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One-year turnaround on claims

I held two policies for about seven years and had a positive opinion of Petsure until last night. What happened last night? I received an email advising a claim I had submitted in November 2017 had been approved. Almost one year to the day. If it takes Petsure one day to approve claims I'm surprised it has any clients at all. Then, Petsure went on to advise me it would be deducting close to half of my payout because I was no longer a policy holder, even though I was a paid policy holder at the time I made the claim. I hit the roof.

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Good afternoon,I'm sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience. If you would like to PM your policy details, we will be happy to review this further. Thanks, Punni

Totally agree with all of these reviews would give them zero stars

Been with them for 6 months, I took out pet insurance for my precious adopted boy, and recently put in a claim after he had been diagnosed with Cushing's disease, it is stressful enough handing his diagnosis without being treated like a criminal.
They refused my claim after me having to send them 30 pages of information and then denied my claim saying it was pre existing, due to just one specific vet visit which had no connection whatsoever with a Cushing's disease, the vet/clinical record for that visit did not show any connection or symptom of Cushings.
When i contacted and stated i did not agree they showed no sympathy or empathy and were not prepared to listen to what i had to say.
Please for your own sake, do not take any insurance for your beloved pet, with with this company they will break your heart and your wallet.
Steer clear and shop around as i myself will now be cancelling my policy and going with another company.

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Complete waste

Found out the one time i make a claim in 3 years that they cover next to nothing including a basic visit to the vet. Save yourself from having to pay twice and don't go near any policy that has anything to do with petsure.

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Good Afternoon, im sorry to hear that you haven't had a good experience with us, if you can please provide your policy details I will be happy to have a member of our Resolution team contact you to discuss your concerns further. NadineFeel free to send me a message so I can contact you but if all you’re going to offer me is a free month my opinion isn’t going to changeSo I take it you’re not actually interested in discussing anything you just want to appear to be doing something .

Terrible... shame I can’t give them a big fat 0

Petsure are the Administrators and Underwriting Agents to the following Companies (they are the ones that make the decisions). They don’t mind taking your money for years but the moment you start making claims they find any excuse not to pay. They are by far the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. And unfortunately, they are the ones you have to deal with if you’re insured with any of the following. PetMed; Bupa Pet Insurance; Vets Own Pet Health Insurance; Petsecure; RSPCA Pet Insurance; Perfect Partners Pet Cover; InsuranceLine Pet Health Plan; Manchester Unity Pet Health Insurance; Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance; Pet Insurance Australia; 1300Insurance- Pet Protect; Medibank Pet Insurance; Provet- Prosure Pet Insurance; Real Pet Insurance; HCF Pet Health Insurance;Petinsurance.com.au; Woolworths Pet Insurance; Guardian Insurance;Prime Pet Insurance.
After submitting numerous disputes to them due to their falling of paying claims, I received an email from them offering to cancel my policy “out of goodwill“.
Nothing but a bunch of incompetent clowns.

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Hi Julie, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a great experience with us. If you could PM me your respective policy details I will be happy to look into this matter further for you. Thanks NadineThere is no option to send a private message! And after reading all your other reviews, you don't back it up anyway. How about you send me a private message and we'll see if you actually read your replies!! I will be taking this matter up with the OmbudsmanHi Julie, I apologise as I'm unsure why you are unable to PM, I have sent you a PM if you can let me know from there. Thank you again. Nadine

DO NOT sign up to a pet insurance product that uses PetSure

I signed to a pet insurance policy under the Guide Dogs brand - assuming 'Australia's most trusted charity' would have chosen their insurer wisely. In fact they chose PetSure. I have just canceled the policy after 5 months. I made a small claim (the bill was for $400 - after excess I was expecting about $50 back). In response I received a request for every consultation record and every diagnostic report from every vet our pet had ever been to. The cost in time for me, the vets and indeed the insurer to collate and process this information would have exceeded the liability by several orders of magnitude. Given the nature of the illness that led to the claim this fishing expedition was ridiculous and no doubt directed at avoiding any liability at all. Stay well away.

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Hi Chris, thank you for your feedback and im sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience. If you would like to PM me your details I would be happy to review further. Thanks

Cancelled my Policy 3 months ago. Now they send Renewal Notice

Our cat passed away in August 2017. As per the T&C's I continued to pay premiums until the policy was due to expire and advised them that I would not be renewing. They acknowledged that.

Then 18 May 2018 I get a letter advising that the policy has been renewed and they are going to start taking money again from 27 May.

