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Pure Blonde

Pure Blonde

1.9 from 49 reviews

Love this beer

Love the taste and it is the best on a hot day. But best of all it is the lowest carb beer on the market. Helped me to loose 25kgs without having to change my drinking habits

Purchased in March 2019.

Bottle top hard to twist

I love this beer. Tastes better than any beer in the world. Although the twist top cap is very hard to twist. Otherwise a great beer. Not sure about the name though it makes no sense.

Purchased in March 2019 at Dan Murphy's Physical store for $43.00.

Typical low carb lager

Not everyone's favourite, this beer is exceptionally light style and pretty tasteless. However, it is also exceptionally well brewed to achieve this level of super clean. Not interesting but certainly not offensive in any way. On a 40C day in Adelaide, goes down really well but I don't drink it in winter time

Purchased in March 2019.

Tastes like a lite beer

I asked the bartender for a full strength beer and was recommended pure blonde. It has no taste it lacks body and it tastes like a lite beer. I really dislike the flavor of a lite beer no matter how good the claims. This doesn't cut the mustard.

Purchased in February 2019 for $8.00.

Use to be a great beer

They use to make a great drop 100% of the time, now it’s a one out of four purchases that tastes good, then when you say something to staff , your labelled as a trouble , it tastes like beer that’s been cold then left to bake in hot sun , then sold to the public, how can a company have such varying tastes in one brew, I now have to change brews as the quality control is not there and it’s embarrassing to keep bringing it up with staff.

NEVER again

The after taste was similar to being off so tipped out half and gave it another go following night still no better. Lacking in any form of quality no fresh flavours no balance of bubbles. I've had dodgy home brew that went down better. Still have four in the fridge. May have to use them for making damper, no good for anything else.

Inconsistent quality poor quality

I enjoy a pure blond however lately it has been inconsistent sometimes tasting off.i buy it from different locations and still find its hit and miss I poured 3 down the sink last night and the bottle shop just think your being fussy or trying to rip them off. I’ve tried to be loyal to both the bottle shop and the brand however pure blond has made this impossible

Bring back the original

Decided to get a 6 pack last night. Havnt drank it for a while. Noticed the new label “ultra low carb lager”. Little did i know the recipe has changed . It is terrible. It claims “ full flavour-no compromise”. Haha wat a cop out. Dont they have taste buds? On par drinking soda water. There is 0 satisfaction in this beer . No wonder it was on special !!!

Love this beer.

I've been looking for a low carb beer option that I can drink 1 or 2 of every night and keep the weight off. This is it. Clean crisp taste without the craft beer sickly chew. Only criticism is they go down too easily.

Love it

As a lifetime Coeliac this beer is a godsend. No longer do I have to drink extremely sugary cider or pay $$$$ for "Gluten-Free" beer.

It's not the most flavourful beer on the market but if you want to have ultra-low carbs/calories with a decent amount of ABV this is the beer for you. (Although the new premium mid has lower calories I think but unsure of it's gluten content)

You're not going to have the flavour of a full carb-laden beer so I don't know why people are whinging. Clearly they are targeting a pretty popular segment of the market because it is sold everywhere and lots of people I know drink it purely because it's a "guilt-free" beer that they don't feel bloating drinking after having 5 pints of it.

The market for health conscious social drinkers appears larger than stay-at-home "carton a week" drinkers commenting below. This beer has an edge over the competition in this market.

Again, thank you CUB for a readily available beer a Coeliac can drink!!

The worst beer I ever tried

This, so to speak, beer (actually, a swill) tastes like a skunky donkey urine with the aftertaste, that I had to drink 3 cups of tea and a bottle of mineral water to get rid of it.

Don't Bother

Tried it as it was on special with a Coles voucher. Never again. 80% less carbs maybe, but at least 90% less flavour. The cider is no better either. $10 six pack may look like a decent price, but if you tip most of it down the sink, it's quite expensive swill.

As for the low carb bit - claimed carb content of 1.7 g per serve (from memory). So a normal lager beer has about 10 g of carbs per bottle (I think that matches the Heineken I had recently). Mark Sisson (author of The Primal Blueprint) suggests a carb intake of less than 100 g per day for weight maintenance and less than 50 g per day for weight loss. Let's be honest, if you're drinking multiple beers per day, you're not likely to be controlling other foods down to 50 g carbs total per day to achieve ketogenic weight loss. So if you are counting carbs, look at the 100 g target - you can probably deal with a beer having 10 g carbs if you're otherwise eating clean. Have one serving of a good beer and enjoy it. The alcohol in multiple "low-carb" beers is probably going to screw with your metabolism (even if ethanol isn't included as a caloric carbohydrate on the label) just as much as the extra 8 g of carbs (per bottle) would.

Fizzy bubbles of nothing much

Very bubbly. Lacking substance. Tastes watered down. Just not what I expected. Possibly changed the brew? Not as clean as I remember. Disappointing

Wow you guys are right

This beer has changed dramatically over the last year or two. It used to be so nice, I thought it was just me but it has this rusty kind of after taste or something its really odd I mainly get it because of low carbs and calories but it's definitely at a cost .

coles $10 for 6 pack voucher

thought I would give this a go for $10, not much taste & quite watery. still got the hit from a 6 pack at 1.2 drinks per bottle but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

Tastes like sacked workers

If you sack your workforce and offer their jobs back on a 65% reduced wage, your product is going to taste like poverty feels and exploitation smells. There is no way this beer tastes like the sweet sunlight and blue skies of Australia.

Strange aftertaste

Tastes like the poverty of the sacked workers. Tastes like exploitation. Tastes unAustralian. Tastes very, very wrong! I am not enough of a misanthrope to continue drinking this swill. I like beer not fizzy hypercapitalism in a bottle!

Corporate greed

"Tastes like the poverty of the sacked workers. Tastes like exploitation. Tastes unAustralian. Tastes very, very wrong! I am not enough of a misanthrope to continue drinking this swill. I like beer not fizzy hypercapitalism in a bottle!" I entitled it "strange aftertaste"


Was my brew of choice, could drink all night and not wake up with a hang over. Now it is being pitched as a women's drink with less calories etc but tastes like dishwater. Seems like they have lost their faithful drinkers in pursuit of making it's a women's drink. The women I know liked it already anyhow. Good beer gone!

When "less" is NOT "fewer"

My review is about the moron who wrote the excruciatingly ignorant television advertisement. To him; if you don't know when to use the word "fewer" instead of "less", then sack yourself and employ someone who has graduated from high school!!! Moron.

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