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Resmed Airmini

Resmed Airmini

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Great little machine, but where are the reports ?

I purchased the Airmini a month ago from ResSleep as replacement for my old S9 machine. I find the device easy to use and connect to my android smartphone for monitoring purpose via an App.
However when I took the device into my specialist for annual checkup I found they had no idea how to extract the routine compliance report even though they also sell this device. Whilst ResSleep promised me an online compliance report in tact the specialist was unable to get one. We,were left with looking at the daily summaries available via the,smartphone app. Really this isn't good enough !

Purchased in February 2019 at ResSleep Gosford NSW for $1,800.00.

Exhalation Air noise annoying on tube mounted humidifier

The whole of concept is ok but when you use the p10 nasal pillow mask setup the cartridge humidifier 5 inches down from your nose mask is annoying...it makes air sound on each exhale and cant get to sleep because of it...and its supposed to improve your sleep. Redesign required.
Paid a 1700 dollars for this and makes the purchase so irritating....Used it for 30 minutes and put the old airsense 10 back on and never bothered to try again...

Not as small as it looks

I recently purchase this product from ResSleep for AUD2,100.00. It is certainly small and lightweight and delivers the same high quality sleep as my old ResMed S8 Autoset, which has clocked over 30,000 hours of use. I purchased this new unit for travel purposes primarily for its light weight, but it has a few drawbacks/limitations which I can share here with you.
The unit has an EXTERNAL ResMed 20 watt adaptor(made in China) that is plugged directly into the power outlet with what appears to be a special 2 metre connection lead o the unit - This adaptor is about half the size of the Airmini itself and I was unaware of its existence until I made the purchase.
I also need a lightweight extension lead for those venues that don't have a power outlet within reach of the standard 2 metre cable. I've searched many websites for such a thing and so far no luck. For my old S8 I found a 5 metre lead with the correct connections that was lightweight and allowed me to stop carrying the shorter lead that was supplied with the machine. Recognising that all I need to fill this requirement is a 3 metre lightweight extension cord I contacted the ResMed help line and got answers that I thought were generated from either a robot or an offshore call centre as the answer given for my question was irrelevant to Australia. In fact it was a call centre located in the USA. So, for the time being I have no alternative other than to carry a standard 3 metre extension cord, which is far heavier per metre than the one for the S8.
What a shame the USA does have a cord to suit their power system but not so here at home. I hope ResMed might address the overall need in their system for lightweight extension leads.
Overall I'm happy with the Airmini but it needs some work at the edges as discussed above.

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Hi Guys, Very please with the purchase of the AirMini , being so portable & adaptable. However coupled with the P10 AirPillows , there is a distinct noise on the exhale which does keep me awake. Could you pleases suggest anything to solve this issue. Thank you Graham.
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I agree, but unfortunately I don't have an answer.

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