

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thank you for your feedback Bernie!

Awful Experience

I have had several issues with my Miele dishwasher - upon contacting the company I have been told I am in to rural a location for them to assist me with servicing my dishwasher. To me I was happy to spend the extra money on a good quality appliance as it would last me longer in the end. This certainly has not been the case and my overall experience in dealing with Miele and the customer service I have received has been terrible. Not a happy customer at all Miele

Date PurchasedMar 2011
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Hi Rebecca, we apologise for your experience. Miele has limited access to certain areas, but we can recommend depending on your area an authorized Miele service agent who can assist you with your machine. However, as your machine is out of warranty, you can use any local appliance repairer. I'll send you a private message now. Kind regards, Miele.

Faultless so far!

This dishwasher replaced a faulty Bosch. (Bosch later replaced it, after I'd already bought the Miele. It's now sitting unopened).
I'm so happy with the dishwasher. It is a great size internally & made even bigger with the separate cutlery tray, which leaves more room in the bottom rack for plates & pots.
I always use the hottest setting & everything comes out spotless - every time.
It's super quiet compared to other brands I've owned.
What I noticed especially when comparing this to other brands in the shop, was how effortlessly the drawers glide in & out. Wow - it's so awesome!
I have nothing bad to say about this at all. Also, I had a query about the water usage on our farm with iffy water pressure - the call centre staff member I spoke to was super knowledgeable & was an excellent help.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Cleans well

I put I some really dirty dishes and in 1.5hrs my dishes were clean. I love of the auto where it sense how dirty the dishes to the program and like the trays for knife and forks. Ovsrall have been very pleased with it.

The shelves can be lower to add pots and pans.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Stopped working after 7 months

I bought mine last October and in May this year it began showing F87 error and while I was waiting for the warranty repair to come and fix it, which took two weeks, the whole front panel blacked out. Literally the guy had to replace the pump and the from panel. Since then he’s told me not to use Finish Quantum tablets cause they can cause the motor to go unless you wash on hot cycles.
Disappointed as I paid AUD1200 so I don’t have to worry about repairs and now I have a repaired dishwasher.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

mum's best friend

an entry level model,love how this never fails to clean dushes and crockery thoroughly everytime...great in gettung rid of grease and odours...yet the eco mode is gentle enough to wash delicate dishware...its very quiet as well...i needed a replacement part and miele sent it out right away...best investment ever...thanks meile...

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Miele dish washer

Cleaned the dishes and pans perfectly.
Has extremely long wash times. Even the economy wash seems to be on for ages.
I think the machine does a fantastic job but just takes such a very long time to finish a cycle.
My dishes are clean, no food deposits left anywhere.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very quiet dishwasher

Never thought i could afford a Miele dishwasher but we got it at a meile factory outlet in Brisbane.
Holds a lot of dishes. Has a seperate cutlery tray so more plate space in the bottom tray. Supper quiet never bear it
. Would recommend you check out the factory outlet.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Awesome need it

I haven’t had a dishwasher for about 20years so when it was time to purchase one a few friends recommended the Miele as the found them to be the best product. I love the cutlery tray as you just pick them out in straight into the draw. I am very happy with my machine.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

So quiet, so very very quiet, that is one of its best features!!!

Miele was recommended as the best on the market, so I replaced my old dishwasher with a Miele. Yes! definitely a wonderful product. So quiet, it is amazingly quiet.I wouldn't even know it was on and we sit around an island bench with the Miele washing dishes underneath, hushhhh. I have not had any trouble with it and it has done a lot of work now.
My visitors comment that it is a Miele and I always say: yes, I bought Miele because it is the best, having used 2 other brands prior, i could not recommend anything other than a Miele now I have one..

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Great dishwasher

Great dishwasher and as expected of a Miele product it is extremely well made and comes with piece of mind through warranty.

Bought on promotion so received cash back which helped lower the price

Easy to maintain, super quiet and economical.

