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Valco Sleep Ezy Fold Down

Valco Sleep Ezy Fold Down

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If pulled on while in the bed the rail starts sliding out and folding. At the hinge on the outside of the bed a child could easily have their fingers cut off if they put them in the hinge. I am surprised this can be sold for use by children!

solid and safe bed rail

Sits nice and snug to the bedside. Easy to use. Is way better than a love n care one we tried this one is a lot more solid and safe. Have read about people having issues with it sliding out when leant upon however that's not an issue for us as it sits low in our bed and can't slide out due to the bed design.
snug to the bed, easy to use


The package states that it has 'rubber grips' when they are actually plastic, hence it does not grip to the bed base. When we used it for the first time, my husband went in to check on my 22 month old son, and he was leaning down on the rail and it had slid out from between the mattresses and he was on a 45° angle towards the floor. I was very disappointed with this item.
It folds down
It can not be used with an ensemble bed

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