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Fantastic service from the team

Great work thank you for helping out with the issue at hand. I had made an error and they fixed it. They superseded my problem to assist in getting me to a happy place.

DO NOT USE - they sell your details

This absolutely disgusting company makes you pay to keep your information private - I too have had many unsolicited calls and emails. When I asked if I could now pay the extra dollars to make my information private they told me that my information is already out there and nothing can be done.
1 star only because I could not give them zero.

Shocking service Try another provider

I have never written a review before but shocking service from netregistry. I accidentally renewed email service for annual payment and not monthly. Tried to change back and was told too bad your only option is to cancel but we will charge you for 6 months as well as cancel your emails. You should be able to receive refund if you have made a mistake and want to adjust payment plan.

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your poor experience with our accounts team. I've sent you a PM asking for some more information, this sounds like something we should be able to fix up. Thanks, Aaron


This company is thieves. They have poor customer services. Lady can sleep away the way she was speaking. Calling herself supervisor. Upon several emails calls making to NET REGISTRY after 8 months now they saying your services are with someone else. After eating away the money for $103.20 now they saying they wont return. When we have no idea that they have changed to other services provider. I do not recommend NETREGISTRY to any one. They are big time thieves, Liars , most irritating customer services people. Dont have any knowledge of their own company. They even dont deserve for 1 star even. I request product review to dont put compulsory to rate them. Worse company ever in Australia.

Hi John, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and I am sorry to hear about the poor experience you have encountered with our customer service team recently. If you wish, I am more than happy to further look into your email issue if you can provide me your support case number. Please let me know what this case number is via the PM I have sent you. Kind regards, FrankThey haven't provided me with any of the case number. If you can check invoice number 12778042 and you can see the case. I have emailed and i haven't received any of the responses yet. Previously complained but no responses.

Completely Useless Tech Support

We have wasted a week on trying to troubleshoot email issues. After explaining the situation multiple times (to the same person no less) including but not limited to:
1. Walking them through the problem on the phone as they wanted to understand how the issue occurs (fair)
2. Then sending a PSR with me performing the steps to /get/ to the issue. Exact same as above
3. They then request a video of me doing the same thing as the PSR , despite this not being a user issue. It is definitely on their email server somewhere.
4. Giving them TeamViewer access to my machine in which they do the exact same thing with, again, the problem existing on their end.

Will refuse to admit they are at fault and will blame everyone else under the sun. Including lying and throwing technical jargon at you hoping you give up (it is 110% wrong) and also blaming Microsoft for misconfiguring their /own/ email servers. Yes, it's definitely an issue with the largest email provider in the world /s

I would stay so far away from this company that the generational jump to my great-grandchildren is not far enough. The only reason we haven't migrated is because I really can't be bothered trying to migrate all of our emails from them (not that you can anyway).

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Hi Peter, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and I am sorry to hear about the poor experience you have encountered with our customer service team recently. If you wish, I am more than happy to further look into your email issue if you can provide me your support case number. Please let me know what this case number is via the PM I have sent you. Kind regards, Frank

Would go lower if possible

Absolute garbage. Been in the industry for over well over 10 years as a developer and I have NEVER come across such poor customer service and a complete lack of commonsense. A VERY simple solution to a problem could not be fixed due to THEIR policies. We went through an exhaustive process of removing a re-seller from an account, which took weeks and a lot of to and fro only to find after we have finished that process (in May 2018), today they would NOT even change a nameserver, via the request of the NEW domain OWNER as the domain was STILL attached to the re-seller. Even though the domain, through a Whois search, has nothing to do with that re-seller at all. Registrant details were all in the new account name, but oh no, we have to go through the process again. All they wanted to do was protect the re-seller of an account who was not even attached to it. Marvellous! Have lots of fun dealing with these so called professionals.

Hi Dean, I am sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with our domains team. I've sent you a PM asking for some more information, it doesn't sound like what you are asking should be too difficult. I hope that we can get a good result out of this one. Thanks, AaronDoubt it. Transferring out.