Has many neat features and cleans the dishes very well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

This is perfect

Everyone said this product is good, so we set it up 8 years ago, and now we leave a review.
I tried every expensive product from cheap material but felt no big difference.
I have often seen a failure because the manual is a wheel, so I just pushed the power button and turned it on.
I'm sorry there are no temperature settings, but it doesn't feel that big. Quick wash dishes are finished in 20 minutes.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Great Washing machine with any trouble

It takes around 1 hour to 1.5 hours depend son the settings
Very quite
Easy to use and haven't noticed any issues as yet.
I would highly recommend that.
his cleans up really well no mess of leftovers.very efficient
plenty of space for cutlers, wine glasses cups and plates and pots.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great dishwasher

This dishwasher is great quality. It cleans the dishes really well and is also super quiet. I also really like the feature which gives you the ability to select what type of wash you want, ie quick wash or heavy duty wash for pots and pans etc. Although a bit pricey definitely worth it.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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Questions & Answers

I recently purchased a Miele dishwasher for my new home as I was very happy with the Miele dishwasher in my previous house. However, unlike my previous Miele, the new one doesn't switch off the power at the end of the wash cycle. The power light stays on and the LED timer shows 000 The power button has to be switched off manually; is this normal?
6 answers
Thank you for your question about these amazing products. In order to correctly address your concerns, I will need to know the model number to diagnose the problem. In my experience with these dishwashers, the failure of the unit to power down after completion of the cycle combined with the display showing a number indicates that the unit has not completed the cycle due to an error or malfunction. The quality testing of each of these devices prior to shipping is extensive. I will be able to give you the answer to your question if you provide the model number and confirm the exact content of the numeral displayed, including whether the light is flashing or still and any other information regarding this message.Thank you for your response. The model number is G 4203 SCU Active built-under dishwasher (with cutlery tray) The exact content of the numeral displayed is 000 The red light is still (not flashing)Yes. It counts down to zero showing the cycle is complete. But power stays on

The Miele website says this dishwasher is 60cm deep (front to back) but the choice website and most appliance stores list it as 57cm deep. Can anyone confirm the true depth measurement?
1 answer
Hi Tasha, thanks for your question. We would recommend you go with what is stated on the Miele official website for the best reference. However, we also recommend that you confirm with the retailer if you choose to purchase this appliance your space limits at your home to ensure that the appliance fits correctly. Kind regards, Miele.

Has anyone had a Bosch would you recommend miele over Bosch my old dishwasher was a bosch?
5 answers
I have had two Bosch as they were reasonable in price and had good reviews. However, both broke after two years … just out of warranty. Both good machines till they broke but unable to find anyone who knew why they broke. Last one broke last year and I handfill the machine with water through its cycles. As it is still a good machine when I do this, I had it repaired with official fixer (Mr Dishwasher - friendly chap). Day at home to be told it was a sensor, over $100 to fix. A week later, broken again, another $100, nothing wrong he could see... works ok on short cycle (ran it for 10 minutes...). Two weeks later it is broken again, still not rinsing, but it is unlikely to be fixed given my last two encounters. I will never buy a Bosch dishwasher again, so will try the dearer Miele. Waiting for a good price.Thanks Bill.Appreciate you answering . As my broke in April/May I had had enough of hand washing and did some research and ended up buying a Siemens comes with a 5 year warranty .looked at Miele unless you get top of the range I think they are pretty average.Hi Narelle, Just out of interest how is the Siemens Dishwasher going ? I am thinking of replacing my Fysher & Paykel lemon for a Miele or a Siemens ,not a lot of info out there on the Siemens though. Thanks


G 4203 SC Active (White, Freestanding)G 4203 SCU Active (Stainless Steel,Built-Under)G 4203 i Active (Integrated)G 4203 SCi Active (Integrated, with Cutlery Tray)
Price (RRP) $1,399$1,599$1,599$1,699
FeaturesChild Lock, Cutlery Rack, Eco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining DisplayChild Lock, Cutlery Rack, Eco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining DisplayChild Lock, Cutlery Rack, Eco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining DisplayChild Lock, Cutlery Rack, Eco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining Display
Water Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)4 star(s)4 star(s)
Water Consumption14 L/wash14 L/wash14 L/wash14 L/wash
Energy Rating3 star(s)3 star(s)3 star(s)3 star(s)
Energy Consumption312 kWh per year312 kWh per year324 kWh per year312 kWh per year
Control Panel Position FrontFrontFrontFront
Number of Programs6555
Number of Place Settings 14141414
Colour / Finish Brilliant WhiteCleanSteelCleanSteelCleanSteel
Dimensions 845 x 598 x 600 mm805 x 598 x 570 mm805 x 598 x 570 mm805 x 598 x 570 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)

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