Awfull persistent smell since day one and only 4 months old

Awful smell always on everything - just like prior reviewer has said. My last Miele was 5/5, this is awful. I’ve tried 4 different brands of tablets. I have rinse aid in .i have scrubbed it inside incl basket drain and all arm jets. Ive put vinegar and bicarbonate soda i as well as straight water rinses. I’ve done finish dishwasher cleaner every week. It’s 4 months installed and it’s awful.

Purchased in November 2018 at Harvey Norman.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Noise Level
Internal Layout
Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. If possible, can you email your full name and best contact number to prsupport@miele.com.au and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible? Please reference your Product Review username so we can identify you. Kind regards, Anna.I’m currently on leave I’ll email when I return.

It leaks!

We paid a little more and on advice from the store bought the Miele. It was installed at the end of November and in January we noticed a water mark on our timber floors at the corners of the dishwasher door. Service person came and made a door adjustment. The unit is still leaking, he came back and said it needs a new seal which he doesn’t carry even though he has had to come it twice for the same problem. He will return for a third time in a week and a half. This machine is 2 months old and needs a new seal? Not up to the standard we expected from a Miele product. Our floor is also damaged from water leak. We will now have a machine that is fairly new, has damaged very expensive flooring and had a repair done to it. Miele have not been very helpful and we are disappointed in our purchase.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
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Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. If possible, can you email your full name and best contact number to prsupport@miele.com.au and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible? Please reference your Product Review username so we can identify you. Kind regards, Anna.

Best dishwasher ever.

Best dishwasher I have ever owned. I scrape the food of before placing plates in. The inside space is amazing & I can easily use even when I have all of my family over, which will be 7 people.
Washes clean every time & I extremely rarely will have to rewatch anything due to a poor was.

Purchased in July 2015 for $1,299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Thank you Lea for your feedback!

amazing what technology can achieve

have been told not to scrape because sensor wash detects what needs to be doneb,in the two years we had it never got clogged and when it did the rep came out and showed us what to do

Purchased in October 2016 at Harvey Norman Physical Store for $1,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
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Thank you Pammy for your feedback!

Cleans brilliantly

I bought this dishwasher in February 2018, so at the time of writing I've been using it for 11 months. I bought it because I moved into a new house that had a Smeg dishwasher already installed. However, the Smeg really didn't give me the kind of results I was looking for. Cutlery, plates and bowls would regularly come out of it with bits of food still stuck on, and due to the heat generated in the machine they deposits would be baked on and hard to remove. It was the worst-performing dishwasher that I'd ever used, so I sold it on Gumtree and bought the Miele instead.

The difference in performance is remarkable. It's very rare for anything to come out of the Miele with food still stuck on it. Maybe one item every 6 or 7 washes, compared with multiple items every wash with the Smeg.

The machine is whisper-quiet. You can barely hear it when running. In fact, a few times I've had to go back to the machine to check that it was running, as I couldn't hear it and thought that I had forgotten to push the start button.

In terms of usage, I just put it onto the Auto program each time. What that does is employ sensors in the machine to determine how much water to use, what temperature to heat the water to, and how long to run the program based upon the load inside.

You can get an impressive amount of stuff into the machine. The top tray is for cutlery - it doesn't have a cutlery basket like most dishwashers, but a dedicated tray. The middle tray can shift up and down to make more room below - very useful if you want to put very tall items into the bottom tray.

My only niggle is that the drying program is not as good as it could be. All of your crockery and cutlery will come out dry, but if you put plastic items in such as Tupperware containers, they will still have water in on them at the end of the program. So I end up putting them into my drainer next to the kitchen sink to dry out for a couple of hours.

One last thing - the machine might require dishwasher salt depending on your tapwater. I live in Brisbane and therefore don't need to add salt, but do some research on your local area.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Thank you for your feedback!

Excellent dishwasher. Best we have had

Our F&P one day died so my wife researched and selected the Miele Jubilee SC for our new dishwasher. Wow... we noticed the difference straight away. This dishwasher cleans everything and very very rarely misses any food scraps. We've had this for around 18 months now and still performs excellent since the day we got it. Oh and it is very quiet!

Not a complaint, though once it would not start as we had a bowl in the machine that apparently aimed water toward the door, so the water was able to flow to the bottom and activated the flood switch. Once it dried out, it worked like normal again. To find this out, we had had a technician come and investigate. He made some adjustments so as to perform better (it does) though now doesn't dry as well as it used to. We can live with that, though something to be mindful of when loading the machine (my wife learnt the hard way :p )

Would absolutely recommend Miele to anyone.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Thank you for your feedback!

