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Easy healthy way to lose weight fast

Extremely professional, always fresh great tasting, great variety of food, better portion sizes than other similar companies and (as long as you don't snack on other foods at home that hasn't been delivered to you) IT WORKS! Lost 2 kilos in the first week and I feel cleansed and healthy (more alive!) with every meal! Would recommend to anyone looking to lose weight in a safe, healthy way

awsome food

good plan good food and best thing is that I got my vegetarian options too.... I do not like mushrooms and I mention it and guess what I didn't get single dish of mushrooms...

Losing weight & its GF!

I have just started my 4th week of Nushape!

I lost 4.2kg in the first 3 weeks (1200 cal program)!!

I did NuShape for 2 weeks 18 months ago & didn't love the food but the food quality has changed dramatically & I am reallllllly enjoying it!

I also love that I'm able to order low-carb GF menu which means that I get loads of veggies instead of 50/50 carb/veggies with my protein for dinner. Even when i do get rice it's brown rice which I think is great!

An easy to follow, Nutritious, pre-prepared diet was just what I needed after having 2 kids in 2years (& working FT & studying)

Definitely recommend it!

Very easy but results not guaranteed

The program is so easy to follow & execute, from ordering to delivery, that it just becomes the normal way of eating. The quality of food is excellent and sometimes surprising what you can eat, both ingredients and quantity, to stay within the calorie limit. I'm doing 1500cal menu which I found quite easy to shift to from my normal diet, other friends found it very difficult. But after 2 months I'm really yet to lose any real weight so now reconsidering the real value of it..

Great tasting vego

It is rare to find a healthy meal option program for vegetarians.

The meals are very tasty, with good meal sizes, and heaps of options.

I lost 2kg in the first week!

Had me at Gluten Free!!

I had been looking into trying a 'lite n easy' type program for weight loss however there isn't much available that doesn't cost an arm and leg until I found Nu Shape. Food is delish! So easy to order weekly, and so accomodating for swapping options in and out. Been on Nu Shape for 2 weeks and 2kg down! Customer service are so friendly and bend over backwards for you - even replying to emails on weekends!! Thank you Nu Shape for catering to my Gluten Free Belly


Fantastic food, great service. Cheaper than lite & easy.
They always upgrading their meals, definitely value for money. Give me a go, I did. Definitely not changing to anyone else

Food was bland and unappetising

I've tried NuShape, Lite'n Easy and Dietlicious - NuShape was by far the worst. The selection was very bad and much of it doesn't resemble what it should once cooked. Very dissatisfying.

Simple yet tasty and effective!

Being a new member to Nu Shape, I wasn't sure what to expect however so far the food is actually really good. I'm also very happy with the Customer service over the phone as nothing seems to be a problem if I need to make changes to my diet. Love the free delivery and that it's cheaper than Lite n easy!

So convenient and the foods taste fantastic!

The food is fantastic and there is so much variety to choose from. The meal plans are so easy to follow and are very fresh.

This has to be the best way to lose weight

Great food personalized service caters for all types diabetic, vegitarian, etc. Food delivered to your door no fuss. Food isn't processed tastes like home cooking very reasonable price no long waiting on phone to talk to some one plenty of choices and can change the menu to suit your taste. Staff are friendly and very informative feels like there on the journey of weight loss with you great support.

Great food!

My partner and I have tried lite n' easy in the past and became very familiar with it. We found NuShape when we became vegetarian and needed to find a substitute; and boy are we happy that we did!

The food is fresh and familiar (they appear to use common brands) so it's just so easy to eat. It's also great for work because you don't need to answer 1000's of diet questions from colleagues. It just looks like you packed a normal (yet healthy) lunch.

Our only annoyance is their delivery packaging and credit card fee when booking. Because they appear to only use couriers, there is no way to return their massive polystyrene containers (which is a terrible waste!). It would be terrific if they could reuse them...