Never Use. Extremely poor service over and over.

I've dealt with Net Registry on many occasions with many different businesses and 9 times out of 10 there is always constant issues. You get directed to this person and then this tech support then the highest level of tech support, 8 days later still no SSL certificate installed. You purchase something then it's always a constant battle to get it right and constant contact on your part to find out where the issue is, continually getting diverted and so much energy to get to a resolution. Would not recommend. Go with SiteGround

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Hi Bre, Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear about your poor experiences with us recently. I have sent you a PM asking for more information, so I can further assist you with any outstanding concerns you may have. Kind regards, Frank

do not use net registry for any service absolutely shocking, which i had read all the other reviews first

Just to let people know I have never ever written a bad review in my whole life but I am so over this company.

I started using Netregistry in October 2018, I started using them for my SEO campaign and to design a new website. I was promised website would take 2 months from start to finish (very basic website, they used a template and as an interior design website it is basically some text and lots of photos, which were all supplied). We are now in the middle of March and the website just went live today the only page that works is the home page, what a joke. PS I had to pay a huge amount upfront for the website and then on top of that a $200.00 a monthly fee for a website that wasn't even up. Communication appalling, No one high up that I could even talk to let alone step up. even though the company is based in Melbourne all the website work is being done out of India.

Then don't start me on the SEO campaign which I started the same time as the website, Not one lead in 6 months and I have dropped from page 1 down to page 5-6. The account manager just says I am not spending enough monthly to get any movement (mind you its $500.00 a month). If this is the case then don't offer this service because I would rather spend the $500 on advertising that will work eg Linked-in and instagram that doesn't cost anywhere near what I spend on SEO. I used to get all my work from my website but with this company they have destroyed this.

As soon as my website is up and I get my login details I am getting rid of this company.

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with our SEO and website team. I've sent you a PM asking for some more information, hopefully we can get a good resolution on this one. Thanks, Aaron

Terrible customer service

My email stoped working and after a little investigation, I realised that my domain had expired. I had setup auto renew but my credit card had also expired. My fault for not renewing on time or updating my credit card details. However, my beef is that Netregistry only provided ONE email notification reminding me to update my credit card details (last year) and no notification that my domain was or had expired.

Contacted their support centre and was told that because the domain expired more than 30 days ago, it was now in a redemption period and I needed to pay a $220 fee to recover. They said if I had called 24 hours earlier, I could have just done a renewal ($20). I explained that I only realised that it expired when my email stoped working a few hours ago... Their response was "that's strange, it should have stoped 30 days ago"...

Totally my fault for not renewing, but my issue is that other than one email notifying me of an expired credit card, they made not attempt to inform me that my domain was expiring (i.e. You domain is due for renewal in 30 / 14 / 7 / 2 days)... Ironic that I get daily emails from Netregistry with marketing offers, but a simple reminder email is not possible. Just felt like a money grab!

Anyway, I paid the $220 fee (because I need email) and just transferred to another provider.

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Hello, Thank you for providing your feedback and I am sorry to hear about the poor experience you have had with us recently. I have sent you a PM asking for more information, so I can further look into this for you. Kind regards, Frank


They took the renewal out of my account 1 month before it was due and now that I've transferred my domain (due to MANY IT issues they couldn't resolve), they refuse to give me a refund.

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Hi Steph, I am sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with us. I've sent you a PM containing a little more information. Thanks, Aaron

Do not use at all costs

Avoid using Netregistety in anyway for your business, it has caused so many IT problems for my business, really depremential impact on our client base, it has cost thousands of dollars of lost business due to errors at their end and the customer service department will not even return a simple phone call to fix their error.

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Hi David, I am sorry to hear about the issues you've had with our services and customer support team. I've sent you a PM asking for a little more information, hopefully we can come to a good resolution here. Thanks, Aaron

Do. Not. Use. Your details will be sold to third parties for telemarketing

Ever since I registered a domain through NetRegistry I keep getting unsolicited calls from third party marketers trying to sell me website building services. I never gave permission for my details to be shared with third parties and am always very cautious not to tick any boxes that may accidentally give permission for this. I am on the do-not-call register as well to avoid being harrassed by telemarketers. I believe my details being passed on without my permission is both unethical and likely also illegal.

