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Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups


Wrapper does not separate... Cannot eat the product. Cannot eat the product.. Why buy this.. Very disappointed in this and I feel that for the very little product available that I could not eat was a big rip off

Purchased in February 2019.

Loved them as a kid :-)

These were my favourite lunchbox snack as a kid! Used to get one everyday, used to try and eat around the printed characters too.


Literally love roll ups so much, y’all don’t even know how obsessed i am with these bad boys. I buy them because making them in an oven takes like 6 hrs and honey i have not got time for that. So unsure why the ratings on these are so low :)

these are absolutely perfect for the kids

My kids adore having Roll-ups in their lunches. I personally love them because they are a great snack that is healthy enough!!!

Loooooooove it

I don't know why there are so many negative comments about this delicious product. I have been loving this since high school! I am still loving it as an adult, it's not just made for children in my opinion, it definitely can be enjoyed by all age groups. I have had no issue unwrapping the product at all. It's delicious, chewy and just a healthier way to have some sweets compare to lollies.

Roll-ups are good

They are very good snacks and i like to eat them when it is a time for a snack i would recommend them to my friend mike


I would really like to eat these as they as one of my favourite snacks however we resently bought two boxes and we can’t get the plastic off them, deming them unedible!

The plastic is terrible

My friend brings 5-7 of these to school each day. We would eat them but the plastic is just a damn mess. We end up just throwing your useless food at each other.


My kids and I usually love this product but the last box we bought on the 3/02/18 I have found really hard to unwrap and the end result is a mangled mess. I do have pictures but don't know how to put them on here.

Another product that is nothing like it used to be

Very disappointed that something as popular as roll-ups is just another product that has gone down the gurgler. Always a lunch box favourite that I will no longer be purchasing. Will have to find another alternative for my daughter.... Why bother buying something that she can't unwrap and I can't even help her with. Adult proof!!!!

Can’t be unwrapped, therefore cannot be eaten!!!!

Unusable product- cannot unwrap with out major effort and concentration unless you want your child to eat the plastic wrapper- it’s a shame as I remember having them when I was young and don’t remember having this problem at all, they are most definitely not the same product, they are in the bin and won’t be buying again.

Do not buy these. Unable to unwrap them

Purchased 2 boxes of Rainbow Berry Berry Roll ups for my son. They cannot even be opened by an adult!

Useless product for children

I have had so many dramas trying to unstick the rollup from the paper. I have thrown 4 boxes in the bin in the last month after i have bought them in the shopping. Something needs to be done to fix this. I will not be buying them again unless you fix the problem. How is a 4 year old to open when adults cant even get the damn thing unwrapped. Shame because my child loved them. They are not made the way they used to be.

Frustrated grandma

I have had so much trouble unsticking the roll-up from the plastic paper - that I have tossed the whole box away.
I remember when my children used to eat them - they were thicker and easier to handle. Don't even try to put them in the lunch box, which sits in a heated classroom all morning and then have the children contend with the wrapper.
Nightmare!!!! :(
Will not be purchasing this product again until it's fixed

Remembrance of one's favourite nursary food.

Roll ups happen to be my favourite food in the whole world. I remember in the 90s my favourite black current roll up. I still eat them as sweet treats today. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a batch of black current roll ups posted to me. Hopefully box loads of all flavours. Would love some freebies aswell. Xo


Rubbish roll ups

I have thrown 3 out of 6 roll ups from a box because they do not come unstuck from the paper! That is $2 in the bin!

Junk and gunk

These are delicious and loved by kids and especially my son. But they are very unhealthy.Imagine what they would do to your stomach being that sticky.

These Are The Bomb

Uncle Toby's I would love to see just the Dark Purple berry flavour brought out.......please.......
The Strawberry fun prints & the Berry Berry are a must in weekly shopping.


I don't think this stuff is suitable for intake as food for children. My niece has made me find the receipt and take them back to Coles for a refund. I can't print her descriptive adjectives. I'm in the doghouse now. Thanks Uncle Toby...NOT....Uncle Mike


a grea snack for inclusion in kids lunch box , healthy and low in sugar content. comes in a vareity of flavoours and patterns to attract children to eat them
these straps are a favourite of my kids and are great lunchtime snacks for inclusion at school. contains a real fruit falvour and a great variety of flavours, some come with patterns to encourage children to eat them. low far and low sugar content makes them a healthy snack, on hot days they dont get sticky either and have a plastic lining within the rolled up wrap to help with ease of unwrapping. i have eaten them myself but didnt find them to be as exciting as the kids
can be difficult to unwrap at times once the plastic inner paper is removed

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