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Manicure Service

That`s the most awful experience I have ever had. Quality is way below the standard. My fingers sank in gel, but the nails themselves were not painted fully. The technician was totally unexperienced. The whole procedure was done on a massage table with a very dark light in the room. It was terrible.

No Vouchers on Sundays - Company Policy

Was given voucher by my family. Policy does not allow usage on Sundays. This is disgusting. Work full time, sport Saturdays with children and only free day is Sundays. Imagine walking into Rebel Sport or Myer or Coles and they advise that because it is Sunday, they can’t accept. This is a paid up voucher , should be available to use any time. Your policy needs review. I have told my family not to buy from here anymore.

Using Gift Vouchers on Sundays

Can’t believe a large company as Pure Indulgence does NOT allow the use of gift vouchers on a Sunday.
Gift vouchers are paid in advance for a service; therefore are just like cash.
And for all the people who work full time and would like a relaxing massage or facial on a Sunday as that is their only free time are NOT able to because Pure Indulgence have the ridiculous clause.
“Sorry we do not accept gift vouchers on a Sunday”

Not acceptable and if your company wanted a lot more business maybe you should rethink this!

Very unhappy customer

Too good to be true

This year I spent close to $1000 on products that didn't help at all at garden city pure indulgence. The products that came in a package used for facial and needling to reduce my blemishes were not effective. The staff said they had treated successfully on other clients, but when I asked for evidence, they couldn't produce any. One of the staff had steam blowing on my face to open the pores that I felt suffocated. She just turned on the machine and walked away . Never again would I use their service. To me their products are fake. I still have another treatment which I have paid but decided not to go there any more

Lovely staff and beautiful treatments

Been going to Pure Indulgence for many years, particularly the Sunshine Plaza salon. The staff are always lovely and helpful, chatting while I wait or helping me with questions and the treatments are gorgeous! Relaxing but I get my results every time too! Definitely recommend to anyone :)

Excellent Follow - Up After Bad Experience

The manager phoned today to apologise for the miscommunication & has followed up by offering a real pedicure. Very impressed!

The big sell

On a recent visit to Toowoomba store, my 12 year old daughter and I were subjected to the big sell on products following a leg wax! Really, can you not let a child just have a simple treatment without the hassle.

Excellent facial

I had occasion to make a complaint to Pure Indulgence Carindale Concept after a very sub-standard facial. I now must say that I was impressed with the way my complaint was handled. The manager phoned me, apologised and we talked through the problem. I was offered either a refund or another facial "to show the way that it should have been done". The assistant manager, Lindsay, was allocated to my next appointment, and I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism and technique with my relaxing facial and excellent accompanying massage. The manager, Isabelle, is also to be applauded for her understanding of my valid complaints and her accompanying action to re-train a staff member who was in need of this. I appreciate and thank those mentioned, for such a satisfactory resolution to an initially disappointing experience,

Cannot fault the staff at the Garden City Pure Indulgence Store

Thanks for always being so helpful and polite every month when i come into the store. I must confess that I let the staff know up front years ago that I am there for the experience and not for the sales and since then have NEVER been asked to buy anything unless I asked questions about a product. Be honest and upfront and everything is great. The staff are not mind readers and it is part of their role to ensure that our experience is a positive one so that we keep coming back.

Not a good experience

Went for a much needed facial and massage after a very stressful year and the therapist was more concerned in trying to sell her products to me right throughout the whole treatment. I could not relax and felt added stress by being hounded, I will never return to pure indulgence again. This was my turn to relax and it done my head in.

Amazing !

I used to get my eyebrows done at a salon in ascot and swear I wouldn't go anywhere else, I was referred by a friend to see a therapist at the Garden City salon and now I truly know the meaning of perfection ! Her treatment standard is flawless and defiantly the 5 week wait for her appointments as she only sees clients fridays. Defiantly reccons this salon to all my friends and family

Always the best!!

Aaaah-mazing!! Could not get a better treatment anywhere else. I visit the Carindale Concept store near Coles and my experience is always the best. I have seen a number of their therapists, for a number of different treatments and I am always happy with my treatment.. Thank you Pure Indulgence!!


Rang to alter my booking at Chermside.Phone transfer to call waiting has lots of noises and annoying. Ended up hanging up.

Personal Service not up to standard

When I arrived at pure indulgence for scheduled appointment found out that someone at the desk had cancelled my appointment instead of another client who sent a text to cancel there's (there error not mine). Did obligate my appointment but I felt that something didn't seem right, the beauty room was uninspiring. Had laid there with some discomfort without a PILLOW under my head and legs elevated over a foot bolster for a short period before the therapist came back into the room. Couldn't go ahead with treatment as I suddenly felt terribly sick. This experience I believe was contributed to the fact of no head rest etc ; and caused the nausea.

Very disappointed with manicure and pedicure

I booked a manicure and pedicure 2 weeks before I arrived at the Indooroopilly store and was very disappointed with both the service and the end result. I was quoted a price on booking and then told on arrival that if I wanted shellac it would be an extra cost, even thought this is what I requested when the booking was made. The beautician was friendly enough but she wasn't very good at her job. My shellac only lasted 10 days and then started peeling off. The nail polish on my toes did not cover the entire nail and as a result I have had to return to the Asian run stores where they do a far better job for half the price. The staff at the store gave bad reviews of their competitors and told me that my experience with them would be luxurious. It was not. I asked the beautician what the appliance on the shelf beside me was and she said it was for heating the towels. She would be using the heated towels during my pedicure. She must have forgotten and I was so over the sub standard work that I couldn't be bothered asking for it. I will never go back and will not recommend this company to any of my friends.

Amazing treatment, amazing service

I am a frequent visitor to Pure Indulgence Salons. I am always very happy with their services and would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Booked but no service.

My daughter and I had a hot rocks massage booked together as a birthday/girls day at the Carindale store. We travelled up from the Gold Coast only to be told we didn't have a booking. I received a text message the day before to confirm, I replied with a "yes". However, they only had 1 booking and not 2. We were very disappointed due to the waste of our entire day and the unnecessary travelling we did. Would not recommend this business for any beauty routines. Appointments made and confirmed but no booking??? They missed out on $200 plus. Will take my business elsewhere thanks.

Painful and ignorant therapist.

I booked into pure indulgence grand central Toowoomba for a 1 hour massage with hot stone back therapy. I was very tight and sore from recent stress and advised the therapist during the massage that she was hurting me with her too hard massage I even cried out in pain at one point and made it clear she was hurting me; despite this and the fact my hands were clenched the therapist contained to knead on my pressure points too hard it was the worst massage ever. I was in so much pain afterwards I will never go back. Also I was booked in for 1 hour massage but even though I completed a form got ready had the massage and then got dressed all in under an hour there is no way the massage was near the hour long massage I had paid for.

Tried to return a product

i bought a product from a store, I wasn't sure if it was the one I usually used. I got home and realised it wasn't, I spoke to a friend who gave me a new facial cream to try. I took the product I bought back to another store the next day with the he receipt and the product was still sealed and she refused point blank to return it, as this was policy. Seriously it was in a resale able condition so there was no reason for the staff to stand on a soap box and refuse a return. I will not shop there again and I will be sharing my experience with plenty of people as I work around Queensland in my role.

It was, A Pure Indulgence!

I got a gift voucher for my 50th, but decided to upgrade for a signature facial. Wow! My beauty therapist was Tai.hla Lovely young lass. I went to Chermside P.I., the parking was awful but my beautiful, signature facial was so worth it. Thank You -Pure Indulgence-Chermside.

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