There are plenty of providers who offer a decent service and actually have an ethical standard in practice around privacy of client's personal details.

Do. Not. Use.

Hi An, I wish to clarify that we do not sell information to third parties. It sounds to me that you have recently purchased a GTLD (.com/.net/.org) domain name which is common practice to publicly list WHOIS information for a domain. In saying that, we do however suggest to enable "Domain Privacy" for your domain name during the purchasing process if you do not wish for this information to be publicly accessible. I hope this answers your concern. Kind regards, FrankHi Frank, So if it's 'common practice to publicly list WHOIS information for a domain', that's even worse - you're still giving away my details without my permission, whether you charge for them, i.e. selling them, or giving them away for free. This is really uncool. As I mentioned before, I take special care to ensure my privacy is respected and it is clear that with Netregistry this expectation has not been met. As for your suggestion, enabling 'domain privacy' wasn't mentioned when I purchased my domain, and frankly, according to standard ethical business practices, having your privacy respected isn't something you need to opt in to - it is the standard. Please lift your game. An

Shady Practice, completely a scam. $108 for renewal of 1 domain, when you can register brand new for $20 at competitor?!

I am not sure whether this is a common practice for all the domain registrar. But how can they get away with hiking up the price for existing domain holder for just renewing a domain?

I got a renewal notice a few days ago from Netregistry advising me that my domain will expire in 5 days, at the hefty price of $108. I recall specifically I registered for this domain for $35/yr or thereabout, there were no call outs or warning that this is only an "Intro" rate and the rate will revert back to 3 times that after it lapsed. I rang to discuss with NR as I can see that I can register for the similar domain name ending with .sydney with Crazy Domain for just $20 a year. Yes, you read it right, that's 440% less than a renewal! When I enquire about the price, they unashamedly tell you that renewal is a lot higher than sign up, they are aware that you have already done all your marketing and they will hold you to ransom. I then enquire about what if I transfer to another domain registrar, to which she replied that it will take up to 1 month, and that means my email will stop functioning for a month. In this current day and age where you can port a mobile number for under 15 mins, WHY does it take a month to transfer a domain??? No doubt it's a nice barrier conveniently kept for them to deter the unprepared over-charged customer from switching. The client rep tried to tell me that I have been sufficiently informed in that they email you 90 days and 30 days in advance. But guess what, they don't specify the price of the hiked up renewal in those emails, only the 1 with 5 days left so you are left with no options to go to another register. AND if you do renew first then try to transfer, which is what I am considering to do, guess what! No pro-rata refund! Mobile phone company do pro-rata refund, banks does pro-rata refund. But Domain Register will screw you over. Look at the amount of 1-star review with NR, and they simply don't care. This industry is ripe for reform.

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Hi Terry, I am sorry to hear about the frustrations and poor experience you have had on your account. I am happy to further look into your account to see what is happening, can you please respond to my private message with the requested information. Kind regards, Frank


Had an ongoing issue which Netregistry constantly ignored. Called and emailed dozens of times over a six month period only to get the same result every time: no help whatsoever. Once I started getting firm with them as the six month anniversary of the ongoing problem was on the horizon, they started casting doubt on if we were actually having the problem, strongly suggesting that we were either stupid or lying. In the end they never did anything about the issue, and we gave up on them altogether.

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Hi Kuna, I am sorry to hear about the poor support experience you have had with us. I've sent you a PM asking for some further information, I'd like to help out on this one. Thanks, Aaron

Fraudulently attempt to bill me for a domain that is no longer with them

Received a " your domain is suspended" email, "click here to renew -overpriced $39.95/yr"
I transferred the domain away from them ages ago. I am moving all services after they have:
1. Jacked up the price on hosting for me while still advertising the old pricing.
2. Transferred my entire account admin access to one of my ex-clients who contacted them direct

Hi Ben, I am sorry to hear that you've had some poor experiences with us recently. I have sent you a PM asking for more info, hopefully we can get a good resolution out of this. Thanks, AaronMessaged back.... waiting.