Smells after Wash

Disappointed with Miele brand as paid a bit more for what is reputed as the best. Since the first wash, there is an unpleasant odour on all the dishes. I've contacted Miele customer service, received a few 'obvious' actions, even had a technician out to check set-up and machine performance. They left with a couple of descaler tablets and reported all OK. Clearly can't be. I purchased an extra Miele 1m drain hose at my expense to create a high point in case the issue was with the non-return valve. Have lodged a request with Miele to replace it in the hope this is a one-off issue and something the technician can't assess. Unfortunately my perception of Miele products will be swayed by thow they handle my request.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. If possible, can you email your full name and best contact number to prsupport@miele.com.au and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible? Please reference your Product Review username so we can identify you. Kind regards, Miele.I've since contacted Miele service dept to organise a 2nd technician to inspect. Will update my post once this is carried out.Technician adjusted the settings to ensure the Auto feature senses when to run the higher temperature wash. Apparently, the settings suggested the first technician didn't do this, or the settings were not saved. Provided complimentary Miele branded powder, salt and rinse aid. Will run a few times with the program changes and offer a reevaluation in due course. Nothing was identified with the plumbing or machine though I did detect a slight odor in the rinse aid reservoir which appeared to be full although we hadn't added any. Could this have filled with grey water?

Great product

After 18 years with my Dishlex I my first Miele. It’s so quiet cleans fabulously. I would have given 5 stars just one irritating this is the bottom rack rolls back in so it very frustrating loading and unloading I have to put a cloth to stop it doing that.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thank you Kathy for your feedback. If you have any questions regarding your Miele dishwasher, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 464 353.


This dishwasher was installed 17 September 2018. At installation F78 showed and fixed by installer. Second time we used machine the F13 error showed needing a visit by the local technician to fix. Today F24 showed up and we now await the technican. Poor performance in the first 6 weeks of ownership and very disappointing. If it is not running properly after this next fix then Miele will be asked to refund or replace what is obviosly a dud machine.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
Hi Richard, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I'm going to send you a private message now so we can look into this further. Kind regards, Miele.Top marks to Miele for addressing my situation promptly and efficiently. They have now resolved the matter to my complete satisfaction.

Matches the bench top boards.

Just had our kitchen upgraded and there's a black strip under the bench top so we went looking around for a dishwasher that wouldn't stand out to much and found this on appliances online. It looks pretty much like it dose online and the black strip where there buttons and screen is was just the right night for our bench. The dishwasher performs good and cleans the plates possibly better than hand washing would do. Am very happy with this washer!

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Thank you Kylie for your feedback!


I so love this dish washer. It’s the best one i have ever had... bar none. It gets the dishes really clean. It is also very quiet. I find that it also does not require a lot of service or maintenance or upkeep of any kind. Saves time and money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Thank you Sally for your feedback!

Good dishwasher

This dishwasher is pretty quite and uses minimum water. Only downside is the 45 degree wash (also the shortest cycle) doesnt do the best job, Dishes still seen oily. Also if you dont open it soon as it finishes dishers dont dry very well. The bottom rack also won't stay out it rolls back which is annoying when stacking

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Affordable, perfect and one of the BEST dishwashers available!!

Have had a Miele dish washer for the last 11 years. It’s affordable user friendly, simple and one of the BEST dishwashers out there. Love the separate cutlery tray, cleans good although the cups do not dry well enough on the top ( probably design feature of cups) no complaints and really pleased with my purchase. It’s very quite during the cycle as well.

Date PurchasedMar 2007

Don’t bother with this model

Worked well for 4 months, then got a F78 fault code. It took nearly two weeks to get a service call, and was told that it was a known issue with this dishwasher. Service man replaced the whole front panel after testing it once again said it was fine. The next night I put the washer on and within 5 minutes the fault came up again! miele offered to replace the dishwasher with the same model but I didn’t want this as it could’ve been another lemon. They refused to upgrade me to a better model, so I asked for a refund. Which I got. I have since bought a Bosch which cleans the dishes even better than the Miele. I did however prefer the Miele interior. Throughly disappointed by the experience. I questioned why they didn’t recall this model, they said it was only a small percentage of them! Yeah right! I noticed they have been heavily reduced.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great and affordable dishwasher

If you want an affordable dishwasher that does the job then this is the best buy. It's relatively quiet, easy to use, the instructions are easy and is energy efficient. I'm currently building a house and am thinking of getting another Miele G 4930 for my house. Would definitely recommend!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Broke after 2 weeks with circulation pump issue, F78 and support poor

I bought this because I frequently hear Miele is the best. There seems to be a common fault with this model with the circulation pump, error code f78. My new machine broke after two weeks. It took a week to get a service visit. When the technician arrived he refused to work on it because I unplugged it and made me book another call which took an extra week. On the technician's return he got it working again for a day but broke again. Then I booked another service call which will take another week. Still not fixed.
Other observations when it worked.
1. Door doesn't stay fully opened forcing the bottom tray to roll back
2. There is no quick wash. Fastest cycle is 1 hour 50 min
3. Plastics and materials feel light

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Load and Forget! Amazing!

This is by far the best invention to have happened in the Kitchen appliances sector. We used Miele in our rental property for 3 years, and were completely satisfied it. So when we bought a place for ourselves, we made sure we installed the same model number at our new house. And so we did.
It cleans each and every type of utensil under the roof. We are an Indian household, with massive amount of grease byproduct in our cooking to clean. Enter Miele G4930. And it comes out as shining star! And the 75C Pots and Pan operating mode is answer to all the malaise in life. It cleans the hell out of anything and everything.
If you need a dishwasher, invest in this dude. Life will be so much easier. (Written by a husband, whose major responsibility in the house is to laundry, dishes and vacuum!!!!)

