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Organic Bubs Baby Food

Organic Bubs Baby Food

5.0 from 3 reviews

Great healthy start for your bubs first foods

Great price for a fantastic brand
It has all sorts of good meals for your little one to try best product to give when your little one is starting on solids
Healthy and yummy
Best part you can buy this in a lot of stores
It’s easy to carry around when your out and about
easy to dish up
Easy to heat up or keep in fridge

My 7mo will only eat Bubs Organic

We have tried all of the baby meals on the market and Bubs Organic is by far the favourite! There isn’t one our Bub won’t eat and the range is fantastic - we are set for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Price wise they are also well priced so it’s good on the pocket!
I’m also glad they don’t have a baby picture on the pouches as my little one seems to want to grab those out of my hand.

Well done Bubs Organic!!

Best baby food there is!

This is the only baby food i have found that actually looks like real homemade food and tastes like it too. Most baby foods look so gluggy instead of like proper pureed baby food. Also, the ingredients add up to 100% instead of you being left wondering what other rubbish is in it. Only con i have is that they dont have enough vege and meat varieties. Heaps of fruit choices but i puree my own fruit.
Looks and tastes like real homemade puree
Not enough meat and veg variety

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