Apart from the fact that their systems are obviously failing and their staff are incompetent the distress caused by this reminder of the death of our beloved cat is disgraceful

Even for an Insurance company this is a low and disgusting act

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Don't take insurance out with these people

I've had pet insurance in the past with another company and they were absolutely brilliant. My partner took pet insurance out with this company, PetSure, when we got a new pet. OMG please listen to the reviews and do NOT take out pet insurance with them. Its been almost 2 months for a claim of about $700. First of all they took their time to mail out that they required further information/history. This was emailed to them, at their advisement, about 3 weeks ago. We called last Monday 26th March to follow up, they claimed they hadn't received it, they then looked through their emails and found the email. Apologized, and said it would be processed immediately. This was after being on hold with them for an extremely lengthy time while they searched their "email inbox" They then called back asked more questions and said since we had been waiting for so long it would be put through straight away. I called back today 3/4/18 and the reception advised they needed more info. I said no, they found the "missing" email and advised it would be done immediately. He then said he can "now" see notes confirming that exact conversation but needed to call through to claims to find out whats happening. I'm currently on hold with them now waiting to hear. So after 40 minutes on hold they now say they are waiting on the "notes" from when my cat had his first ever injection when he was with the breeder. They have the vacination certificates but they want the "notes" the vet would have written when he did it. Do yourself a massive favour and stay away from these guys. I cant believe they are still in business and wish my partner had read the reviews before choosing them. Absolutely disgusting.

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Good Morning Mishee, I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. If you could please provide your policy details via PM I will be happy to review further. Thanks NadineNadine, can you send me a PM so i can respond to it with my details as i dont see where i can send you a PM.

Petsure...Pet Not So Sure!

When I took out their policy over a year ago, I did so with a heavy heart. I have heard many terrible stories about pet insurance companies. They prey on owners who love their pets and are emotionally invested...and willing to take them at their word. My policy allows for $300 annual consultation fees without excess...$200. So I go to claim my $85 not a huge amount, straightforward I would have thought...but not to be. I lodged Feb it is now April and I'm still going. When i enquired they told me they weren't paying because the 80% of the $86 comes off the $200 excess. I asked him to point me to the policy that expressed this. He couldn't and I asked him to call me back and let me know. That hasn't happened. Further to this Canstar has given them a 5 star rating. Do they get paid to give their ratings? Just take a look at all the complaints this company has had. I'm just lucky that I didn't have a whopping vet bill to pay, imagine! I will be changing companies or putting the money aside and doing it myself. I am thinking of starting a class action against this rip off company. They need to be taught a lesson in behaving with integrity and in good faith. Please let me know if you want to be part of this!

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Good Morning Dianne, I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. If you could please provide your policy details via PM I will be happy to review further. Thanks NadinePI06052052 Your policy wording is very difficult to follow and rather than plainly stating policy it does everything it can to confuse and obfuscate meaning. Had I known that I would be getting consult fees back I would not have gone with your insurance. Very very disappointing.

There's no option for no stars, why isn't there an option for no stars?

Stay well clear of any Pet Insurance companies associated with Petsure and there are many, including the RSPCA and Medibank. Please if anyone knows of a good alternative please tell. I have a Petsure Insurance policy and they have manipulated my pet's medical records in order to invent what they call a pre-existing condition so as to refuse claims. Complained long and hard for 3 months the first time they tried this and only after contacting 'customer relations' was the matter resolved. Guess what? It's happened again. They have selected the information from a vet's report that supports their theory and refused my claim.

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Good Afternoon, im sorry to hear about your recent experience with Petsure, I have sent you a PM to confirm your policy details and we will be happy to help from there. Nadine

24 hour callback wait time if you are an existing customer

I just called to speak to someone about my policy, but was instantly told someone would call me back within 24 hours before I could say anything. Totally unacceptable in this day and age. After telling the operator that this wasn't acceptable, she put me on hold and never answered the call again.

Thankfully I was only calling about my policy, not about a claim - that would have made things much more stressful.
Keep this service in mind if you're considering joining. I am sure if I followed the menu to say I'm a new customer, looking to join, my call would be dealt with straight away.

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Hi Tom, im sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience with us and if you can PM me your policy details I can organise someone to contact you to discuss further. ThanksThere is no option to send you a private message - or at least one that i can see. I dont wish to publish my details publicly - please contact me directly via the details you have on your system.I haven't received a follow up call or response yet, five days later?