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very good dishwasher

We got this installed in our house as our old dishwasher didn't work anymore and have to say we are very happy with this dishwasher. No issues so far, does a very good job of cleaning the dishes and seems to be super reliable. No issues with drying dishes (which we have had in previous dishwashers). Very happy

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love it

Fantastic dishwasher, super quiet.
Love the new 3d cutlery tray. Heaps of room for all my big plates and saucepans.
Cleans and dry dishes perfectly even plastic.
Although the sales assistant assured me that it came with a stainless steel kick panel, it did not, its only black plastic which looks kind of cheap.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Made the right choice buying a Miele dishwasher

Ive bought a Smeg for my parents for around $900 less than 5 years ago and 3 years later it flooded and short circuited. I didnt do my research then. Now they have a Westinghouse for around $1000 and its pretty average quality, have no comments about its functions since Im not at their place.
Have used Bosch from other places Ive been and couldnt disagree to it either and knowing that it is a popular brand for great dishwashers I thought Id do more research first and narrow it down to what I really need and want. I realised I wouldnt opt for the mainstream ones. Instead I looked for something thats sort of been there for awhile or years! with good reviews and reputation. So Ive decided a Miele Dishwasher. Being an indecisive person, my hubby was surprised Im set to this particular brand. It was hard to choose which model but I ended up with this G 4930 SC CLST mainly for the functions I prefer to have, the discounted price and my budget. Close enough to buy a Bosch top range one too. The dimensions work out well for our niche since its shorter in depth at 57mm. Bosch goes over 60mm. Built under would have been perfect but it didnt tick my must haves.

The 3D cutlery was so conveniently different which this model boasts plus it is the cheapest one among all others with that functionality. We went to stores to have a look and feel of Miele dishwashers, the lower and higher end. Loved it so much that I said no to salesperson offering Asko. At the end of the day, I was excited I was sure of this model that I hadnt seen at all but chose it and bought it!

Czech built G 4930 since its an entry range. Would have been good if it was Germany but one day maybe. Or years later, we'll see. Dont quite have the money.

Had a service partner plumber installed it for us, did well. Now we use it almost every second day and couldnt hate it all.
There's only one annoying bit about the lower basket that rolls back inside even when its heavy but its manageable. Program washes are long but doesnt matter. I put in on before going to bed, put away the shiny and squeaky clean ones the next day. Dry and perfectly clean.

I love the auto program, the simplistic design in and out, very great build quality, ability to clean plastics incomparable to other dishwashers, and just the fact that its Miele.

Hoping the customer service gets better in time, I heard its been so slow and poor after already buying this. I dont need it that soon yet though.

Would have also chosen the G 6620 too but it wasnt on promo at the time. Ive never loved shopping for dishwashers since knowing Miele! If only we need more than one in a household, lol.

Lastly, the best dishwashing tablet/capsule is deserving for a high end machine too. I had time to do my homework about what ifs, what not and which ones after all the practising, I must say once again that I aced it upon completion. Hope this helps to all you readers out there!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

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Questions & Answers

With this model, what date was it made?
2 answers
Not sure as it is all installed, will try & find warrantyThank you for trying. I rang Miele and they said it was a 2017 model. Cheers.

The Miele website says this dishwasher is 60cm deep (front to back) but the choice website and most appliance stores list it as 57cm deep. Can anyone confirm the true depth measurement?
1 answer
Hi Tasha, thanks for your question. We would recommend you go with what is stated on the Miele official website for the best reference. However, we also recommend that you confirm with the retailer if you choose to purchase this appliance your space limits at your home to ensure that the appliance fits correctly. Kind regards, Miele.

What does Active Integrated mean?
1 answer
the below link doesnt use the exact words but has most of them and might be helpful https://www.miele.com.au/domestic/miele-buyers-guide-dishwasher-2499.htm


G 4930 BRWS (Brilliant White, Freestanding)G 4930 I OBSW (Active Integrated)G 4930 SCU CLST (Cleansteel, Built-Under)G 4930 SC CLST (Cleansteel, Freestanding)G 4930 U CLST (Cleansteel, Built-Under)G 4930 U BRWS (Brilliant White, Built-Under)G 4930 SCI CLST (Cleansteel, Integrated)G 4930 I BRWS (Active Integrated)G 4930 Jubilee (Freestanding)
Price (RRP) $1,299$1,499$1,699$1,499$1,499$1,399$1,699$1,499$1,499
FeaturesTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayTime Remaining DisplayEco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining Display
Water Rating5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)5 star(s)
Water Consumption11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash11.3 L/wash
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)
Energy Consumption274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year274 kWh per year
Control Panel Position FrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Maximum Noise Level41 db
Number of Programs555555555
Colour / Finish Brilliant WhiteObsidian Black fasciaCleanSteelCleanSteelCleanSteelBrilliant WhiteCleanSteel fasciaBrilliant WhiteBrilliant White
Dimensions 845 x 600 x 600 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm845 x 600 x 600 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm810 x 600 x 570 mm845 x 598 x 600 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)

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