All things considered, we highly recommend NuShape and challenge people to look past the old digital experience because you won't regret it!

At last someone who caters for food allergy intollerence

I have had 3 deliveries from NuShape, the food is tasty, imaginative, great quality and service, highly recommend, I am ceoliac and it is such a delight to be included in diet program, eat 3 meals a day with snacks, already lost 2 1/2 kg, meals healthy and satisfying...thank you to staff

heathy and tasty food, an easy way to change my eating habit.

NuShape offers a variety of good food and good service.I am happy that they offer vegetarian meals. Also, I was surprised how simple and fun it's been to follow Nushape plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) - delicious food and a balanced meal plan have made each meal something to look forward to!
I am on my way placing my order again this week, my 3rd order with Nushape. I started it just myself, and my partner joined me in the 2nd week, and now his brother want to try it too this week.

Really happy with NuShape

Have tried other meal deliveries and this is the best one I've found for vegetarian meals. Good selection/variety, have been really happy with the service and cost is reasonable. Staff have been accommodating and friendly in all their communications. Would recommend (and have recommended) to anyone wanting diet meals or just the convenience of delivered meals.

Great Service

I have been using NuShape for a while and I'm very happy with the personalised service. The food is tasty and real. I have recommended it to a friend already.

NuShape is a must!

NuShape is one of the few meal services that caters for vegetarians. As a vegetarian it is so difficult to find a meal service that is not either completely vegan or is not filled with dishes that no-one would enjoy. I love that you can choose your calorie intake and your meals. NuShape does all of the work for you and it's delivered right to your door. The meals are delicious and it's 'real-food'. If you don't like certain meals on the menu NuShape will substitute in another meal of your choice. There is a huge variety for vegetarians and I never get bored because I'm eating the same thing over and over. NuShape also caters for other dietary requirements which is great. If you forget to place your order the NuShape team will send you a reminder which is great for people like me who forget everything. NuShape is very affordable and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight without having to cut out carbs/other food groups or anyone just wanting healthy meals and the convenience. I talked about NuShape so much that a colleague at work has jumped on board. I won't use any other service now that I've found NuShape.

Great Service

I've been using NuShape for a while now and am happy with the service! As well as being a vegetarian, I also have other dietary restrictions which NuShape do so well to cater to! Highly recommend.

So convenient and tailored to your needs

I can't thank the team at Nu Shape enough for accommodating all my dietary needs and helping me with my weight loss and nutrition. I am a busy mum of two young kids- being on nu shape has been so convenient and has made my life a lot easier.

Easy way to eat healthy and loose weight

I am very happy with NU-Shape food and program. The food is tasty and varied and it is so much easier to eat well when someone else does the calorie counting and cooking! I came to NU-Shape after first trying another company whose meals, while tasty, upset my stomach. I am having no such problems with the Nu-shape meals so far. New Shape is also more affordable.

I am on the 1500 plan and I do feel hungry sometimes, but knowing I am loosing weight helps me hang in until the next meal! I also notice that when I do eat out, if don't take my own food along, I am more able to keep my portion size down and resist tempting treats than I used to be.

One minor niggle - the packaging for dinners often come in two containers (main and side) and sometimes I am not too sure which side goes with which main. However, this is a minor issue and I don't suppose it really matters too much if I use the wrong rice/pasta side from time to time.

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Where has NuShape gone??? Disaster! Are they still in business?
3 answers
Actually Alil I was looking for them about a month ago and have no idea what has happened to them. Their website doesn't work and their phone number appears to be disconnected. Not sure what has happened. If you find out can you post something to let me know? Thanks.Hi. I was doing nushape (and loving it - so much better than lite n easy. Anyway in march they sent an email saying they were moving to a larger premises and would close for 8-12 weeks but they never reopened. Have no idea why or what happened but I'm very sad :( if anyone knows anything further pls share!Yes i heard they were moving too, but it's way past their stated re-opening date. I think they're gone :(


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