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UBank USaver SMSF

UBank USaver SMSF

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Just don't do it...

I've been waiting for 3 weeks to have my funds unlocked - 6 times I've sent messages, phone calls, live chat sessions and they still don't do anything. They even told me they had the documentation I sent to them 3 weeks ago and 2 days later the funds are still locked. Complaint sent to AFCA.

I wanted to stay away from the big 4 (and still do), but this isn't an option you should consider.

Ridiculous Rules, Completely Unrealistic

- I bank around the world and this alongside one NZ bank, Ubank is ridiculously difficult.
Absolutely no realism in their rules. My life does not revolve around my Australian phone (I live overseas) but they can only take Australian mobile numbers. EVERY time you speak to them you need a code to prove its you despite being able to answer any possible question about the account (I can log in online, on the app, know every secret question possible, can have any other Australian or foreign bank prove my identity - NO. Mobile phone text required. Or....a random Australia Post person to prove your identity. But not another bank? Righttt)
- SLOW. Countless documents required to do something any other bank takes 1 form ONCE.

- Rates

I signed up for a 6 month term deposit and left THE DAY it matured. Rejoined wondering if it was as bad as I remembered. I closed my new term deposit 24 hours after I opened it. Not without 9183091890138 texts codes.

Terrible systems and processes

I had my SMSF deposits with Ubank because they appeared to have an attractive rate; however, they won't follow my maturity instructions. The first time, the instructions were just ignored and the deposits were rolled over. I thought that I must've done something wrong however, now the same thing has happened for a second time, not good enough. I want to withdraw the funds on maturity and they won't let me!!!


I was impressed with UBank untill it was time to pay out my Term Deposit at maturity. The first maturity date was missed because my wife was not verified. Never was I informed about this......in the fine print maybe? I have missed it obviuosly. Second maturity date the same. Surely by now they would have realised and could have let me know. Nothing....missed the date again although the maturity instructions are visible on line! After some enquiries I got the wife verified. Now the 3rd maturity date has come and go. Where is my money? Oh no, it takes 7 days for the transfer! Nice one......they score 7 days interest! TODAY is 7 days and no sign of the transfer! No more UBank for me ever again! If they want to do electronic banking, their services should reflect that!

Watch out that you do get your bonus interest

I have been with UBank for a number of years, and until recently have been very happy with them. I deal with a number of other banks and UBank used to be my favorite bank to deal with. However, recently I have had some issues with them. The worst was that I did not get my bonus interest on my USaver SMS account that I was entitled to get. I only noticed this because I track my money through my own custom computer system I wrote, and it showed up a discrepancy. It took two weeks and 5 phone calls to get it sorted out. I was promised return calls that never happened, and I was promised resolution dates that only happened much later. Also, it was impossible to actually talk to someone who really knows what's going on.
I presume that if this system bug happened to me, it also happens to other accounts! Whether they go back and fix other accounts, one wonders, so warning: Check that you get your bonus interest!!!

Last year I noticed that they had changed the layout of the account statements, such that the name of my SMSF was truncated to the point it was unrecognisable. I tried to persuade them that (a) it was necessary to prove ownership of my account to the satisfaction of the auditors and the ATO and (b) that increasing the size of a field on a statement is a trivial matter (I used to do these sorts of reports in my work), but no way would they budge. This simple matter was just too big an issue for them to cope or bother with.
24 hour service & competitive interest rates
They seem to be losing the plot lately, perhaps there has been a change of management, for the worse.

Bad Systems; bad communications;

I have a large Self Managed Superannuation UBank account. In order to avoid losing a month's bonus rate on such a large figure we were advised to pass any pension withdrawals through a much smaller withdrawals account" in the same SMSF's name.

Well, all was OK until we placed a Future Transfer so we can gat our first pension out. The transfer just didn't happen - was rejected. I contacted them and that's when everything went pear-shaped. I tried to do it manually and somehow (as it is shown in these comments relating to dodgy UBank website) the screen refreshed and instead of the transfer happening from the smaller account it came out of the big account.
This triggered an automatic loss of the bonus rate for the month.

Also the customer service managers could not see the rejected transfer notice that I could see. How could UBank or anyone for that matter send you a note that you can see but they can NOT?! In the end the only way I could persuade them of the rejected future automatic transfer was to take a photo with my camera of my screen and send it to them as a Jpeg. (No their system doesn NOT allow print screen to dispaly all the info).

The UBank Product Department has ruled (so far) that they will not reinstate my bonus rate and that I have to wear the loss of bonus interest for the month. This even though I have demonstarated that UBank was the cause. Of course I am still fighting them.

Beware of UBank systems as even after I checked and double checked something I do several times a month (and can do in my sleep) with other banks, things can and do go wrong using UBank!
The bonus rate - for as long as you don't lose it through UBank bad systems
Untrustworthy, lack proper systems creating stressful banking.

