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Tooheys White Stag

Tooheys White Stag

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The best thing about Tooheys is White Stag

345ml of smooth low carb goodness. Tooheys will be successful only if they keep this beer going. The buzz totally kicks in after 2 stubbies and is awesome inside the 3rd.
Good price. quality brew
Not enough of it is stocked

Questions & Answers

Anyone ever thought of giving the number of carbs (sugar) in these beers? Probably would help as it there reason for existence.
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The reason they say low carb and not low kilojoule is purely because most of the low carb beers still have Full Strength status which keeps the kilojoules of low carb beers at a similar level as Light Beers. The 2 contributing factors to kilojoules are Alcohol content and Carbohydrate (sugar) content. Reducing the Sugar and the Alcohol content would negatively impact the flavour, hence there is no real successful low carb low alcohol beer on the market. This is the reason there is no real need to state how many carbs are in the beer.

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