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Ozito LTR-630

Ozito LTR-630

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Ozito Corded Line Trimmer LTR-630

I have a small to medium yard and have converted to an electric mower and now a line trimmer too. Plenty of adjustment for head angle, 2nd handle, and a telescopic shaft. When you release the trigger and it stops - the line auto-feeds, works well. Change the head angle and the unit rolls on its side wheel for edging which works well. Having a cord isn't so bad considering the price and the reliability. Did I mention the 3 year replacement warranty!

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $69.00.

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Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass

I'd buy another! good price! the warranty wow!

Easy to use, light and adjustable. I cant stress enough tossing the current trimmer wire, its terrible. I live in north qld with 35 degree days and 85% humidity and this thing made me mad, the trim wire would break every half meter and then it wouldn't auto feed, i had to keep pulling off the head and re-aligning the wire which was very frustrating. I don't understand the auto feed though it never works. Went and bought the more expensive wire 1.6mm wire from Bunnings and happy days it goes hard now cutting fine i was able to cut down large weeds with ease. Auto feed still ongoing....

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Good Product

Purchased one as a replacement for a Ryobi unit which had a good run but they stopped supplying the line cartridges and bump stop heads after about 2 years. Unit still ran well but it wasn't any use without the line units and bump stops. The Ozito unit has performed well as a replacement and does a great job. The line feeds well and the cartridges are easy to replace. I have had both corded, 2 stroke and battery units over the years and the corded unit is proving a lot more convenient in a small to medium yard area.
When the unit was purchased as a new OZITO model ,Bunnings didn't have stocks of extra line which was an initial issue for me but the service desk people got some in a few days later and they are now carried now in stock. Unit price at Bunnings was $89. Line refills which include new bump stop heads in the packs were $20 per pack

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Still going well as of today

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My whipper keeps stopping, I bump the batteries and it goes for another 10 seconds, what am I doing wrong
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Hi Ken, is this whipper snipper still going well for you?
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Yes it's all working well. I've just bought a new twin package of whipper cord which is now readily available at Bunnings. Previously it had to be a special order replacement and ordered in as it wasn't a stocked item.Thanks! I ended up buying the $49 machine, and it seems to go well.As of Sept 2018 unit is still going OK. The last lot of whipper cord was bought as shelf stock so a special order and it's inherent delays didn't happen. Still performing well. I actually looked at refilling cord from a bulk line bundle. That was OK but a bit time consuming and cost saving wasnt that large. If finance is no object the cartridge is way to go but bulk works as well. The cartridges came in two packs with two new bump buttons. I haven't worn out or broken the first cartridge bump button yet so having a pack with two seems excessive. It really depends on your ground conditions.


Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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