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Useless absolutely useless

It never worked or did anything. Now I've lost my keys I can't find them and it doesn't show anything or play a sound. Nothing. This a completely useless products.

Worse than useless

On my dog this gave a false sense of security. With so few people owning them in Australia the crowd sourcing for your trackr is not useful. As soon as your dog has gone a little distance away the bluetooth does not work. The battery has a really short life - so short that some of mine arrived in the mail already flat. I have had cause to try this twice and neither time as it been effective. I regret having spent any money on this.


Bought a bunch of these and only worked for a few weeks to months. It is useless. Avoid at all costs. Money down the drain. It would be surprise me if this company collapses.


batteries run out far to quick making them unreliable, just when you want them batteries are dead, all mine have now died and all disconnected, its time to throw them out and find something better.

Not reliable

Bought a set of TrackR and set up properly with Bluetooth on. Have TrackR in one hand iPhone in other hand. iPhone won't ring even though pressing the TrackR button using one of them.
Trying to locate car keys & tells me I need a new battery instead. Then I get alerts about TrackR being located but doesn't actually show me where. The last tracking was about a month ago when I was in another State. I hadn't lost them then. Not happy.

Piece of junk

I bought 5 of these to put on all our sets of keys. One quit working while setting it up and is dead - no joke. The others functioned for anywhere from weeks to months and then died. During that time I was NOT ONCE able to locate our keys when we couldn't find them. Every time the TrackR device was no longer connected. Once we found the keys by good old fashioned searching, we would re-connect the TrackR to the app and all seemed to work fine... until we actually needed it to find them again.

Utter rubbish. Someone needs a boot to the head for this junk.

Total waste of money - Do not buy

I bought 5 or 6? in a package and thought it would be a good idea, used 3 of them and all 3 fell apart within the first 2 weeks. Doesn't sync properly whether your running Android or Apple, the app turns itself off so it does not work as advertised. Didn't even bother to open the unused ones and would just throw them away in the next spring clean.

Absolute rubbish and terrible CS

I ended up throwing my TrackR in the bin (where it belongs). It couldn't pick up a location when the pod was less than 4m away. I raised the issue with TrackR and they didn't respond. I posted on their Facebook page and they deleted my comment and blocked me. There is a reason you only see positive stuff on their page. They are unprofessional and the product is useless.

Do not buy!

Cheap rubbish that wasn't cheap! Please don't waste your hard earned! Extremely disappointed, obviously will never get money back, mine stopped working immediately which made my life immeasurably better, thanks!!! Grrrr

Utter Rubbish

Doesn't work at all. Complete waste of money. When you loose stuff it can't find it. Even on testing it when the items are in range it doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

Pathetic product

Bought 5 of the trackr coin sized units. They worked for a few weeks, however each unit failed over time. Ended up losing a set of keys which I’m sure around in my home somewhere. The units are not robust enough for everyday use. The concept is good hence buying them in the first instance. When they did work the sound to locate the unit was very quiet. Summary is product is unreliable and not worth purchasing.

Really Bad

Attached it to my keys, it didn't last a month. Bluetooth was unreliable and didn't connect all the time and despite being advertised to find keys the build quality is flimsy and didn't handle the life attached to a key ring.

waste of money and effort, I so wanted this to work.

I selected trackR pixel over Tile after reading a few techie reviews, mainly because it has a replaceable battery which I thought was more sustainable. Im not sure how I missed all of these terrible user reviews, but Im certainly not surprsed to find them now.

Things started out fine but the separation alerts kept false alarming, I assume every time there was some little disruption in the bluetooth signal. This was mostly ok at home because you could set up a wifi 'safe' zone, but still false alarmed for no apparent reason occasionally, sometimes in the middle of the night.

The one on my dog went batshit crazy (maybe it got wet or something?) and kept alarming even when I deleted the dog's pixel from my app. Man, I was ready to take to it with a hammer.