They lie to get you on board

I'm utterly disgusted with Petsure Medibank pet insurance. They lied to me to get me on board. I was tossing between Medibank and petplan and chose Medibank because they said that they cover all surgeries. When it came to my dog requiring HR surgery they say prosthetics are not covered!!! After so much hassle they agreed to pay 1/10 of the cost but no going costs covered for this particular surgery. The surgery cost is compared with another non-related surgery which costs way less than this and hasn't been reviewed for more than two decades. I will take them to the media as I'm very frustrated as their lie has cost me a lot since now I cannot even move providers as it's now a pre existing condition. It's not acceptable. We pay huge premiums to get a crap service!
Their customer service Asian staff cannot understand English and tells different things and not knowledgeable. Recently they added a clause to say that 'all advice given is general advice only'. This is how they get away with things. They say every conversation is recorded but when a complaint is lodge, they say that it is not in the system. Australia is better than this! Cheating is a huge offence!
Please don't join this company. My experience says it all.

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I'm not surprised to read such poor reviews!

After paying our pet insurance for 5 years and over $5,000 in premiums they refused to pay a small day surgery I was originally over the phone told was covered. Everyone I spoke to told me something different. They definitely do not take away the burden. I'm now going to put the $5,000 I paid into a savings account and start my own self managed fund as I know I will do the right thing when push comes to shove. Trust me, save yourself the heart ache and don't waste your time with these guys.

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Hi Glenn, Im sorry to hear that you haven't had a great experience. Please can I request for your policy details and we can look into further for you. Thank youTried that already! You guys just take money and refuse to pay. Not an ethical business I will use again.I am sorry to hear that Glenn, we are happy to look into your concerns further if you would like to provide further details

Great outcome

We recently made a claim for costs for our dogs allergy treatment, as expected they required significant level of detail from our vet. The entire process was completed within 4 days and out of costs of approximately $1000 they payed approximately $700 which was more than we expected.

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Hi Phil, we are glad to hear that everything went well and that we were able to assist. If there is anything else we can assist with or you have any questions please private message us. Thank you.

never again RSPCA nope PET SURE same thing.

I asked for my policy to be cancelled on the 13th of April. But the man I spoke to, said there was an outstanding claim due to me. He said that they were waiting on vet history from my vet. So he said he would contact the vet to get the vet history so the claim could be processed.
SO the policy didn’t get cancelled.
I was also told that you were waiting on vet history from my vet….I asked my vet and they had sent these in both by mail and email on the 10th of march.
On the 20 April I received another letter asking for the vet history. So on Monday the 24th of April I rang you and to cancel my policy “AGAIN” and again you said about the outstanding claim.
There was no one there to help me with the cancellation, so I was told that they would ring me back. You didn’t ring me back so I rang you back and then after insisting that I wanted to cancel my policy , I was then told that the person I was speaking to had got special authority to cancel my policy NOW over the phone and that had been money taken out that day would be refunded.
I am cancelling my policy not only due to the cost (which I cannot afford now) but also because of the extreme difficulty in dealing with your company.

Every time I ring or you ring me I get a different and contradictory responses ..
I was told last Monday the 24th of April that my policy was cancelled and that the money taken out that day would be refunded.

Today I am told that I must send you a SIGNED email requesting the policy to be cancelled. AND that it would take up to 14 days to be cancelled.
(O by which time another payment would be taken out . )

So for slim possibility of getting the claim paid (about $60.00 maybe??) . I have been given the run around, lied too and had more payments taken out.

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Hi Janet, Thank you for sending this through. We are sorry to hear you have not had a great experience and would be happy to discuss this further with you. Please send us your policy details via a private message here and one of our resolution experts will be in touch. Thank you.

do NOT use Petsure! Bupa,RSPCA,Bowwowmeor all underwritten by it!!!!

Do you guys realize BUPA,RSPCA,Bowwowmeow all used Petsure as the underwritter????????
I have 2 dogs!
First one is with BOWWOWMEOW, I never get a cent back from the claim, all rejected!! I spent 3000 on my first dog! No claim successful!!
And then I got my second baby, I insured him with RSPCA!
I did not do any claim, but now I want to cancel the policy!
They talk to me about 30 minutes and then, what do i need to do? wirte an email and sign it!! then why dont you tell me at the beginning " we need sth in writing?'
Guys, please DO NOT USE any insurance underwritten by PETSURE, it sucks!!!!

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Hi Morgan, thank you for writing the review. We would like to talk to you about what you have raised and would be happy to discuss this further with you. Please send us your policy details via a private message here and one of our resolution experts can contact you, Thank you.

Cannot fault this company

We have taken the highest possible options fir our two CKCSs and have had nothing but excellent service. My first claim for one very ill puppy was made after surgery during the werk before Anzac day this year. I put in my claim on a Saturday, Anzac day holiday on the Monday but the 80% refund was back in the bank by the Thursday. Could not ask for better. And it has continued to be the same ever since with multiple claims made. Excellent!!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Great Experience

I have had great experience with PetSure, purchased through Woolworths. When my 4year old greyhound developed a serious and rare illness which proved to be very hard and expensive to diagnose - x-ray, three region MRI, blood tests, etc. I received pre-approval within a couple of hours each time, as procedures were urgent. All staff were friendly, helpful and compassionate, and more that willing to go out of their way to ensure I got approval in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately my dog didn't make it, but I will use PetSure for my next pet.

