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Totally Natural Prostate EZE MAX

Totally Natural Prostate EZE MAX

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Miracle herb saw palmetto

I was my dad's carer when he had Alzheimer's.
My poor dad had urine retention.
He battled nurses that had to hold him down to fit a condom catheter as he had five litres buildup of urine.
It was traumatic.
I was introduced to prostate eze max by a male chemist.
I gave it to Dad and it was a miracle herb.
No more urine retention.
When my dad went into nursing home I still have it as Dr didn't want to know about it.
God bless Caruso. Xxxxxooooo

Blood in the urine

Bought a box thinking it may help with the urine flow which is very slow, especially at night.
Having swallowed just one pill, I noticed blood in the urine at the very first pee after taking the pill, kept taking the pills for 5 days with more blood at the start of the flow. I decided it was foolish to continue, not knowing what damage I am doing to myself.

Like it

Early 50's noticed I was urinating slowly and much more often. Started taking Prostate Eze for a couple of weeks and noticed a good improvement. my doctor looks strangely at me when I say I don't have to get up to go for a pee at all at night.

I have been off of if for maybe a year and starting to have issues again so this morning I am off to buy another box for me and one for my father.

Works for me

After suffering from chronic Prostatitis for more than 6 months last year, I decided to give this product a try, after all, it came with a money back guarantee, so I felt I had nothing to lose. I had tried other brands before, but they did not work for me. My G.P. had me on antibiotics for most of that time with little improvement. It took about 1 month before I noticed the symptoms had eased, and now another 2 months later, I would say I am symptom free. It could be a coincidence, but I don't think so. At this point in time I am very pleased with the results. In addition to this product, I am taking a high strength (15,000 mg capsule) dose of Cranberry each day to help with my urinary tract. I will update my review again if I have any further issues with Prostatitis.

not good

tried this for nearly 2 months at a cost off $41.00 and they did nothing, total waste off time and money. Don't know how they sleep at night being able to sell sufferers rubbish gypsy remedies.

Good sleep at last

Having gone for months with multiple night trips to the toilet,I decided to try this product to see if it would help.Not a great deal of difference until I read a review from a chap who took the tablet late in the afternoon/evening..I tried that and now I get great nights sleep with only one visit to toilet at night.This product is tremendous.

Junk. Stick to evidence based medicine.

I foolishly tried it for 3 months and after no change in symptoms decided to research it further. There are no independent clinical studies, no double blind tests and my urologist (an esteemed professor) said there is nothing that will reduce the size of BPH. If herb (aka weed) companies are so confident of the efficacy, surely an objective and independent study that proves it successful would make the snake oil salesmen $millions. I believe Caruso changed the name from 'totally natural' after it was revealed the ingredients were anything but. But hey, tobacco is totally natural. Maybe [name removed] could use it mixed with the other weeds he uses. After all, he says It's the way we make it that makes all the difference". What the hell does that mean?

Big Problems For Me.

Within three days of taking the product ,I started to bleed from my sexual organ ,of course I stopped taking it and the bleeding stopped after three days , doctor cant find anything else wrong . So it is definitely not for me .

useless guarantee

Purchased 90 tabs noticed no benefit after 3 .months asked for a refun d and was told you have to claim within 90 days of purchase **what a coP out

It works for me

I found after one complete box my symptoms virtually disappeared . The results were great i wish it could have put some spring back where it used to be , but i put that down to age. I'm 58 now and took this product about 8 or 9 years ago, 1 box only. The health shop assistant told me they work to reduce the prostate naturally . Anyway my symptoms after 9 years are starting to appear so i will definitely call into that shop and buy another box and offer my feedback to the shopkeeper .


Up to now have had to urinate 14 times a day. Up to now first urination of the day was slow and painful. Not anymore since i started with this formula. No more discomfort, flow is excellent, and am down to 3 times a day. Highly recommended.

First 2 packs worked until I purchased the 3rd

I was happy with the results of the first 2 packs as they appeared to ease the problem, upon starting the 3rd pack of 80 Prostate Eze Max the problem quickly escalated. I phoned to company who appeared not to want to know the problem, I have not taken it since.

