Oak In Vogue
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Quality stuff unlike the high street stores

My Retro tallboy arrived this morning. I am very pleased with it.

The Rear panels and drawer bases are made from Oak. They are done as floating panels. This is important as Oak has to be allowed to move. There's not a nail or staple to be seen. It's all screwed and glued as it should be. Drawers are dovetailed front and rear.

The finish is good and the unit looks great.

I had become depressed looking the stapled together mdf rubbish in Harvey Norman etc. Even the expensive solid wood stuff in those stores is not assembled to a decent standard. So glad I found Oak In Vogue. I'll be back for more!

Will be going back

We have been looking at oak furniture for some time. Found this place in Castle Hill. Check their website oakinvogue.com.au We had also decided on a bedhead from Oak Furniture Collection (see my review). The bedside drawers from Oak Furniture Collection were almost $1000 each (list price) and we were worried the much cheaper $650 A PAIR drawers from Oak In Vogue would look out of place next to the bedhead. THEY LOOK GREAT. Went to their showroom/wharehouse. They unpacked 2 so we could check them. There was a small (alright it was tiny) mark on the top of one. No problem they opened another. We plan on getting some more furniture later in the year and will not hesitate to go back to Oak in Vogue. They have a showroom upstairs but are currently changing over to new stock. The new line seems to have metal drawer runners and well worth a look.

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