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Sony PSP

Sony PSP

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Best Console

Clear pictures and best gaming experience.
highly recommended
Best and outstanding graphics with genuine prices. Sony makes good products and that's why we believe buying stuff from reputative company

Great handy device

This has got to be one of the best portable devices in the technology industry. It's outstanding graphics are just great but also you don't feel like you're getting ripped off because it offers a great variety for games and there's one for everyone's needs. What i love about this little compact device is that it has that little bit more that you'd hope to find in a sony device. It's really a piece of art. Battery life is great and offers enough playing time for the average person. If you're thinking of getting one it's worth it. Way better than the nintendo DS.
Brilliant. compact. great graphics. Beats DS

Does more than you think!

The PSP does more than just play games. Like the PS3, it is a portable video, music and gaming machine. Plus you can download games onto a memory stick rather than needing lots of discs.
Via remote play (a connection to the PS3 via wireless) we use it to play movies or music both at home and even at work. Really easy to set up.
We also use it to control the music being played on the PS3. The PS3 is hooked up to our receiver (amp) and the PSP can control it while we sit outside. Because it uses wifi, it doesn't need to be in the same room as the PS3.
Does more than just play games - has found life even after mobile phone games!
Game discs can be a pain to carry.


I got this for my nephew for christmas a year back and he still takes it most places he goes. He has it on standby in case he needs to fill time while he waits for something.
The design is small portable but yet functional. It doesn't feel cramped or flimsy. Games aren't expensive. Compared to Xbox360 and PS3 the games are fairly priced. Plenty of hours of entertainment can be had on this system
The glare off the screen in certain lighting conditions makes it difficult to play. If you want a wide selection of games be prepared to spend a small bit of money.


The psp is a great handheld console with you can easily play along with while out and about. Sony have created some remarkable games for the psp and it is simply remarkably fun to play it on the psp, along with this the psp has great graphics.

Great, 4 stars
A great console with wonderful graphics. The psp is a great hit and I would recommend it to all. The games are fun and the psp is very portable, along with great graphics, sound and the now cheap price, the psp is a great console to buy. Hoghly recommended.
It would be good if there was a camera on the psp.


My husband has this PSP. He finds that the screen is a good size and it fits into your hands well. Easy to use as our three year old can play with it. The picture is quite clear. The games are the same as the PS2 but he thinks that there needs to be more game choice. It is a shame that Sony no longer make movies for the PSP. The looks of the PSP is sleek and modern and quite thin but enough to hold onto. It should be easier to download movies to as it seems a bit complicated.
Great little handheld machine with lots of features to keep you entertained for hours. Games are cheap.
Sony no longer make the movies for the PSP. Downloading movies a bit difficult.


This devices is aimed at the more serious gamers, those who care about graphics and true 3D environments. The games it plays look similar in quality to the PS2 and the best bit you can take it with you. The battery lasts a good 3 hours and the build is quite solid.

I much prefer this type of game console than the DS. On the DS you play these tinyier games and in general they seem to cost a lot more.

Many games for the PSP can be found at a budget price of around $20. If you have the money, this is a great buy and well worth it!
Best Serious Gamer System
Non-really, with over 62 million worldwide sales to date Sony have made sure it's stable and with the backing of a company with major reputation they have keeped up the standards. My main annoyance though is I just got the PSP-2000 and shortly after they released the PSP-3000 to resolve the most annoying issue I found where light reflecting on the screen makes it harder to play in daylight.


The PSP System is an amazing gaming console which I guarantee that anyone who atleast tries it will be amazed at how much you can do with such as small console. The PSP has got to be the best portable gaming console which I have ever bought and play
The Sony PSP is a great consol. This is because of its fantastic style and design and also at the fact that you are able to fit so much into a portable console such as a memory card, camera, microphone, speakers, joystick, etc. An obvious reason is that you are able to physically take a Playstation Gaming Console literally where ever you are going. You can also play heaps of really fun games and the PSP comes with a range of features such as Wi-Fi, Internet, Music Player, Skype, etc. The PSP Console is an amazing gaming Console and I believe that anyone who is into consoles whould really buy this product and try it out for themeselves. The screen is also quite large and the colors which ca be viwed on it are truelly magnificent (a total of 16,000 colors) You can also recharge it through a computer and add a range of features to it as mentioned before such as a camera and memory card.
There is not much to dislike about the PSP Console except that there are not as many games on the market for it compared to the PS3, etc. The surface of the PSP is smooth and so scrates can be easily visible from the oustide of it.


I love my psp compared to my old DS Lite. It was a bit pricey but the graphical and more serious gameplay makes it more fun. But, the price is the downside. For $100 more, you could get a netbook which makes me think whether it is worth buying a psp. I think yes because the psp is a games system. a netbook isn't. My psp is a year old and i love it when i find a good game for it.
Its portable, is graphically better than a nintendo DS, watch movies, internet, big screen.
UMD drive can brake if dropped, price, game prices, not many game retailers which have large game stock.