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Beware of porting policy between providers!

We have two dogs - a one year old who has been covered by Medibank up to now, and a new pup. We decided to port insurance from Medibank to Bowwow as the premiums are substantially lower for exactly the same policy administered by the same company (Petsure) and underwritten by same company (Holland). Even though the 'brands' are just fronts for the administrator company who receives all premiums, we had a run around trying to continue our existing Medibank policy for one month to cover the waiting period on the new policy. Fairness would indicate that a customer who has been paying premiums to the same company in good faith should have a simple way to port over without risking a month without cover.

After calling 'Medibank' , 'Bow Wow' and both of them having a conversation with the administrator (Petsure), who ironically are all the same people, looking at the same screens, in the same company (who knew?! :)), and being told it could be done, we've now been told that 'the system doesn't allow it' and that 'we would be committing insurance fraud to have two policies operating'. Fascinating. Now that bodes well for any future claims. I really can't imagine the process of actually claiming if this is our experience to date. I much prefer to write positive reviews but am just left feeling frustrated and having wasted time and energy. My feeling after our interactions today? Pay the small premium for Allianz and 'Pet Plan' - it appears to be the only independent provider.

Insurance claim madeNo
Thank You for the feedback Lee. Can you please provide us with your Policy details so one of our Resolutions experts can contact you. The PetSure TeamHi, I have just replied privately - thanks for getting in touch...Hi, thanks very much to Sharon for her call of last week - it was appreciated. I have sent a private message across with regard to this but no reply as yet so very likely it has gone astray. I've just sent an email via the portal instead so hopefully this lands. With thanks, Lee


My insurance dates back to november 2010
Lodged my first claim for $65 last week and they have lost my claim form
Says it takes 2 weeks to be paid
Asked the question if my pet was seriously ill and needed 1000's in treatment and i did not have it in the bank what happens
They said bad luck
I said i should cancel my insurance and they said they would do it now
Greencross vets suggested them as the best insurance company
Wonder what they got out of it

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Thank you for the feedback Bob. I understand you have already spoken to one of our Resolutions Experts and your claim has already been processed and your concerns have been clarified however if you would like any further assistance please call us as we are always happy to try and help our customers and their pets where we can! The PetSure Team

Don't bother - the vet billls are cheaper than the premiums!

I cancelled the policies for both my cats 6 weeks ago, and guess what? They continued to take premiums out of my bank account. My initial call was to someone in the Philippines who said she was unable to cancel but someone in Australia would call me in 5 days. That didn't happen so I called them again and they said the policy would be cancelled.It wasn't and the premiums were still being deducted. When I called them today they were still reluctant to cancel the policies and tried to convince me not to. At least I have a confirmation email and the promise of a refund for the overcharging. We'll see! These policies are administered by Medibank Private.

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Will my dog be covered for IVDD?
2 answers
They will probably assess it on the basis of the breed and age of your fur baby some breeds are more succeptable to bone or spine problem and will also assess them on their age, if it is a young dog and you know their health history, they would i assume cover them,but there is so much fine print in these policies they can find something in the rules to try and deny, it is a very fine line and very hard to fight them if they deny your claim. i went thru months of stress with my boy thank god for great friends he is know a healthy and happy little man. I hope you have more luck than I.Dear Peter, Thank you for your enquiry. IVDD is generally covered under the Illness section of the policy depending on the Level of Cover you choose, Please be advised there is a 30 days waiting period for Illness claims and also a pre-existing condition exclusion applies to conditions that have shown signs / symptoms within the applicable waiting periods or before the policy commencement date. Please note: IVDD is not covered under the Accidental Injury Section of the policy. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. Regards Punni

I have had threats and continual claims you don't have my dog's history even though you have had every record since she joined at 8 weeks. It is a sort. John Gill [email removed] Am I able to transfer with all my details you have to another insurer because you have all my records. I am calling the ombudsman to start proceedings. You wait on the phone for hours, leave your number and don't get a callback. Over you PetSure
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Put my first claim in for $67.30 in 5 years Can't find my claim Policy no-otp11110/145000/01 Princess is the pet Great service-there is none When i complained the operator asked if i would like to cancel the policy Have spent over$3000 Love a Australian to contact me 0409182848 Bob Travers
1 answer
Hi Bob, Sorry to hear you have not had a great experience. I understand one of our Resolutions Experts has already spoken to you to resolve the issue and take on board your feedback. If you have any further concerns or questions please let us know. The PetSure Team