Staff hang up on you every call when trouble shooting

Constantly being hung up on by ALL staff when troubleshooting email and domain issues THIS COMPANY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED - STAY AWAY!!
There were never any heated conversation just normal conversations but when the problem with my domain not receiving or sending email did not go away they gave up.

This company has clearly been affected by a malicious bug of some description!

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have had a poor experience with our customer service team recently. This is definitely not the sort of experience we want to be providing to our customers. I've sent you a PM asking for some more information. Thanks, Aaron

Be very careful...

Be very careful before you transact any business with this company. My wife needed to purchase a domain name, went into the 'check if available' and it appeared to be. But here was a catch. It showed as "Backorder". Now to any normal person, this means available but not in stock. In this case it means it's NOT available, and you can pay them $10 /year for the pleasure of being put on a wait list. It might never become available. So when she realised this, she cancelled the order. Immediately. Result: "sorry, we don't refund". We are exploring the consumer complaints opportunities. Oh, and also, their support centre is in the Philippines. Their English is adequate but not great.

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with our customer service teams recently. I've sent you a PM asking for some more information, hopefully we can get a good result on this one. Thanks, Aaron

Empty promises, slick sales, poor delivery

Really, really uncomfortable and the last people I'd want to deal with on an ongoing basis. I hired them to build a site with a blog, shop, and appointment bookings function. My list of complaints is long but here goes: poor communication, full message banks and slow response times, aggressive and client-blaming language on calls, inability to bridge the language gap between plain English and nerd-speak, offered a template that couldn't work right from the very start, plug-ins could not be adapted so had to be dropped. If it weren't for one requirement (bandwidth for downloadable MP3s), I'd have built 6 Wix sites myself by now (3 months). But the Sales and Customer Service people have great language skills!

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Hi Margot, I am sorry to hear of your poor experience with us in building your website. I would love to know more about this - I've sent you a PM asking for some more information. Thanks, Aaron

If I could give them less than one star, I would

I have been overcharged repeatedly or years by netregistry, to the tune of seven times what I needed to pay. In realising this, and making more than 13 requests for assistance, I have been hung up on, fobbed off, and just treated like a piece of poo on the bottom of a shoe. I have never ever had such a disappointing, disgusting customer service experience. Try someone else - avoid these guys. They are poison and I believe I might just take the time to report them to the ombudsman - I don't want anyone to waste the days I have wasted just hoping for a reply to my email or calls!

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Hi Clare, I am very sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with us over the years. This is definitely not the standard of service we are aiming to provide. I have sent you a PM asking for a little more information, hopefully we can come to a good resolution. Thanks, Aaron

Poor service all round, no value staying on

Years ago Netregistry took over from the ever reliable Ilysis, migrated my account and its been a battle ever since. My lightweight website sometimes takes 10-20 mins for a reliable connection to be established. EVERY time I set up a new email alias their server won't accept client connections for perhaps a day. So instead of sending emails straight away you spend ages troubleshooting before realising its their servers at fault. Once it bounced some senders to my existing email account for weeks due to their server being greylisted. I spent ages trying to find the issue and emailed support numerous times before it was fixed. No credit or apology when requested. Just a 'you're kidding if you think we'll credit you for non-service' type reply. I'm off to look for a new ISP, painful as migration is, I'm paying them $$$ for little in return.

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have had a rather poor experience with us following your migration. I have sent you a PM asking for some more information, hopefully we can come to a good resolution on this one. Thanks, Aaron

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Hi Justine, All you will need to do to link your domain to your Wix site modify your DNS records. The article listed below contains more information on how to do so: https://support.netregistry.com.au/articles/nr/Connecting-to-Wix Hope this answers your question! Thanks, Aaron