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Be careful who your sending SMS from. Constantly locking account, no notice!

Great service but the lack of information is annoying. We are running a Facebook Campaign, which grabs users mobile numbers. We send an SMS from "Facebook" as we do from "LinkedIn" confirming we received a customers application and our account is locked. No e-mail, no warning, and there is no list of names of what you can and cannot use.

To rectify, we have to call again for the second time. Absolutely pathetic!

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Hi, Your account will always be blocked when you send messages pretending to be from Facebook. We make no apologies for that. This is a business service. If you want to trick people and play around with text messages, you should use another service. SMS Broadcast.


We have used them for a month and so far no dramas. After initial testing we purchased 10,000 sms and its going good so far. Recommend them highly to anyone.


We've been using SMS Broadcast for two years now. They have been reliable and better value than our previous SMS provider.

Recently while attempting something tricky, I had to contact support a couple of times. Both times I got responses from "Scott" that were quick and very helpful. I wish more companies had support staff like that.

So Quick And Easy!

SMS Broadcast is so easy to use and set up and very cost effective. It makes keeping in contact with our customers so much easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Nothing to complain about.
Ease of use, cost effective
Nothing yet!!


Meets my needs of getting timely market notifications to me.
My service provider sends me a email but my iPhone is drowning in emails and these need to standout. So SMS broadcast solves the problem.
No option to fwd original email to another email address so I can read attachment.

The new email

SMS Broadcast has changed the way I market to my 250 plus clients, some of whom do not check their emails regularly. I get an immediate response from many clients and this has translated to immediate sales, many times. Easy to use and well worth setting up your address book.

This saves so much time

Instead of fiddling around with small buttons on devices, I find this so much faster and easier to use when sending group texts. You can to a much larger group than from a normal telephone devise. I Love it!

Excellent product, easy to use

Having SMS Broadcast has been a brilliant in staying in contact with staff. Don't know how I managed without it.

Fast and Simple to Use

First time use recently, have now used system several times a great way to have a measurable sales campaign we have gotten instant results

Simple, Effective

A simple way to stay in contact with our customers. Great value, easy navigation and easy to follow instructions. An important part of our marketing. Great!

Very creepy...

I find it really creepy how they follow you on other websites using pop up ads to keep thanking you for using SMS Broadcast... Seriously, I'm already a customer. It's weird and you could be spending that money on trying to attract new customers. It freaks me out and I'm actually MORE inclined to leave, knowing you're tracking my movements around the internet.

Just Send

SMS Broadcast works well. No fuss. API is straight forward.
Being able specify a delay with the API would be good.Currently you need to use the web interface if you want delays.
Lacks the ability to send international SMS and do HLR lookups.


Quick and easy to use, we use it to notify customers of special order arrivals. Being able to check the reports to see if the message was delivered is a must - great job.

The perfect contacting tool for volunteers.

Organising large events and teams of up to 250 volunteers, SMS Broadcast has been the perfect tool to keep in contact with everyone, letting them know their roles and where they need to be at what time...all still on a personal level...love it!!

Changes needed

When a message doesn't go through and we are not at the computer, we don't get a failed signal back to the designated mobile? Caused a bit of a problem with our schedules. One late delivery !!

Way better than the other SMS service I knew.

Thanks for this technology, very clever, cheap cost and way better than the other SMS service. I will be using this service in my future plans for the companys marketing strategy.

Repeats messages

Sends multple messages of the one message. So we sent a client one text message, he received 5 messages of the same message.

This really is perfect!

Both the product and the customer service is fast and responsive. Our admin office would be lost without it. SMS Broadcast provides us with an easy solution for staying in touch with our students and parents in real time.

Great service but some things missing

Would like to be able to manage several accounts under the one sign in. This does not support it and i have to create all these new free email accounts just so i can assist my customers.

Fantastic, extremely user friendly service!

SMS Broadcast is a fantastic tool for targeting your chosen market, bulk SMS has really made a positive difference in our business and it is such a cost effective way to get your message out there to a large market in an instant.

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Questions & Answers

can I also send photo's to mobil phones with the sms
2 answers
Sorry not able to answer that question! Not something I'd thought of, but since it's possible via any other 'etheric / electronic means I couldn't see why not. Customer support were very helpful and prompt with a query of my own re reminder msg to self came an hour early. I now know I need to adjust for non-Daylight Saving Time.Hi BebblyM, SMS messages can only send plain text, not images. To send an image, you would need to use an MMS service, but these are much more expensive. I hope this helps!

SMS broadcast have changed their phone number, Do they have a new one or do they not exist anymore?
2 answers
www.smsmbroadcast.com.au is all I useOur phone number is 1300 667 405. This number has never changed.

what is price?
1 answer
Hi Raj, The SMS pricing details are on our website at https://www.smsbroadcast.com.au/sms-pricing