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The First Years Double Bed Rail

The First Years Double Bed Rail

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Works great, used on double bed, easy up and down.

Bought this when we converted our DD's crib to the double bed stage. The rails were a bit tricky to assemble, but the solid construction and final product were fine. As the instructions said, we were able to slide the frame parts under the mattress easily and then put on the side rails. We loved that the rails were easy up and down for story time at bed. Down folded the rail to get us in and out without having to be a gymnast! The mesh sides were great, although not a concern for us as our DD sleeps in the exact middle of the bed and doesn't roll about.
solid construction, reliable, easy to use.
Tricky assembly.

Awful, hate it

Do not buy this product unless you love getting really frustrated and wasting heaps of time. This is a product designed only for emsembles, although nowhere on the packaging or instructions does it inform you of this fact. After more than an hour putting together 28 separate parts and 12 screws, we ended up with something only marginally bigger than the box it all came in. Then we discovered it won't even go on a frame bed. Fail! And it cost $100...
It possibly may work on an ensemble, I couldn't tell you
Expensive, really really difficult to put together, only for ensembles

We bought two of these for $60 each and love the sturdiness and safety of this bed rail. Yes, some assembly required.Hi Jaquil, did you end up finding a rail for a slat bed? I was interested in this one because it looks like it would work on a mattress with frame in the image. Also would it be suitable for a single bed?

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Will the double bed rail fit a king single bed??
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No, I don't think so. The "double" in the name refers to the two rails. And remember, it doesn't work at all with a slat bed. I would look at something else if I were youThese rails are adjustable to fit any size from single to queen. We have been using them for about five years now and have used them on three different slatted beds without difficulty. You just need to position them so that the cross bars rest on the slats.

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