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Beautiful, natural and local products

I have been using Mismo skin care products for 5+ years now and would be hard pressed to find anything better for me. These products have taken my skin from dull and dry problem areas to refreshed and rejuvenated. I particularly love the Nourishing Cream, Microderm Resurfacing Cream, and the AHA Fruit Masque. They are not the cheapest product on the market and there is good reason for that.

Good Business! Smart Business! Great Business! 10 Stars!

This is my second purchase from this company. I purchased 1x MSM Distilled Powder - 850g Tub $60. A week or so ago. Shipping speed. "Excellent". However, Australia Post is so rough, that the tub lid had opened partially and the product had spilled out and of course I lost product. I use every day because I have been diagnosed with AS ( Ankylosing Spondylitis) a form of Arthritis. Product seems to help, significantly. I really can't afford to lose any product at all. So I made contact with the Director of the company "Irene". After a few back and forth emails, and I was called. I must say I was more than adequately compensated and a positive outcome was reached. I;m very grateful. They have a customer for life.
Please keep up the great work and never lose sight of your customers...

MSM for Arthritis. It really works!!

I have been using MSM Powder for 9 months, when I didn’t take it for a few days and I couldn’t work out why I was hurting all over
I then realised it was the powder. After 1 day back on it I felt relief from the pain. Thanks Mismo

Excellent service. Product as described. Will use again!

Product as described. Will definitely use again! No issues at any stage and very highly recommend. As yet to evaluate the product I purchased diligently but expect the desired results. Great company.

Gentle on the skin

Having sensitive skin with roacea can be frustrating and finding products to cover up redness without aggravating the skin can be hard. Mismo foundation does this and if i try something else i always go back to Mismo.
I have one slight negative and that is that it does wear off by end of day so you may need to touch up.

The best finally found!!

My skin has always been prone to redness and be quite sensitive to even the most expensive cosmetics promising relief from my skin condition but nothing ever seemed to hold its promise after the first couple of uses. Now I have finally found something which really works from the beginning and keeps on working just as well.making my skin feel instantly relieved and hydrated. Great job MiSMo.

Excellent service!

I am very impressed with such prompt and excellent service. So good to be dealing with you. Shall certainly do so again:)!

Sold for life!

I am 71 years of age and have been using Mismo products for 7 months. Having been a sun-worshipper all my life until the past few years my skin has always been a concern. The pigmentation has now faded considerably (although hasn't disappeared completely) and my skin is softer and smoother. At one stage I decided to use up some other expensive products rather than waste them and the reversal was so obvious I threw them out! It's Mismo for me from now on. An excellent, affordable product that comes with such friendly and prompt service - Queensland to country Victoria in 24 hours!


I love these products, they are so affordable, I love the ingredients, they feel amazing and the ladies that work there are always so helpful and kind. The parcels never take more than 2 working days to arrive. And they are all Australian products and ingredients. I just love Mismo.

Mismo/ Distilled MSM Made in China

I bought the distilled MSM after doing research that this is definitely the best form to take, and to be wary of the crystallized form, or any that come as pills/ capsules (re nasty and hidden fillers/ binders). Loose powder/ crystals has also the best absorption and is overall cheaper. I am needing good MSM for various health issues and severe nerve pain and don't need impure MSM to be giving me sulphur but carrying in all sorts of bad stuff too (creating other problems). I then read all the Mismo website info again, but could not find it stated where it is sourced/ made or what from. I emailed and on the second email received a detailed reply it is made in China (as is their regular crystallised MSM), which is a concern to me. So I researched further and from what I understand (I have a medical science degree), OptiMSM by Bergstromm Nutrition/ Stanley Jacob (of the famous MSM book) seems the best. However, it is hard to get in Australia it seems although I have emailed them to ask. I couldn't get it sent from amazon.com or iherb and finally found Kala course flakes on amazon.co.uk (expensive so I bought in bulk). The Kala company has an Australian website so I hope will start selling it here soon (I have no affiliation).
I also wanted to buy some Mismo gel and beauty products but am now concerned about the MSM purity in them so might stick to OptiMSM products if I can find (as long as that is not fake/ copycat/ Chinese OptiMSM?). I also made a spritzer myself from dissolving OptiMSM crystals. It's a shame that there is so much cover up and mislabeling (or no labeling!) for the consumer and their health, I suppose all for money. And made in China will of course be cheap. And it takes hours of research time. It is also a shame that good MSM that you can be confident in is not available or made in Australia - I think we must be quite a sulphur deficient country! Good luck, I encourage others to do their own research as it seems that it is particularly important that MSM is highly pure. Mismo does state that their MSM is pharmaceutical grade, and the product did arrive quickly.

