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Wahl KM-SS

Wahl KM-SS

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Great pet clippers for dogs and cats

Have been using for about 2 years. If they stop working make sure you get the blade serviced as I tried to sharpen at home with no success. Once serviced they cut like new again.

Wahl km ss clipper

I've clipped show dogs for thirty years, I used Ostor clippers originally and found them excellent but they started making these in Korea instead of USA, I foolishly bought two sets before realising they weren't made in USA anymore. They gave me so much bother and cost a fortune after the short guarantee period. Plus posting them away under guarantee was more cost.
I found the Walk km ss and although cheaper, they are perfect, last for ages are no problem, yes they can get hot but I rest them and have a back up. They are light weight and easy to handle, came with combs which I find I use instead of swapping blades.
I believe they are excellent for home and professional clippers and cheap enough to replace once past they best, they do last for a long time before needing replaced. Even my mobile blade sharpening service man likes them and says they are good lasting clippers.
I never use a two speed I found blades became hot very quickly and the blade man said that extra speed is very wearing and blunted blades quickly.
Worth having made in Germany, so good quality cheap clipped.

Ok for home use but maybe not for a groomer.

I am a groomer and find the km-ss a bit too week for my liking, one speed is just not enough for hevey use as they get hot and heat up including the blade which I found does Heat up very quickly with most one speeds. I have found it does hurt you're hand after a while I think from the hevey vibration it has.

For home use I think they would be ok but I'm just not a big fan of them.

I found that this is heavy and I can use for a hour at most and they get hot.

I have two poodles and I can't finish both as I find my wrist aches and the unit gets hot, one poodle is bigger than other so I only do half each to cope. I also found that they got hot after a little while of using and have to stop as it burns the dog and I found this also happens with other brands as well, so I don't know why this happens to them as been doing my own poodles for over twenty years with different clippers over the years.

Excellent for home use - so far so good

I have a Retriever cross border collie and I purchased the basic kit with extra comb sizes #5,6,7 & 8 which I recommend for the Summer versus Winter coat in Sydney. If you read the instructions and clean meticulously - no problems at all. Just be aware of the cooler vent at the base. Safe and easy to use.

So far so good

Just purchased the clippers (came as a kit with 4 combs, DVD instructions, oil, scissors) from ebay, paid $159.95 AUD plus postage (from Warehousehair), found this to be the cheapest online. Did plenty of research before purchasing. The clipper is made in Germany, blade made in USA - to Australian specifications. Found this to be important for Aus buyers as I had read reviews on other customers buying the clippers from overseas but ends up fizzing out due to the voltage differences.
Before this I had been using a cheap clipper I had bought online for $30 and was not bad, probably had a good 10 cuts out of it before it started to get blunt, it just made shaving my spoodle much longer. Thought it was time to invest in a proper semi-professional clipper.
The Wahl KM-SS clipper glided through my spoodle's fur with ease, found the clipper to be a bit bulky but manageable. It did get hot after an hour but not unbearable. This is the first time using and enjoyed cutting my dogs fur as it was smooth. It is slightly noisy and vibrates quite a bit but for a semi-pro clipper I would recommended this.

Best value for money clipper.

I am a professional groomer and I have a set of these for back up and for doing certain areas. They perform well for the price tag, only second to the wahl 2 speed which has a higher speed as well as the low speed that is on the SS model. Mine have been going strong for years and I have had no problems, they have stepped in plenty of times for me and haven't let me down, they are not super fast but they go well. They are light, easy to handle and I've had no problems with blade heat. Drive lever tips will eventually need to be replaced with a standard drive lever to maintain.
Cost, reliable.
Base model, not high powered but enough for a small dog clip or tidy ups.

Made clipping my dog so much easier

Was impressed with how easily and well these clippers performed. My old clippers got bogged down in my schnauzers coat but these ones glided thru smoothly with no problems giving an even and good looking result. The blades are easy to swap and change. I also appreciated the longer cord length.
Gave a smooth even finish to the clip.
Would be good if kit came with additional length blades not just clip on guide combs

Good for home use

I use these on my toy poodle,they cut her coat well, after using for three years probably once a month, sometimes more, I need to replace the blade. They are very easy to use though they are a little heavy, very noisy and vibrate alot which my dog isn't a fan of. I also find the blade heats up quickly which isn't a big issue if using at home.
Overall they do the job I need them to do but once they stop working I will purchase a different brand that are quieter and have less vibration.
Cuts poodle coat, easy to use, reliable, easy to clean
noisy, vibration, heats up quickly

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy new Blades for my Wahl KM-SS and also a foot blade? Thank You
No answers

I have removed blade and and metal piece will not lift up so that blade can be replaced, any help?
1 answer
Get a flat screwdriver under it and flick it up, happens quite often.

does anyone know how to put the blades on after have been taken off to be sent away for sharpening? can't get back on
2 answers
If you google the question it will come up and show you how to put back in.I always put my blades back on while the clippers are switched on, that way I don't mis-align the blades.


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