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I fully agree that they are untrustworthy. The cancelled my ASP without notifying me and 'in effect' had my money for free before I realised that the funds were not being withdrawn from the doner account.

Appaling service

Misleading, informations from the staff. The do not know what particular documentation they need. Spent more than an hour with them on the phone without resolving anything.
They say something on the phone their website say an other contradicting thing.
Way over bureaucratic security procedure.
Stay away from them especially if you think to invest your SMSF money with UBANK.
I am very disillusioned and dissatisfied with their services.

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Hello Bela, I'm a UBank employee and have just read through your post. Our apologies for the experience that you've had with us - I'm really disappointed to hear this as this is not the experience we strive for. I would like to follow up on this for you, If you would like me to look into this for you, please email hello@ubank.com.au.

Dysfunctional Bank - Avoid Unless You Have A Lot of Time to Waste

Opened account attempted to transfer funds in - website wouldn't work - and no one answers the phone. Hours of waiting and listening to tape chat. If Ubank are so difficult to deposit money with - the risk of not being able to get access to the funds should I need them later is too high. In the end I gave up and deposited over $100K of SMSF funds with another bank.

Impossible to deal with

No problems here.... Opened an account 5 days ago and have managed to transfer 500K in so far. No issues experienced with I'm having serious issues with ubank site. Looking into another bank. Can't transfer funds in.The ubank website is TERRIBLE. It won't work on older browsers and won't work on iphone or ipad - I am a very unhappy customer.

Third World Banking

So far I'm down about a $1,000 in lost interest and accountant fees because they can't find my paperwork. Stay a million K's away with your SMSF. Only contact from Ubank is from a computer generated letter and email. Its upbeat, but still a machine. Have sent three emails, gave up holding on the phone. They must have only 1 staff member, with a high staff turnover. Signed up with Rams the same date and the account was fully operational in a few days.Post Office assures me they delivered everything on the 16th of July. Ubank suits young people with small electronic deposits, who aren't worried about access to their money when the economy enters recession.
I know its my fault, because the reviews were concerning and I still signed up due to greed, just to get that half percent above the quality banks.If its this hard giving them my hard earned savings, imagine the difficulty when an actual problem arises.
NAB backed, Interest rate, No frills, Net based
No Service, no support, no care, no idea

Inconsistent advise from staff

I went to the trouble of opening an online account with Ubank for our SMSF and sent through all the relevant paperwork. Unfortunately I lost faith in this service, after receiving inconsistent advise from staff members when we rang the 1800 number. Often the 1800 number was 'too busy' and we had to ring back later, or we were waiting over 15 minutes for someone to answer. Each staff member advised something different and in the end I pulled our money out.
Completing the online application was the easy part
Online application does not state exactly what is required, which is OK as we sent in all our paperwork, however a different answer from staff members was the biggest issue we had.

Too hard to set up

I've been trying for 2 months now to get an account set up for my super fund. Forwarding extra documentation (always certified), answering questions, more documentation etc etc. I've set up accounts for my super fund previously & it was all fairly painless. But uBank's requirements are completely unreasonable.

The account still isn't set up after all this time & now I'm told that they cannot close the account either due to a problem with their processes!
Others have complained about the Call Centre but it was the best part of my experience with uBank
Unreasonable documentation requirements; Skype access to Call Centre rarely works; Messing about with mobile phone codes is a pain

UBank is a true online bank and works good with SMSF

UBank offers the best interest rates so if you are serious about saving, the rate is currently 6,31% p.a. for the dedicated SMSF account.
We have set up many SMSF's and use UBank as the default bank account. We have a streamlined process to supply UBank with the exact requirements needed to open up a new bank account. All the bank accounts set up so far was hassle-free, although there's a reasonable amount of support needed.
Hein Preller
Superannuation Warehouse
Account number and BSB issued within 1 day
Sometimes difficult setting up Direct Debits from the Online SMSF savings account

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Hi, I don't know what some people are complaining about. The USaver is an ONLINE product and - as clearly stated online - the account cannot be opened through Nab. UBank does not advertise 4 year term deposits. As far as I know ALL BANKS have "cut-off" times and if one transfers money late on Friday night it's not going to START going anywhere until Monday morning! I think UBanks cut-off time is 4pm. I avoid transferring money on Friday with ANY bank, even before cut-off time, because the money leaves the account, but goes nowhere over the weekend. UBank's term deposits are disappointing (no long terms on offer), but the interest rate on its USaver products are EXCELLENT, both for personal savings and for SMSF. Some other banks treat super in a company name as "business account" and offer reduced interest rates. I use Ubank for my SMSF and for personal savings and love it! Staff is always polite and well-informed - thank you UBank!

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