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Primus Nova Max LED Camping

Primus Nova Max LED Camping

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Before we bought this product we thoroughly researched the options available and decided on this one. We bought this light last spring for our camping and are still on the first set of batteries 6 months later. We find that the light can be used for reading purposes when using the stronger light setting or as an area light on the lower setting. We like the fact that you can use rechargeable batteries (or ordinary ones)in it. Some lanterns have an internal mechanism that must be recharged so that if you are out camping and drain all of the batteries, then the lantern is useless until you take it back to a power source for rechanging. With this lantern you just change the batteries and you have light again instantly. Great product!
Gives out lots of light, uses hardly any battery power, can be hung up or stand on a table, has two lighting options so that you can save batteries if you only want a dimmer area light, very tough and looks like it would take a lot to beak or damage it
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I bought one of these and used it 3 times before I took it back to the camping shop saying it didn't work properly. They said there was nothing wrong with it. I have since used it about 3 times. If I charge it overnight I might get 3 and a bit hours out of it. It was so expensive and such a lemon.The product you purchased must be different from this one as this one uses only ordinary batteries which can not be recharged overnight. It does not have an internal mechanism that can be recharged. There is one available with an internal mechanism but that is not the one we purchased.

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Where do you purchase a primus nova max led?
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You can purchase it from ebay, online camping stores or a lot of local camping stores stock it. But do make sure that you purchase the one with batteries that you can take out and replace when flat rather than the one which has an internal rechargeable mechanism which requires electricity to recharge.

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