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Omron App February 2019 Update proven hopeless in connectivity

Some time ago I wrote an article about my experiences with the Omron Blood pressure meter HEM 7600. A new application was available in February 2019 and if you have had hope that there are improvements you have barked up the wrong tree. - One of the most useless apps I have seen lately. There is no print facility, and you are not able to use this app or your data on a Win10 computer. The handling of the app on a tablet or phone is useless as well as you have to swipe down countless times until the data transfer between the blood pressure meter and the computer works. If you run the app you can be assured that your tablet or smartphone battery will be depleted very quickly as the app is constantly connected via BlueTooth and has no facility to stop after a reading is taken and stored. As I said the app is useless.

There is also a Cloud facility. However, this is useless as well as the cloud is only available on the Google app and if you want to use it on a Win10 computer you cannot access it. All this is nowadays important as patients send their blood pressure results by eMail to their GPs or other health professionals. This is impossible as a print-out of the data is not facilitated in the software. The user has to carry the hardware do the doctor to show the readouts. From me, 1 star is all I can give and I will report in the media about my experience with the Omron blood pressure meter app.

For example, other companies such as Roche and their Accu Check glucose meter or Fitbit have the print out facility being able to create a PDF file and send these data over to the GP or health practitioner. It is easy to show health progress without carrying any hardware with you around.

Omron has to learn to be up to date, the blood pressure meters are without a question an industry standard and very useful. If only their software would be as good and helpful as their hardware is!

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