There was no point keeping the separation alerts switched on, because you just learn to ignore them if they are false alarming all the time. I switched off the separation alerts hoping to still be able to use it to crowd source lost items if needs be. Surely enough I lost my wallet soon after in one of the busiest and hippest streets in Melbourne, but no crowd source alerts. This seemed very strange given the density of users claimed by TrackR in the area. I even drove back through the street with my bluetooth on, but no detection. Eventually someone found it in a back alley that should have been in reach when I drove past. It still had the TrackR pixel in it, but it seemed dead, no longer connecting with my phone when I tried to pair it again, I couldnt work out why - it wasnt signalling low battery. It was only a couple of months post purchase. I tried to reconnect a couple of my other ones at that stage too, but they also seemed dead or something. The app would just endlessly try to connect despite the fact that there was obviously nothing happening, and I had to force-quit the app, after which I force-quitted my entire TrackR project.

Also the batteries on a couple ran low or flat, I had only had them for a couple of months.

Anyway, overall has made my life harder instead of easier and has wasted a heap of time and money. Cannot recommend.

Very disappointed

I live in Brisbane and despite the software telling me there are between 700 and 900 people nearby, TrackR admit this to being a bug as they could find nobody else in my area - after I originally logged a job for the devices not working. Tech support has been woeful - taking two weeks per reply and they just send an FAQ back. Like somebody else here said, if you aren't in the USA then don't bother. I was surprised to see an Adelaide entry report success.
In short, I love the idea and am still optimistic, but have had no luck whatsoever so far.

Fantastic little device

We purchased a 3 pack of trackr pixels for our 3 retired racing dogs so we can let them off lead and not worry about them getting lost since they are a lot faster than we are! These are great only downside was working out the multiple device sharing but we got there in the end the app is user friendly too


Bought 5 and put them on my keys and the cat and was going to give the others away. The cat lost its collar within a few days and I spent hours wandering around where the app said it saw it last but never found the collar.
Tried a test with my keys and I couldn't locate them in the next room.
The most hopeless waste of money ever.

Only works in bluetooth range (30m max)

Good to find keys at home or remotes, or you can use a pixel to ring your phone (which i also lose around the house)
If you have ambitions to use on a pet, then you're wasting your time. The pet is so quickly out of range that it won't help find it. Maybe if everyone ran the app on their smart phone it would improve the location, but your pet / lost item needs to be within 20m of the phone. Hence serious limitations.
In the home it has found the keys a couple of times, and my phone. So not a total waste of money for me.

Rubbish customer service and product

I have NEVER submitted a product review online before. I came here to write a negative review and am not surprised to see the rating this product has received.

My brother bought me a Pixel for Christmas. I had never heard of the company (thinking it to be alike to Tiles). When I tried setting up the device I found the battery was dead. I contacted customer service online asking them to send me a new battery, which shouldn’t be an issue due to their promise of free batteries. The representative asked me a bunch of useless questions before he finally concluded my battery was dead. No trash Sherlock. He arranged to have a new one sent to my address.

Fast forward a few weeks (I live in Sydney). A letter arrives with my new battery!!! Opening it up I discovered that they had sent me THE WRONG BATTERY. This is two strikes in my book.

The last strike is that I emailed customer service about the last two problems. That was over a week ago and I still haven’t had a response.

The Pixel is now in the bin where it belongs. I wouldn’t want to even give it away because it is absolute trash.

Don't buy if you're not in states

I bought them from Australia! Didn't realise they were sent fromUS. Delivery took sooo long. You can't use them anyway lol. If you want to put them on your children's bag the only way you can track them is if someone else has a TrackR and that downloaded and they are next to the kid lol. What a joke!! I guess I'll just bin them. The Alexa app is for yanks
Arghhhh scams.

Useless Waste of money!

Worked for a couple of days and I was very happy - then just died - waste of money - I was just about to buy another one but it seems that mine wasn't just a bad batch -

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will the company signal grove find your mobile phone by giving them your phone number?
No answers

If you tag your car in South Australia (Adelaide) How long on average before the trackr would be detected by someone else's device and your phone is contacted?
1 answer
Live in SA and have never had a response from anyone. Also.. Trackr battery lasts only weeks

how do you get a refund this is the biggest wast of money..
5 answers
I'd suggest you contact your place of purchase or trackr directly for a refund. I didn't bother.Sorry, I only know how NOT to get a refund. I bought 3 directly from the company. Complained and requested a refund. Not a word from them...I was equally disappointed when they never showed up in the mail. I emailed them, they responded by saying they lost my address, they would ship again that day. 2 weeks later.....nothing. That's when I notified PayPal and got a refund. Always use a credit card or PayPal when ordering off the internet. When everything goes to crap you can, at least, get your money back!