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Yalca Fruit Trees

Yalca Fruit Trees

2.7 from 16 reviews

Should have read the other reviews. very disappointed.

I wish I could leave 0 stars. Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with online shopping. I should have payed more attention to the reviews on this site. DO NOT purchase fruit trees from this company!! My experience is outlined briefly below:

28 July 2018: Ordered around $300 worth of fruit trees. Received an auto-generated email saying, "You will receive a confirmation email soon and then your new trees will be sent out from June to August". Paid by direct deposit

21 August: Wrote an email asking for update on status of order, as I had received no communication.

24 August: Sent the same email again. Received a reply saying my order was on the 'unpaid' file. I replied to this email with a transaction receipt showing payment on 28 July.

28 August: Had not heard anything, so wrote an email requesting a phone number contact.

29 August: Received an email saying that there was no contact number due to, "being in a blackspot area". I was advised that my order would be filled, except a self-pollinating almond which was now out of stock.

3 September : I wrote an email asking to be advised when the order was shipped. Spring was approaching and I wanted to get the trees in the ground before the root growth started.

6 September: I received the trees, minus (as noted) the self pollinating almond. Many trees already had green bud formation, indicating root development had already occurred. There was no indication of a refund for the missing tree. I wrote an email asking for a refund for the tree that was not supplied, providing my bank details for direct deposit.

11 September: I sent another email asking for refund for the tree that was not supplied.

13 September: Received an email saying the refund would be sorted, "in the next day or so".

19 September: I wrote an email saying it had been a week and no sign of refund. Advised that I would be taking the matter to Consumer Affairs Victoria. I received a reply 3 minutes later saying, "I have been having troubles with internet banking, Do you mind if I send a cheque instead?".

I wrote back saying, ok send a cheque, but please also send me a picture of the cheque and registered post tracking number. I receive a reply saying that the cheque would be posted tomorrow, but no picture would be supplied because, "I am not tech savvy enough unfortunately"

25 September: Cheque is received and deposited. To my surprise it doesn't bounce.

TL;DR: trees in the ground too late, waited almost 2 months for an incomplete order of trees and wasted time chasing a refund. 0 stars would not recommend.

Well packed and sturdy looking bare root trees

Campbell was actually great, aus post can be blamed in the delay of arrival but they were well packed and still moist even after sitting in the wrong post office for over a week! The trees selected were sturdy looking stock and I look forward to seeing how they grow.

good quality bareroot stock

I got some heritage variety stone fruit trees. After 10 days I emailED them to chase up my order. Campbell was really helpful and dispatch the next day. Stock arrived well and good roots system. Comparing to nursery bare-root stock. They are slightly smaller but of good shape and well pruned. Would recommend if you want to wait for the heritage varieties.

Happy with service and trees

Last year I ordered 10 raspberries. They were a good size and have grown well.

This year I ordered a gooseberry, a quince and an apricot. I asked for delivery before a certain date and they were helpful. The apricot and quince were perfectly shaped with 3 leaders on the apricot and a central leader on the quince, just as they should be.

Because of the other reviews I was worried but I needn't have been.

Very happy with my order

Ordered 13 trees. Was aware when ordering that they would be sent in June. They arrived last week, only two days in transit, all very healthy looking specimens. Will happily order from this company again.

No problems and big healthy trees 1st year

Ordered 2 x almonds and a nectarine and all have doubled in size in their first growing season so I have nothing but praise. Order was placed late July and dispatched within a few days.

Now what else can I squeeze into my garden?

I ordered several trees initially. Then had a rethink and decided to add a few more. Emailed them and waited at least a couple of weeks for a reply. Sure, it's probably a one man or family business, but I think the communication side of things needs improvement. Next time I'll make sure of no changes!!! As mine was an early order (Dec-Jan) I got my plants in June. They were a bit smaller than I had expected (however also ordered some plants from elsewhere and they were similar) however they all established well and have grown much better than I could have imagined - some are almost up to my chest in the first year! The variety there is amazing and I await their website to be up for next years orders so I can see what else I can put in my garden. I did run into some problems such as leaf curl on the peach, and pear and cherry slug on the pear and plums, however these were fixed easily and I do not know if they came from Yalca. I've had the same experience from retail nurseries too, but I'd prefer to fix it myself with organic methods than to have them sprayed with poisons. I'm happy and will likely order again. Mum's garden is next...

UPDATE 7 May 2018: 4 of the trees are between 6-7 feet high, the other 3 are 4-5 feet. This is amazing growth in the first year. I'm impressed! Oh, and one of the apple trees already has 5 apples on it.

No responses

The web site does not give a phone number - just an email address which they do not reply to.

Took my money - failed to deliver a tree at all OR reply to emails.

Dead on arrival

Bought a Mirabelle plum, only place I could find it has not grown at all, been growing fruit trees for over 30 years so was obviously DOA.
No response to emails, $50+ gone and label was written over in marker pen, who knows what it was.

