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Poor service

I bought the whiting system paid express postage and didn't receive product. Phone number always switched off. They finally responded to my email saying they have been very busy and will send it express asap... um that's not express shipping is it. Missed Christmas so cancelling order.
*update.. They said in an email I was not entitled to a refund, very rude in email. Got the product after Christmas.

Sale Item not actually in stock

I purchased one of their whitening pens, I've used other companies before but wanted to test a product before committing to the more expensive. It has been six weeks since my order and it still has not been sent out as they are still waiting on stock. I bought the item as they were having a sale, but apparently never actually had the product. When I asked to cancel the order because it was taking too long, I was told that they couldn't provide refunds unless faulty - apparently imaginary products don't count... I was then told that they had let me know the product was out of stock at checkout (I had not, was told after I contacted them almost two weeks after purchase) and that they had offered to change the item for something else - all other products are more expensive than the item purchase and do different things. They will only provide a service if you pay them a decent amount of money, but small orders can just wait. Interesting customer service style all round.

LED light broke twice in 6 months, whitening was no better than much cheaper brands

My first pack arrived with an LED light that didn't work... I couldn't see the instructions clearly so the customer services executive sent them to me, I followed them closely and bought my own battery but it was definitely faulty. A new one was sent.

My teeth were sensitive after trying to whiten once a week for initial month, so dentist told me to whiten for less time every two weeks, which I have been doing. The results have been OK, but not as good as the Crest strips.

LED light then broke about 6 months later... I asked for a replacement and got a curt email saying no. I then explained I'd leave a review about my experience and was accused of threatening the organisation and the customer services individual. The instructions were resent to me with the comment "(we have already sent once and asked you to follow)".

Some of the rest of the email included "you have clearly not followed our instructions, you have gone through 12 months of whitening gel within four months leaving yourself in danger of ruining your enamel and you have admitted that you are whitening every two weeks which is a lot more than we recommend for the safety of your teeth. So, I’m sorry we don’t appreciate threats and you have over-used the LED light and it is not faulty so we will not be replacing it. Had you not threatened both me and the company I would have considered sending you a replacement."

I whitened every two weeks because my dentist suggested this... I showed him the kit and he seemed to think it was actually safer.

Overall an unpleasant experience with not particularly great results, especially for a more expensive brand.

I would point out some of the whitening gel I ordered for a friend in the UK who asked me to bring some over.

Purchase did not turn up!

My product didn't turn up, two weeks after ordering it, followed up with company without a response. Do not buy from them! Terrible customer service and no telephone number to contact.

Whiter smile without irritation

Hi, I got one of these kits, the professional version with 3 white tubes and 1 blue tube plus the blue light. I used it 3 times in the week before our high school reunion and it did a good job giving me a nice whiter smile. I've used one of the 3 tubes that come in the box so will be brightening up more before Xmas and new years.

My teeth are so much whiter!!

I was told this product was as good as the dentist. I was a little sceptical however I cannot believe the results I got after 2 treatments! $119 well worth it

5 star teeth product

Hi, the pearly whites teeth kit is good, I could see the difference and after 3 goes it made a big improvement. The posting time was ok (to new zealand) and the bright light and gel really did what I was hoping for. I have had it for a while now and hit the coffee hard each morning, so will do another go soon.

Loved it

This is a really good kit, and I have to confess that I have an obsession with white teeth. What I mean is when I watch the TV I just cant help looking at who has bright teeth and who doesnt, and I found the pattern is that the stars of the show have these pure white teeth and extras or people who die in the episode don't. Its like they don't care as much about the co-stars and small parts.
So that's just ONE EXAMPLE of the level of attention I pay to teeth, and I was very happy to find that pearly whites kit really moved me up from some one who would die before the end of the episode to the star of the show.


Very happy with results

I put this off for a long time because I tried the colgate whitening toothpaste for two years and didn't see any results so I didn't actually think these products would work. The pearly white teeth kit is working great, i was really surprised to see how much effect it had from even the first try, and have done it 2 more times since then to brighten up more.
I don't think those toothpastes are worth the extra dollars, so recommend people who want actual results to skip them and use proper whitening products.
I give it 5 stars.

3 different shades of improvement after 2 tries

Hi I had my teeth whitened up by 3 shades, compared to the colour chart on the post card. This took 2 tries of pearly whites. I am happy with this, and will do it again.

Extreme sensitivity and no results

Sadly all this did was make my teeth super sensitive, even though ive never had an issue before and used the enamel pen. The results were almost unnoticeable, considering the price. Would not recommend

First go at Teeth Whitening

I used their coconut whitening strips https://au.pearlywhites.com/products/coconut-charcoal-infused-whitening-strips and found it soooooo much nicer than swishing coconut oil around in my mouth for 30 minutes (yuk!). I have slightly sensitive teeth so felt I should ease myself into the whole whitening thing after a less than brilliant experience at the dentist ($700 for an inhome kit which caused so much sensitivity, although I think it'd be cheaper now as that was five years ago).

The strips were gentle, easy to use and didn't take long. Results after one session are good - not knock out white but since these strips don't contain hydrogen peroxide I guess that's to be expected. The box has enough strips for 10 go's so I assume the whiteness will come through more with repeated use.

I'm happy enough and would recommend it since it's easy to use, quick, didn't hurt or cause sensitivity and there seem to be enough in the box to make it worth the price.

Pearly Whites Professional Whitening System

I used this device as listed on the instructions and I did not notice any difference. I did notice that all I achieved were super sensitive teeth.

If I could I would request a refund because I feel like I wasted $200 for nothing.

So popular yet no reviews - experienced negative results.

The online marketing of this company is fantastic, they have gained massive popularity seemingly quite quick yet oddly enough there are no online review. So I decided to write one.

My wife began to use pearly whites teeth whitening. She followed the instructions used it as recommended. 6 times total.

It was after 6 applications that she noticed her teeth had gone blue and transparent. Her gums and teeth also became quite sensitive. She immediately stopped using the product.

Her teeth have returned to normal, the blue colour has subsided and the sensitivity has passed although I do not recommend this product.

The product may work but we experienced negative results. Personally I'm not into applying bleach/peroxide to porous teeth, no matter what a company taking your money says. It makes your hair snap and go brittle, why shouldn't it do it to teeth?

When asking Pearly whites where all the reviews were, they directed me to their webpage to the before and after photos.
These photos are annonymous and have been uploaded by pearly whites. There are oddly no 3rd party reviews. Notice on their social media they never reply to people making any negative comments or questions they do not want to answer.

The product may work for some people. But surely those people wouldn't mind being tagged in an Instagram photo uploaded by pearly whites.

All too suspicious for me and I do not recommend this product!

We requested a refund as 1 month after my wife used this product her teeth are still extremely sensitive and pearly whites have told us they refunded us the money but we have not received it yet. We have been emailing them several times, still with no refund.

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