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Victa Corvette VGMS487 (500, 4 Stroke)


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Why is this mower hard to start at least 6 to 10 pulls but after it’s warmed up take about 2 pulls. How come?
1 answer
I don’t know if whether or not you find it’s unique to this mower but I find all my power equipment always takes a few pulls when cold. Generally, it’s because the engine is cold (ie not running at operating temperature). When the engine is not at operating temperature it’s harder to ignite fuel, sump oil is thicker and air is thicker. So, it’s easier to start the mower when hot because the fuel is easier to burn.

Can anyone tell me what spark plug I need for my corvette 500?
1 answer
I bought a replacement spark plug for my Victa Corvette 750 19" mower last week (Model No GMS 488) The spark plug I bought was a Champion RC12YC. Not sure if this spark plug is the right one for your mower? Suggest that you find out the make and model of your mower and engine and ring up a mower place and they can tell you what it should be.


Corvette VGMS487 (500, 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Minimum Cutting Height11
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityYes
Chassis MaterialPressed Steel
Price (RRP)649
EngineBriggs & Stratton 725EXi QPT
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