Park on King

Park on King

5.0 from 2 reviews

Best parking in my entire life

The owner of this business should run for Prime Minister and his staff should be given gold stars for excellent service. Park on King is a rarity in Sydney - good service and cutting edge technology.

Why would you park anywhere else

I have used this facility twice now & have been utterly surprised with the ease, simplicity & value of this service.
Why would you go to the trouble of the Blue Emu or P3 at the airport. When a simple matter of driving in to their modern facility & transfer to a shuttle bus, which runs on demand plus the luggage is handled for you.
On return, ring base & they will come & pick you up, though you are more likely to find a shuttle in the process of loading, so no waiting.
Book on line they will record your number for automatic entry, with some there to guide you on entry. 24 hour security & it does not cost an arm & a leg if you are a day or 2 late.
Just get a quote, you will be surprised
Highly recommended. Check out their website

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Thanks a lot for such a wonderful review, boothcam! We appreciate the time you took in sharing your parking experience with us and are very happy to hear that it's a smooth and great one. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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