Everything ordered has grown well

Purchased Apricot, nectarine, apple and peach trees from Yalca about two years ago, all have thrived. Recently received a pear tree which is starting to shoot with the warmer weather.

Good fruit trees, fair price, decent size,

After reading prevous reviews i was worried about my order but all was fine. I did send an email requesting to add a tree but didnt get a reply however the trees were 30 percent bigger than the ones i got from dayleys. They come with a couple of weeks post ordering. They were healthy and safely wrapped. Its probebly a small business and they might struggle to reply to every inquiry. The most important elements were met in my opinion.

Third rate

The other reviews explain my experience. A small stick labelled Tayberry was dead on arrival. Ordered a bare root Santa Rosa plum, got a plum labelled Mariposa. I had the feeling at the time that trying to do something about this was pointless.

These people shouldn't be in business.

I was after some fruit trees for the property I had just bought in Victoria, and thought I'd look for a local nursery first rather than going interstate, to reduce any transit stress to the plants.

I found Yalca Fruit Trees on the net and they had all three trees I was after, a nectarine, a compact cherry and a donut peach. Their website stated that the trees would be ready by June, so I waited a couple of months and then placed my order. June went, then July, August and still no trees, I tried ringing but no answer, so I sent an email which took several weeks to respond. They said they had been busy digging up trees and my order wouldn't be sent now until August.

When the trees finally arrived, I planted them immediately as planting was overdue. When the peach and nectarine's new leaves appeared in September, they were infected with Peach Leaf blister, which meant I had to remove all infected leaves. The peach and nectarine finally fruited last December, and I discovered it was the wrong variety. Instead of getting an exotic Saturn peach, I got a common cling stone peach, its label had merely been pasted over.

I tried to contact them again without success. it is pointless trying to call them because they no longer have a phone. I emailed them several times and had to use Outlook's 'email read' flag to indicate if the email had been opened. On each occasion my email was read, but there was no response. Finally I threatened to contact Consumer Affairs, and they responded and refunded me for the peach, and even that took time.

The cherry was meant to be a dwarf variety, growing around 2-3m tall. By the end of April this year, the tree was already over 4m tall. A cherry farmer advised me it was a different variety (Lapins) which grows to over 12m tall. I checked the sticker, and it too had been pasted over.

Today, I have two sickly trees that have barely grown, and a monster that will eventually tower all over my yard.

These people are complete amateurs, who are ripping off the public and shouldn't be in business. If you do business with them, expect long delays, never ending excuses and product substitution.

Update (January 2018).

The peach and nectarine turned out to be dwarves. Two and a half years now since planting and they've grown a total of 5cm. I ended up buying another peach and nectarine from a local nursery last winter and they have more than doubled in size. I will pull out the two dwarves after they drop their leaves and replant them in pots.

With the cherry, I received some useful pruning advice from a cherry expert (Google: KGB method). After the most savage of all prunes, in both August and early December, it has now turned into a beautiful densely branched low tree (won't grow any higher than 2 metres).

Zero Communication in 2 weeks so far. 07/11/2016

Went to Yalca Fruit Trees website. Saw an apricot tree was IN Stock so added it to cart and checked out. Paid with credit/debit card. Received an automated email immediately with the following shown below:
Your order has been received and is now being processed. You will receive a confirmation email soon and then your new trees will be sent out from June to August. Your order details are shown below for your reference:

Are they kidding? Pay now: $28.00 for tree + $29.00 postage to South Australia + 0.86 cents credit card charges = $ 57.86 + Bank charged me $1.50 as banking fees. And then wait for 8 to 9 months to receive tree? No one has ever made me wait that long. I thought it said it was in stock and I should receive it immediately like I ordered a fig tree from Garden Express on the same day and they sent it immediately.

For the price charged I can get 2 fruit trees from Virginia nursery or any local nursery here in South Australia.
I cancelled the order, sent them 3 emails in succession with 2 days interval between them. Not a reply from them. Two weeks have passed since the last email and still no word. Phoned the bank and lodged a credit card dispute for a refund.

The bank said it may take 10 to 30 days for the case to resolve with no guarantee that I will get my money back. I ask you are you willing to take the risk after hearing my story? Isn't it better to walk into your local nursery and pick out a nice healthy tree? These people are thieves who have zero communication with the customer. The only reason I ordered it was because was a hard to find Apricot tree variety in South Australia nurseries.

Are you still thinking of ordering from Yalca Fruit Trees? Zero stars rating from me.

Update: My bank refunded my money after filling in forms and posting them back after nearly 2 months. Received one email from Yalca Fruit Trees promising a refund but never did as I had to go through the bank.

Very disappointing

I wish I'd seen the previous review as we had the same problem. A very expensive tree which was a third of the size they promised and now it's not shooting properly and they don't answer any emails and don't have a telephone number! Definitely go elsewhere!

Choose another supplier

Very poor specimens supplied at high prices, thin ...very young, no branches, some too young to have any branches at all, some just small bare sticks. Slow to post. Choose another

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