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Toshiba AV500A Series

Toshiba AV500A Series

26AV500A, 32AV500A, 37AV500A and 42AV500A
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Toshiba Great Quality And Endurance Recommended

I bought 2 of these tv regza and I paid $700 each and I have had no issues with them and I absoluted love well worth the money colour is really good easy to use menu
All round great televisions you don't have to spend mega bucks to get a great tv

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Not bad until trouble struck

I had the Toshiba 40 inch for about 5 yrs.It was my first LCD TV and I was pretty impressed at he time.Seem to remember it was quite expensive back then compared to todays LED TV's .About $3,500 from memory.
I would have thought that it was probably going to be my last TV being nearly 70 yrs. old, but was not to be .One day,about 6months ago I went to switch it on from the remote and nothing happened.I called on a TV repair man who told me that it wasn't the remote unit but the sensor in the TV which receives the message from the remote. He said it would cost $500 to fix providing he could get the parts.
After about a year of using it without a remote ,one day I swiched it on and the screen wouldn't stop rolling so it went to the next rubbish pick up.
I decided then, that if all these new flat screen TV's have a short life span, then I would not spend an excess amount on the next one.
After checking out all the available brands and options now available in LED TV's,I bought a LG basic model for probably half the price of the Toshiba and hope at least it will outlast it.

Premium offering in its time and still an excellent LCD TV today despite its age

Make no mistake about this TV. It might be little bulky and heavy but its picture and sound quality are nothing short of excellent! Especially when compared with the new LCD TVs of today. Even its power rating is under 100w and compares favorably with the new TVs. The killer spec on this TV is the miniscule 3ms panel response time which is fantastic for gaming, sports and action videos. By comparison most TVs today struggle to get below 6ms. Obviously a hidden area of cost cutting! Viewing angle is nothing short of excellent with little if any image degradation even at a 60 degree angle That too is certainly hard to beat today. This TV proves that it is cost cutting both in quality and performance that has brought the price of new TVs down. If you can buy one second hand at a reasonable price then grab it!
Excellent picture quality, Awesome sound with good bass boost, Superior response time, Solid quality build, excellent reception
A little bulky looking by todays standards, No media playback or recording function but easily overcome by connecting a cheap STB with PVR/media function

Like all toshiba startup unit dying

I have 3 Toshibas, 2 in one house and one in another. This ones startup unit is dying just like the 32" LCD which lasted only 6 months. Never again. Apart from that, good picture etc.Controls not that good but given it is 2 yrs old that is alright I guess. I think another manufacturer will get the money next time.
First LCD didnt know anything different
Startup unit is dying like all toshibas

yes same here. less then 2 yrs old and takes a while for screen to warn up and show picture. Toshiba fail!Got this unit. Same problem. After around 2 years. Wont buy another one.


I have owned this TV for almost 4 years and have it switched on at least half day and night 7 days a week, and I love the clear picture. I have it connected to my Toshiba XDE 1080p upscaling DVD player with USB playback, connected by HDMI, and this suits us fine but it has its limitations. For e.g I need to plug my Playstation in to watch HD on my USB because the TV doesn't have a USB and my DVD player wont recognise HD files. I payed $600.00 in 2008 at Hervey Norman for my TV and $120.00 at Dick Smith for my DVD.
It was my first HD LCD TV so I liked everything about it especially HDMI for the PS3.


This is a great TV. We got it on special at Good Guys and it was at least $200 cheaper than other brands with as good if not better picture quality. Certainly recommend it.
easy setup. Great picture. Good features. Lots of connectors for PC, HDMI etc.
onscreen guide is slightly clunky to use, but not to bad. Electronic program guide only reads for the channels that you are on, so you have to change channels to fill in the program guide and it forgets everything when you turn it off.


This TV does exactly what you would expect. It has a great picture and handles fast moving images very well. It has all the different input types including component and HDMI. The built in speakers actually do a better job of sound than many TVs I have seen. I have put in quite a few hours on Guitar Hero without feeling the need to hook the sound through my stereo.
Good colour, displays motion very well, plenty of inputs, good sound quality.
Had to refer to the manual to work out how to adjust some functions. Relatively thick panel so not so good for mounting on the wall.


The TV is available at a great price for people who want a HD TV and are not looking for an extra large or wall mountable TV. This TV allows you to set what shows your children are allowed to watch (either use the ratings block or block individual shows). I managed to get this at an unbelievable price- do not pay anywhere close to retail or even 'sale' prices- ask what they will take and go from there. Remember the panel is as thick as the ones with inbuilt dvd's so they want to sell these as quick as possible, so bargain confidently. I am extremely happy with this product.
HD tuner. No need for a set-up box (unless you have one that records- then of you will still want to use it). Great picture, colour, sound, Teletext. Great input options. Easy to use screen size adjuster Cinema, Super live, Super live 2, 4:3 and more so you can make the most of the screen no matter the format (no more heads cut off, or black edges or distorted shapes- I have found that many shows on the same station use different formats, so this has become my favorourite button! I have found many sound options too (but I have yet to use these).
*I cannot get anything to work in 'colour' through the video 1 sockets, so I use the other input options (there are a few).
*The remote is too large- it offers DVD control buttons as other Toshiba TV's have inbuilt DVD players- this is annoying as this one does not.
*The panel is still a little too thick for wall mounting.

Questions & Answers

Can you watch mpeg4 channels on this TV?
2 answers
This is a very old TV. Hence from memory it only gets the Standard definition channels. Not HD. ie It doesnt have a HD receiver. According to the specs: Receiving System Digital: DVB-T / Integrated Digital Tuner.Thanks for that advice

I've got no remote control for my TV, can I download a remote app to turn TV on?
2 answers
Go to eBay and search for Toshiba 26AV500A Compatible remote.But be aware this TV is way out of date as it does not receive the HD stations, only 26" size and cannot play or record videos from USB stick. Hence not worth spending money on it. Better seacrh for a used late model 32" (81cm) TV to replace it. Can get TVs less than 3 years old for $100 on Facebook or Gumtree.$17.30 delivered. See here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Remote-Control-For-Toshiba-37AV555-42AV554-42AV555-CT-90283-26AV500A-LCD-HDTV-TV/253944670388?hash=item3b204828b4:g:h2EAAOSwe1xazIKu:rk:1:pf:0

Is this TV digital? I am asking because I would like to listen to JJ radio with it.
1 answer
The old chunky tube TVs are analogue. All LCD Tvs have both analogue and digital receivers. Some of the older LCD Tvs such as this one only have standard definition digital receivers so they cant get the HD channels. No worries though because almost all HD channels are broadcast in both SD and HD.

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