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RobCanberra 2600, ACT

So simple and big savings with No Bills


Reposit and a battery has made a huge difference to my solar system


I have a 6kw solar system and added a 10kw lg battery and reposit controller a few years ago. I couldn’t be happier with the choices made and would highly recommend reposit. The app allows me to monitor the system real time. The reposit controller learns the normal household energy usage and optimises the battery charging and discharging during peak and off peak periods to minimise household energy costs. I find in summer that I am still exporting a lot of solar power back to the grid so am planning to add a second batter to the system. Anyone with solar panels should seriously think about adding a battery and reposit controller to their system.

AllanDunlop 2615, ACT

A must have with solar power batteries


I have been a Reposit Power customer for a number of years now after getting a battery installed. I have found the mobile app useful to monitor our house usage to better manage what appliances we use and when. Additionally, Reposit do a good job of managing the infrastructure usage by determining the most efficient way to utilise the power. This is based on the weather, time of day and cost of the grid power and battery charge levels. If you intend on getting solar and battery installed I would recommend Reposit as a must have.

DavidEvatt 2617, ACT
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Reposit has helped eliminate our annual electricity charges

Bruce2515Chisholm 2905, ACT

Reposit optimises the value of your PV and Battery system


Despite batteries being relatively expensive still, the ability to avoid high peak and shoulder tariffs make such a system very worthwhile. Reposit adds an extra layer of intelligence to the setup by predicting expected usage and adjusting the system setting according to weather predictions and wholesale price variations. For example, if your usage pattern involves heavy load during the morning peak period, Reposit will partly charge your battery overnight at off peak rates to cover the morning demand, effectively time shifting your usage to off peak rates most of the time. The attached chart shows that our actual electricity cost in $ now is about the same as it was over 30 years ago.

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Awesome Service


Have had Reposit installed with our solar panels and battery. The service from all the guys at Reposit has been first class. Always happy to discuss the product and work with me when I needed some help in relation to the battery etc. Would recommend.

StephenIllawarra, NSW

Reposit has worked well for me for five years


Since 2016 Reposit has managed 4kw solar on the roof with 10kwh battery. It has been reliable, and saved me money. I like getting the grid credits on top of the feed in tariff.

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Reposit provides the technology for my house to become a micro power station. Service has be superlative.


Reposit was installed with my PVs and 7kWh Tesla Powerwall In 2015. 2019 Nissan EV. $230 was the power bilk for whole lot last quarter. After 6 years very happy.

Dr Philip Pollard
Dr Philip PollardHunter Region, NSW

It's a very smart problem solver, that's really easy to use

Rohan A.
Rohan A.Holt 2615, ACT

No bill - Smooth, quick and easy onboarding


We onboarded within 1 month to no electricity bill product. The process was easy, with minimal effort from us. Their staff was very friendly and highly professional. Can't recommend enough.

MarkHOxley 2903, ACT

Fantastic Product and Service - No more bill for me :)


Have recently had the Reposit system installed and have said goodbye to electricity bills! The entire process was so easy and the team at Reposit communicated frequently from start to finish. Their installers worked quickly and the end result is very neat and high quality. Thanks Reposit!

Rob GJ
Rob GJLatham 2615, ACT
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Happy No-Bill Customers


We have been on the Reposit No Bill system for a few months now and are really happy with our setup.

Buying a new solar system is a bit intimidating because of the costs involved, but we found Reposit's customer service really friendly and helpful. They were able to answer all our questions and help us to feel comfortable making this investment.

The panels, battery, and controller look fantastic, and have been working great. Best of all though is the peace of mind that all our bills are taken care of and we simply don't need to worry about it.

We would definitely recommend Reposit to anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and get rid of their energy bills.

Mike S.
Mike S.Canberra 2600, ACT
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Unreliable and poor response to problems

Mr Bean
Mr BeanSydney, NSW
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Product Recalled now Delaying Tactics on Replacement No Firm Replacement Date


Questions & Answers


Hi, I'm keen to install a Reposit no-bill system in Canberra. But of course being cautious I want to see solid reviews from current and past customers. I haven't been able to find out much information about Reposit and they were pretty cagey when I asked on the phone. I see that after some negative reviews, there has been a surge in positive Reposit reviews in the last few days, most from people who have never previously posted on Product Review. If you had your time again, would you recommend signing up for the Reposit no-bill system?

3 answers

Absolutely. It is one of the best decisions we have made. Reposit asked me if I would post a review but they never asked me if the review would be positive or qualified in some way. My review says it all. I can't speak too highly of them. I have seen one or two negative reviews and I find it hard to believe they are being objective. It is possible part of the reasons for their negative comments could have been related to faulty battery performance. I gather there have been problems with some LG batteries made 4-5 years ago, resulting in a recall of some. We have both Reposit and an LG battery (to supplement our Tesla one) and have had no issues at all.


My experience with Reposit has been overwhelmingly positive. The system basically adds a layer of intelligence to the PV/Battery combination to optimise the way the power produced by the panels is utilised. In particular the time shifting of household usage to avoid peak tariffs is of major benefit ie partly charging the battery at off peak rates overnight to cover predicted usage during the morning peak.

The system works best if you are configured for a 'Time of Use' tariff - the default is often flat rate tariffs where time shifting is of no benefit. i would also add that it is critical to look at the daily supply charge as this is often the largest component of your bill if the PV/Battery system if well designed. We changed suppliers and reduced our daily fixed cost from $1.40 to 74 cents. At a Feed in Tariff of 7 cents thats 10 kWhs less power required to offset the fixed cost.

The bottom line is make sure you crunch the numbers as each installation is different.

A couple of other recommendations - Use a longstanding local installer to design and optimise the entire system, and use quality components. The additional expense is worth it in the long run. We have a 10kW LG battery and 23 LG panels (10 and 25 yr warranties respectively). The system was installed 3 years ago. The battery has been identified by LG as having a potential fault - of the thousands of this model battery installed in Australia there have been 6 faults to date. Their response is to replace all the batteries of that type that have the potential fault with brand new equivalent batteries with a new 10 year warranty as well at no cost to the customer.

Finally, if you have shading issues on the proposed panel location, you should include Panel Optimisers on each panel to minimise the effect of shade on the system output. Otherwise shade on a single panel can take out the entire array.

Good luck and i'm happy to be contacted directly if you wish (organise via Reposit)


Thank you Bruce, that is extremely sound advice and gives me some real food for thought.
One of the differences with the “no-bill” package is that Reposit arrange the installation and choose the components. From looking at reviews the components do not appear to be quite the top-tier brands. I am yet to discuss that further with them, it may or may not be an issue.
But overall I am delighted that your experience with Reposit has been overwhelmingly positive.

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