Very good- worked well for me

I am 65 years old and just had blood tests for PSA and sugar and all very well. However, recently needing to get up at night frequently for toilet stops so decided to look at some options. I purchased PEM and also cut out rich dairy food in the evening meal (no cream, custard, yogurt, cheesecake etc) as the problem seemed to be worse when consuming these foods. I also make sure I take PEM late in the afternoon on a fairly empty stomach and have nothing to eat or drink thereafter for 30 minutes. Since doing these things I have had massive improvement in my condition and can just about get through the whole night.

Did not work for me

Did not work for me, it made no difference what so ever. I was also disappointed with the lack of information that came with the product.

Further to My comment on Gerko Review

As promised, I am reviewing the product that I commented on earlier in Gerko's review

After 5 months I found little or no improvement with either urinating or easing the urge to urinate.
I can only say that, for my case of benign prostate enlargement, it wasn't the treatment for me.

As advertised, the manufacturer promptly refunded my purchase with presentation of my sales docket and remainder of product plus original packing with batch details

Thank you Carusos.

You have to try the product yourself to see if it works for you.
reasonable price and only one tablet a day, no reflux issues
sorry but didn't help me

works for me

I'm in my mid-50's and I was getting the usual symptoms of urinating frequently and not feeling 'empty' when I finished. Started taking these and my symptoms pretty much disappeared and have not returned. Yes you have to take them for at least a month to notice the effects but I have been taking them for more than a year now and have great faith in them. My last PSA test was 2.9. Unlike other brands its just a one tablet a day as well.

Well good luck, My own experience is it has been a useless medication... no change or relief in 3 weeks. I have benign prostate enlargement so you'd think it would be able to do SOMETHING! A waste of money so far. I'll finish the box and add a further comment laterWell I did say in my review it takes a min of a month to notice any effect so not surprised you don't notice anything after 3 weeks. I've just purchased another six months supply because I believe they work for me, and, touch wood, so far both the test results and the reduced symptoms confirm this. I wouldn't be spending my money otherwise.

Did nothing

Saw no change whatsoever, product also very expensive. I agree with the previous reviewer, I should have bought a bag of jelly beans at least they would taste good and not cost an arm and a leg. My local chemist warned me the product only works for very few people from what he has heard.

Simply didn't work for me.

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I have tried them but haven't noticed any difference whatsoever.

Doesn't work for me

Wish I had bought a large bag of jelly beans , would have got the same effect and a lot cheaper than $84 .00 . Bought 90 tablets and am only 30 days into so far but it doesnt seem to be having any affect at all . It gives you hope then dashes it and lightens your wallet

Doesn't work and extremely expensive

same with meI tried them but they made no difference whatsoever.must say the money back guarantee is spot on though , the company have no dramas fully refunding the purchase price , they really do stand behind their product

I was pleasantly surprised at the benefit it delivered

I bought a months supply of this on the suggestion of the urologist. He suggested I try a prescription medication as well as PEM. The changes to my urinary habits after taking PEM for a couple of days were subtle, but after 3 or 4 days there was a noticeable difference. I took the PEM for 20 days and the prescription medication for 12 days - I was going to take both for 20 days but the prescription medication appeared to have some side effects (I can't be absolutely sure that it was the medication but sure enough to stop taking it). The PEM only had one side effect and that was a good one! I can't pretend to have any knowledge of long term effects - but short term the PEM would win my vote!!
it worked!
it would be nice if it was cheaper - shame the Govt doesn't include natural medicines on the PBS

I would like to know how this product actually works, given that, I would assume, that the enlarged prostate itself, which restricts urine flow, does not reduce in size when using this product. In my case it wasn't an enlarged prostate - it was other issues with the urinary tract and restricted flow, however I understand the effect is similar. As to how it works - are there any budding pharmacists or medical people out there who wish to comment?Would love to hear from "budding" pharmacists or urologists or, better still, from the manufacturer of this product as to how this product actually works. Any relevant written papers, research data, etc would certainly help towards understanding.

Questions & Answers

I understand my problems relate to scarring in the urinary tract subsequent to procedures. Is Prostate EZE MAX suitable for use in my instance. Thanks you . . Brian Wallace
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Dude, I am not a doctor. Works for me is all I can say. It is only $30 for a months supply, give it a try is my advice. Good luck.

I would like to know how this product actually works
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Hey =mate, I find it good. I can tell when I haven't had it for a few days, so I would say the effectiveness is pretty well proven for me. Sleep through the night no need to get up : ))).

I would like to know how this product actually works
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After a couple of days I developed blood in the urine. I then stopped using the product.

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