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Stihl FSE 71

Stihl FSE 71

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Stihl FSE 71 Good Choice

The FSE 71 is much quieter than a 2 stroke line trimmer. Can be a bit awkward to use initially, due to the weight of the electric motor and length of the shaft. A shorter, lighter device may be better if you are a smaller person. However, its easy to start and is powerful. Handles trimming the edges of a medium sized yard of buffalo grass without a problem. Its a bump and go system which is easy to reload once you figure it out. Bought from GYC Penshurst. But they didn't instruct on how to use it or more importantly, how to change the line. I'm satisfied now that i can reload the line. I'll see how it goes over the summer. Good Choice so far.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

The best line trimmer

Just purchased trimmer from Urunga, the dealer knew has product, demonstrating how to reload the line, it's quiet, powerful and the line advanced as required, we are very happy and will buy a second trimmer for our other property..... Good product and we will be selling our stihl petrol trimmer if you need some exercise getting it started

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great trimmer - but proprietary fittings

The most frustrating thing about snippers is the trimmer line breaking - and on my older trimmer, it always seemed to break inside the coil, which then required disassembly. I fixed that by purchasing a new trimmer head that at least made it easier to replace the line. However I could not reuse that when I purchased the Stihl. It only accepts Stihl accessories (the bolts and fittings for the trimmer head are not "universal" like some other brands).

However, I have had no reall problems with trimmer line breaking inside. It behaves very well and the trimmer is fantastic. The "dual switch" used for safety is very easy to use and offers the right balance of convenience and safety. The moter is realtively quiet and its thrashed through some of the thickest weeds in my garden with ease. I also trim around my brick house, and the line holds up well (obviously it does break off, but so far I've never had to take the line head apart to fish out the broken line).

All and all, a good corded trimmer.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best line trimmer I have ever owned.

Had it over a year now and can't fault it. Love the easy wind line replacement system. I have used all types and brands and this is by far the easiest and most efficient. Tap and go is solid and works well. I would buy another one in a heartbeat!

Easy to use with plenty of power

The staff at the dealer were very helpful. It's a no brainer, really. Just plug it in and go. None of the trouble that comes with a petrol device and with a heavy extension cord I can whiz around the whole yard (tropical summer grass) in no time. Strongly recommend after 2 uses.

FSE 71 motor function

This electric grass cutter is perfectly easy and safe to use. Its light weight makes it easier to move around doing the cutting and trimming of grass and scrub. It comes with a good length of electric cord providing good reach to places away from the power source. It doesn't produce so much noise as the gas models.
Its light, easy to operate, powerful enough to cut grass and little scrubs in my house compound.
After using it a couple of times the motor now stops after running less than a minute. Can be started again after one minute rest but will stop again.

Powerful and very well built

I find it difficult to know how the one review on this forum gives this product such a low score. They must be using another product or were having a bad day because after having looked at all electric trimmer on the market this one outshines the others like day is to night. The FSE 71 is very powerful and does all the tasks one would expect in a typical garden with ease. The bumphead feed works perfectly and the handling is very easy. Naturally with an electric cord you have to think ahead so that you do not get tangled up. What I really appreciated was the top service provided by the Stihl dealer who assembled it for me, tested it and showed me how to use it. They even threw in a spare packet of line. Try get that service at Bunnings who have staff who have absolutely no knowledge about the products they sell. I am very happy with my purchase.
Powerful, very well built, bumphead feed

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What happened to my FSE 71 which I gave a rather bad(negative) review was because the motor coil got 'burned'(not sure if this is the correct term to use) but my motor was totally irreparable. According to the local repairman, the coil cannot be repaired/replaced unlike those tools with bigger motors so the only option was a complete replacement of the motor which I agreed at a reasonable discounted costs after some negotiations. The important lesson my(or those using tools powered by electrical power) got to learn is that the electrical power to the FSE 71 cannot be reduced/interrupted/decreased which usually happens when extension cables are used as this would cause the motor to overload and overheat hence burned the coil as what actually happened to my FSE 71. My local repairman had fabricated a long enough(20 meters) and thick electrical cable connected to my FSE 71(replacing the original cable) so that I do not have to use any extension cable anymore . Since then I have been happily using my FSE 71(with the replaced motor) without any problem at all. I do not think I can find any tool better or as good as the Stihl FSE 71 cutter, at least not now.

A very good trimmer

Well balanced powerful electric cutter. Auto feed works well, spools correct amount of line every time (spending a lot less time feeding the line than previous trimmer). After having used various other brands the Stihl seems to be of much higher build quality.
Easy to use, efficient trimmer


like it a lot , compared to other machines i have used.
Loads of power for electric machine and the feed head is great.
easy to use and quiet
it does not stop and you have to keep working


So far I am very happy. I have never bought a Stihl product before but now I may look at them in the future.
Well balanced and quiet. Very neat.
Mine did not come with the depth wheel.

Questions & Answers

I have tried in vain to replace the line. It just keep popping open. I am happy to pay for a pre-filled replacement. I have seen a few online e,g, https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Home-Garden/11700/bn_1843023, would these work on this model, if not do you know a supplier?
No answers

line keeps coming out as soon as i start the motor - help
1 answer
Push the line in past the first point of engagement. You will feel initial resistance, push a little more. It makes the line engage deeper in the hub and stops the line from coming out.

how do you change the cutting line??
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Open the line storage section by unscrewing the bump down button. Pull out the storage cartridge and take 2 equal lenghts of cutting line (about 2 m) and thread through each opening on the sides and push in until it goes through to the centre. Push the cartridge back in ensuring the lines are feeding the top and bottom section and not going to the same section. Turn the cartridge clockwise and start to wind in the cutting line You will know you are doing it right because it makes a clicking sound as it turns. Once you get all the line wound in, screw back the bump down button to keep it all in place again. Trim the line to ensure both sides are even before starting the motor.Ensure no line is left in the head. Cut 2 lengths of 2.0 mm(Green) line by 3 metres each. With the head fully assembled, and arrows lined up on head, insert the line firmly into the hole on the side of the barrel and push it until you feel it grab. Pushing it a little more will force the line upward into a locking position in the drum. Rotate head and insert the second piece of pre cut line. Wind head anti clockwise and the line will wind itself onto the drum. Stop when the drum will rotate without cutting off any excess. Done!


FSE 71
Price (RRP)269
Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Release dateMar 2008

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