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Yamaha VX18R / VX18S

Yamaha VX18R / VX18S

VX18R and VX18S
4.0 from 4 reviews

Blown Engine

I'll start by saying this was a great ski, fast handled well and had a great time with it. Unfortunately at 50hrs the engine blew with the pistons coming out of the side of the block. There was no reason for it, the engine had been serviced less than 10hrs before the failure. The ski is out of warranty and Yamaha have said bad luck. If the parts (block and head) were available, which they are not, the parts cost alone is more than the cost of a new ski let alone labour. This is ridiculous. Now I have a boat anchor that cannot be repaired. I will never buy another Yamaha product.

Yamaha VXR best buy!

I have owned this since april 2013, I am impressed with the performace of this yamaha, I can tow a tube without any problem as there is plenty of power.
Maintenance has been easy (DIY), the original battery still good as I disconnect it while storing it and put the charger on it twice during winter. I have seen reviews on the usa that motor could last around 800-1000 hrs and no turbo to mantain or service which makes it cheap to keep up.
With 3 onboard on flat water you get up to 105km/h, alone I got to 115km/h so it is way fast enough for me.
I can ride all day usually towing the kids around with just a tank of petrol, so for a fun day out its pretty cheap.

The best all round ever

I have had sea food and sea doo,s damn auto correct. And I rate the vx18r as the best all round high performance ski. We have two and they are lighter jump great in open water are reliable if you maintain them. W as h out salt etc.

They will keep up to the fastest of them with much better range also . I you want a bit more speed go the Kawasaki ultra but if you want a ski you buy bash around for all occasions this is it. The stock jet drive on one still keeps up with the other at 120 on smooth water with ribbon removal and exhaust. And the wife sucked up a rope swing the kids where swing I'm Ng off. Got it back towing removed intake cut out rope all good 15m worth of rope.

Simply brilliant

This machine is amazing, simple in design with a little bit of bling and a whole lot of power. Having owned a PWC for the last thirteen years , the VXR is like nothing else you have owned before. Solid as a rock at high speed , great to cruze at medium pace and the re-board step plus security mode and cupholders are just the cherry on top.
The exceptional value for money and the great 3 year factory warranty
More packing space would have been good .........

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