Generally speaken , this Sony Corp console is simply the best portable game system in the markets right now . And despite of its not very affordable price , Sony PSP does have a very large public that's ready to pay for it no matter how high was it price . And personally , i'm one of those sony consoles fan who WILL ( and did ) buy any new Sony Playstation , portable or standard , from the playsation 1 till the 3rd and what's comming after .
Best handheld console at all ! Big screen , high LCD quality , graphicaly optimized , lots of cool features . . .
The price is a bit high , generally not affordable by most people .


Great handheld console with big tv screen quality and loads of features that all work very well. Even that it is quite expensive you get alot for the money
Great to look at, good graphics, lots of features such as plays videos, internet, pictures, memory card slot. Great menu setup and very high quality LCD display
Could be easier to use multiplayer. (thats the beauty of the Ds Light)


My overall opinion of the Sony PSP is that it is an overrated, very expensive piece of Junk. Children will not really get much joy out of it as it is not really targeted at their age group.
Great graphics display, skype, wireless networking.
EXPENSIVE, very expensive, NOT really for children under 14. Takes a memory stick especially designed by Sony. Which will set you back a fair amount.


Overall, the PSP is a great portable gaming system with great graphics and i highly recommend it if you dont mind paying for it.
The PSP is greta because the screen is beautiful with great graphics, the music sounds good, it looks great watching movies on it and it has lots of great features.
Nothing bad about it besides it being a little too expensive.


If you have a bit of cash on you, the PSP is great for an all rounder portable entertainment device. The beautiful screen is a pleasure to look at and the graphics are superb for the size and power the PSP offers.

Videos need to be converted to be watched on the PSP which can be annoying, but a joy to watch due to screen quality and sound quality. And speaking of sound quality, music goes quite well with the PSP and provides decent bass.

WiFi is great in quickly browsing around, and various functions and add-ons like Skype or GPS is usually for various users depending on what they do.

Although there is a large range of games, there's not a lot of party games for casual easy fun, but even the mature intensive games can be fun via ad-hoc, and very limited number of games, wifi.

The only real restriction is the memory card requirement but if you have a decent size, you won't have any problems; mainly only movies and music.
Beautiful screen, decent library of games, video, music, internet, skype, and other various quirks, even GPS
Battery isn't the greatest unless you purchase the heavy duty stuff, memory cards required, overall costs involved in using the PSP


I first bought the PSP to keep me busy until the Nintendo DS Lite came out, but the PSP beat all my expectations, its just like a Playstation 2 in your hands, you have a huge range of games to choose from, most are direct ports from the PS2. it has a very large screen for a handheld gaming device, which is great for games/movies, but it is very hard to keep clean. also, the battery life is only about 5 hours, which is perfect for my hour bus rides to/from work, but for longer trips, better make sure to get a back up battery or somewhere to charge.
Big widescreen LCD, just like playing a PS2, very big range of high quality games. Plays games, movies, music, and wi-fi for internet or multiplayer
Short battery life, screen hard to keep clean,


This PSP is one of the greatest gaming consoles that ever came out. It saves you the hastle of buying a ps2 and a tv. So overall its much cheaper and more convenient as it is portable !
It is the slimmer version of the PSP making it smaller and more light. It offers more features than the original PSP. You can do several things on it such as play games, watch movies,view pictures, browse the internet, listen to music and such. It's 4.3" screen allows you to play games with the best graphics and high quality sound. You can store your things on a memory stick. Its best to buy a 4gb memory stick.
Needs a build in hardrive.


This is a great handheld in which now u can buy it for around $290-$320 which is cheap for a powerful handheld.
This is very stylish, it acts just like a mini media player, it has a great 3D engine which makes it the most powerful handheld there is right now, they have a great variety of games from kids to adults which is great for everyone. It has good light for playing in the dark and the sound is pretty good for its size.
You need to buy a memory stick which can be costly it ranges from $20-$180.


Units very reliable; have 3 at our place - oldest one is the 1001 model. None have missed a beat. But beware... get sucked into the PSP [or any other gaming system] and you'll forever be forking out the $$$s. Platinum games offer good value - as do the preused games available at eb games or cash converters. Strongly recommend getting a screen protector and a silicon skin to these. For about 20 bucks you can protect your investment.
Graphics; battery life; range of games for older kids [12yo+], accessories
cost of games; limited range for younger kids; expensive to buy [especially if you have 2,3 or more kids]


I guess the best that a PSP has is the graphic! I would say compare to computer or television, PSP is smaller and lighter. But its graphic won't lose to theirs! However as compare to DS lite, which everyone does, I would think a DS is better. But I still love both my PSP slim and DS lite.
Best graphic for a console!
Games too expensive and hopefully it can be a bit LIGHTER!


The high quality graphics doesn't make you feel like you are watching such a small screen and the sound is fantastic. There are plenty of accessories and games titles available and it is difficult to imagine how Sony will top this so it seems to carry the promise of longevity as well.
Without a doubt the highest quality and most features of any hand held games console. I definitely don't want to travel without one.
The games and movie discs really need to come down in price. The movies in particular are way too expensive compared to what you pay for dvds.

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