No Need for more Speed

Can only say that if the products I purchased work as well, and as quickly, as I received them, then I am going to be very happy. Lots of information included on the products purchased, and other interesting bits as well. Cheers.

Great service and quality

I have only recently bought MSM powder from Mismo. The staff were friendly helpful and very polite. I was impressed with their customer service and their products although I have not had much of a chance to see the full extent of the products capability as of yet. I do know I will be ordering from them again.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of information they sent out with their products- truly helpful information! Over all it was a great experience!

Best service ever.

I love the products from MiSMo. My favourite being the ACE Serum. It is absolutely luxurious. I have just placed another order. I was away on holidays for 2 weeks and ran out. Never again will I allow that to happen. Cannot live without it. Will start ordering more products to try. Delivery time was excellent especially living in Darwin. Great Australian company.

excellent products and service

my wife has spent heaps on other facial products with unsatisfactory results, however with your MiSMo facial products she is now over the moon as before using your MiSMo facial products, her face was covered in red blotches now her face is clear and smooth and she feels and looks great. thank you so much.

Excellent service - extremely prompt delivery

I've ordered organic sulphur several times - every time very speedy delivery - the latest one arrived at my door just 20hrs after i ordered it!

Fantastic service - prompt and reliable

I was amazed at how quickly it was delivered and the communication advising me every step of the way. Will definitely recommend and use again!

Fantastic, so far

We have bought Gel and MSM from Mismo for the first time. Both the products arrived very quickly. Far quicker than most other products bought online. We have only used the Gel so far and early indications are positive.


This was our first order with MiSMo, we ordered 1kg of distilled MSM Organic Sulphur; mainly for our arthritis pain relief and perhaps help with our lung function, we have yet to try it, but are confident a more purer product we could not have obtained, nor could we have got a better price.
The young lady who served me on the phone was simply lovely and helpful as well, and then came the service, from Queensland to South Australia in one day, I could not believe it!
MiSMo company has my support from this day forward and there are plenty of helpful products, like Magnesium etc that will benefit our needs. Thank you so much for everything.

wouldnt have believed it if i hadnt experienced it myself!

I ordered the Mismo Magnesium Gel Forte & am truly a believer now! A chronic sufferer from back & neck pain following 2 car accidents 30 odd yrs ago as well as suffering with muscle cramps at any time day or night , it worked the first time I used it & now apply in am before starting the day then again before bed to ensure a restful night. If I wake up with discomfort I just apply some more - safe as houses. I was one of the many who were battling tolerating oral magnesium - no more! thank you! thank you! thank you!

Excellent Service & Products

Delivery is exceptionally fast. Love the Rejuvenating Gel and the Eye Cream Complex is far more effective than anything else I have ever tried.

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Questions & Answers

hi my name is Theodora and just wondering I have bad knee pain and I will need a knee replacement will msm will me till operation as my joint are broken and have tears in knee
2 answers
I am really not sure as the severity of your complaint is quite high. You would be best to seek help from the ladies at MiSMo.Hi Theodora - I have found the product to be good but if you are soon to be operated on I believe that you should not be on any medications even natural ones - I would suggest you discuss your questions with your general practioneer or surgeon and also the people who make Mismo MSM. I wish you all the best .

Hello, What are the quantities per item in the Magnesium Gel? it contains SMS and magnesium and gel, how mush of each is present in this particular item?
4 answers
Hi Bianca Each 5 grams of Magnesium Gel Forte contains 1.2 grams of Magnesium Chloride and approximately .5 gram of MSM. Our customers find it a great product that delivers results. Irene from MiSMofor the quantity of the ingredient, it is best try Mismo website: www.mismo.com.au and contact them directly as for most of the skin care in the market, the percentage of the ingredient are not listed. I would have liked if it was more potent!!! Which means it is mostly gel- is it Aloe Vera? and what percentage of Hyaluronic acid? Is it possible to do a more potent combination?