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WPS Financial Services

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Worst decision ever

I regret the day I chose WPS for financial advice. Lost a lot of money. Reported them to financial ombudsman who said I had a strong case- letter from their lawyer said they were now a new entity and that the now WPSFinancial Service had no responsibility for advice given by WPS!!! Figure that?? Same owners, same board, same advices... just two extra words tacked onto their name. My advice- don't trust them. Hope they are been investigated by this current inquiry. They had me purchase products i didn't need, buy a property they didn't want me to look at- thank God I did against their advice. Was working four jobs at the time to try to get ahead and ended up losing up $50k. They are not to be trusted!

Absolutely ripped off

Yes we are also the Mugs here. Seems to me that all the properties they have sold people were overvalued by around $50,000. We are in the same boat. Have finally sold one house in Vic with the value dropping by $50,000. Now trying to sell the other one and it looks like we will be $50.000 down also. Have had these properties for over 6 years and we are disgusted. Now we are also trying to sell our investment, and I use that phrase loosely , for our self managed super and looks like we will be loosing $100,000 on that one.So all in all they give you all the great spool and show all the paperwork that makes it all look great. I Just wonder if they over price these properties and back hand the difference?

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Well, we have sold both properties in Vic with a loss of $50,000 at which we had to do all the leg work to sell. Now in the process of trying to see a property in Qld and look like another big loss. I would never ever recommend Ann Street for their advice. It is a shame as we put all our trust into them and have lost so much money. My advice to everyone is to do your own checks on the properties they recommend before committing.

Great Advise

After an indepth discussion with Fiona on the importance of having life and income protection. I'm happy with the decision to take the cover as i now have complete peace of mind. Thank you Fiona

Salesmen disguised as Financial Planners

We contacted WPS nearly 6 years ago, they were at our doorstep before we put the phone down. Paid upfront fee planning to retire in 10 years. Set us up in interstate investment property which we were very reluctant with, so far it is $50,000 under. My wife nearly had a breakdown just trying to get return calls from Brisbane office. We have had at least 6 'advisers' in that time. We have just given up and retirement is a long way off now. They seem to be quick to sign you up but don't want to answer calls after that. Very disappointed just wished I put it into Super.

Worst decision ever

Signing up with WPS/ now Anne Street Partners was the biggest mistake of our lives. After 10 years, finally selling an interstate property for less than we paid for it. WPS projected it to double in value. We should of followed our own instincts-we would be in a better financial position now. Thanks for nothing!!!! Hardworking Australians- beware-their advice is as stable as their staff retention which is pathetic!!

Very disappointed

We have been with WPS/Anne St Partners for approx. 5 years. We were given bad advice on an investment property and have lost a large sum of money because of this. Anne St are now refusing to communicate with us and are not responding to emails or phone calls.
Would not recommend Anne St to any one.

Poor communication

Disappointing experience

We were clients of Anne Street Partners since 2011 when they were known as WPS. Early on there were a few warning signs we should have picked up on such as the amount of times our adviser would change, we had 4 advisers over a 3 year period. We were never really able to establish a relationship with our adviser and it made everything difficult.

In regards to their advice they were very pushy with investing especially into investment properties. Eventually we went with their advice and started a self managed super fund and we purchased a property in 2012 with our super. The property was interstate and it has not performed how our adviser promised us. Firstly it was not tenanted for over 2 months and the value of the home has not improved.

Overall our experience with ASP was disappointing and we still aren't sure if they have put us in a better position. We have since moved to another company and they have been fantastic.
Close location to our home
Advisers pushy with investing, lack of service, investments not performing, bad advice

Investors beware

Anne st partners was formerly known a WPS financial services, yes, they renamed themselves due to poor services and overwhelming complaints. They cold call most leads with the promise of a free financial review, only to ask for $650 for a financial plan at the meeting. if you proceed with the payment a plan will be done by a paraplanner with the scope for two main ways, smsf and property. They have a property department which they onsell to their financial clients...Fast talking property developers......

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what is the best way to get action on wps?♥24200 dollars spent for 1 return phone call .never heard from them again .that was 6 yrs ago .
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I was with WPS- nightmare trying to contact them. Went to complaints ombudsman who wanted to take action against them but WPS changed their name and 'new company' took no responsibility for previous decisions - and they get away with it by just tacking a new name on same company! !! Now I see they have changed their name again to Anne st partners apparently. Disgraceful company