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Rips off / Cheats / Complete Scum.

Do not buy anything off this company. They are a complete bunch of scumbags dishonest people

My wife wanted some new shoes and decided to take a chance online give that they state full refund on their website. We ordered three pairs of shoes, size 8. Two of the pairs were too small and one too big. She accepted this and tried to contact them to get a refund. For months we tried to email them, ring them and they ignored us. They basically would not refund the purchase. I logged a case against PayPal and they offered 20 dollar refund, they said that it would cost them too much money to refund the shoes.

I sent 30 emails, in the end we took the 20 dollar refund to move on. Save yourself the money do NOT by buy off this company they are scum.


I ordered a pair of shoes weeks ago and also paid $49.00 for express delivery. After a week I haven't heard back nor received a confirmation that my order has been shipped, I emailed them....waited for days for anyone to respond. When I got the response I was told that I have to wait another 10 business days for the order to be shipped!!!!! What a joke!!! I am still waiting to receive my order or even a confirmation.....Absolute joke!!!!

Do not buy shoes from this business

I bought a pair of shoes a few months ago, when I received them they were far too big even though I ordered my correct size, the website states returns were accepted and a store credit will be issued however when you contact them for a return address they refuse to give you one, I keep getting 'chat' responses saying they 'need to speak to the tailor' whatever that means ... Do not buy from this business.

Be Warned! Do Not Buy From ... Shoespie!!!

They are the worst company to deal with if you want to call them a company.
I sent back my shoes for a refund as they were not as described & faulty!!
They are telling me they are stuck in customs & I am expected to pay for the custom fees!! I have placed a complaint with PayPal ... & Shoespie's offered $40 for a refund. (You kidding me ?!!)
I payed over $200 for the shoes + $60 for the return postage to China.
They also emailed me to close the case with PayPal... are you freakin serious ?!!!! not closing anything till I get my money back...I'm now waiting for PayPal to resolve this issue. Please, please do not buy from SHOESPIE!!!
Save yourself all the crap ....

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Sorry for the late update .... I received a full refund from PayPal. Again please be warned ShoesPie is a scam for your money. If you read their comments on their page they are always positive comments. They delete all bad comments/reviews as they have deleted all mine. xMx

Nice shoes for me

it's so cool, i like the cool shoes from shoespei store, it's amamzing, i got many compliments, can't help to wear it to anywhere, good job!

Bad news!!Stay away!!!

The site looks amazing with every possible pair of shoes a woman could possibly want. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes and 3 months later was still waiting. Thet have an online chat. Each time I would go on chat and ask about when I would receive my order I was told that they were being made. 3 times with 3 different customer service people I was told the same thing over a period of weeks. Finally after reading shocking reviews online about other people who hadn't received their order's months later and some who had but said the quality was poor and a couple who said they had managed to get a refund, I went on their chat again and told the person to not say anything that they could not back up as I was keeping transcripts of my chats, which you can do on their chats by filling in your email and it is sent to you. I went on to say that I was tired of being told over and over that the shoes were being made and being promised that I would soon be notified when I could expect my order that was being "rushed". I said that I wanted a full refund or I was going to call paypal and send them the transcripts of the chats that promised things they never delivered. I was answered with. I will give you a refund. I said when? She said now, I said I will wait. I made it clear that I was done waiting and would stay on chat until I received an emailed confirmation of my refund. I received it and that was that. I wish they had been genuine as the shoes I ordered, had they ever been sent, were just what I wanted but thank goodness I finally stood my ground and got my $247.00 refund. They obviously don't want paypal to have transcripts of their chats which are full of fake promises.

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