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St.George Incentive Saver

St.George Incentive Saver

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Easy to set up

Whilst this account was easy to set up it is pretty useless. It has low interest and you can get much better interest elsewhere. It is easy to use though, you can just set up a direct debit to help you save.

St George give good service and have better products. This is a good basic account, but you can't use it for every day or you will incur fees.

As far as accounts you can deposit into in the branch it is ok, but I would look around for better options to make your money grow and earn interest.
Easy to use
Low interest


Perfect account for our needs - We do 100% of our banking online so now instead of paying the $6 a month account fee we average about $2.60 a month in EFT fees and that's all! The savings are peanuts really but the money's better in your pocket than in the banks!!!
Although touted as a savings account it makes a VERY handy day to day banking account (assuming 90% or more of your banking is online and you don't use your card for EFTPOS (that's a $1 fee)). There is no monthly fee (as opposed to $5 or even $6 per month for other bank accounts), no minimum balance to keep and you get one free transaction per month. After paying $6 per month we re-assessed our needs and this account hit the nail on the head. $0.20 per EFT online transaction (e.g. bpay bills etc) or transferring funds. You can also get a VISA debit card linked to the account which is free to use like a credit card only it's your money.
None to speak of but we make it a habit of using our 1 free monthly transaction allowance at a St George ATM because it has to be the FIRST transaction of the statement period, otherwise will cost you $1.

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