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Yoplait Go-Gurt

Yoplait Go-Gurt

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this is an excellent to eat yoghurt on the run...

Both my boys (4&6) love Go-Gurt, they love the flavors and the taste of the yoghurt, they love the characters on the packaging, I love that the yoghurt isn't thin like some other brands.There favorite flavor is Strawberry.
quick and great way to eat yoghurt on the run...
they are hard to tear open for adults , and my boys struggles with this too.

perfect treat

My kids love them they are great for your kids lunch box and u may also feeze them if you want for a cold healthy snack but my kids did have trouble opening them they are a dear to buy but if ya kids love them why not
healthy snack , kids love them , reliable
they are a bit hard to open


Wonderful to find a healthy treat that the kids actually get so excited about. Shame it's so much more expensive than regular yoghurt.
My 2 boys, 2-1/2 and 4, are crazy for these. It's all about packaging for preschoolers!
Price -- we only buy them when they're on special. Older boy can open his own but the 2-1/2-year-old needs help to rip into his.


My kid's love these and I usually freeze them for a special treat as opposed to giving them as a yoghurt.

Healthier than an ice block.

Good for lunch boxes, picnics and on the go as no spoon needed.
My kids love them

They can be frozen or eaten as a yoghurt.

Good for boys as they aren't pink (they wouldn't eat the pink packaged ones - heaven forbid!)

Healthier snack alternative.

Virtually mess free and no spoon needed
Bit expensive

Tab is hard to rip for little fingers

Only really do-able on special - which is rare


I freeze these for the kids to take to school,good in summer as it helps keeps kids lunches cold and yogurt wont end up hot and yucky. And I don't have to send a spoon,so no more lost spoons.
no dishes
sometimes tab hard to get off


Overall, the Yoplait go- gurts are a favourite in our house because they are tasty, easy to eat and you don't need a spoon! The novelty factor is a bonus and although they have a high amount of sugar, the yoghurt is a better snack than some other alternatives. I usually purchase these when they are on special, as the normal price is quite expensive.
Quick and easy snack for on the go. They are easy to freeze and the kids love the different flavours and funny characters on the tubes.
The rip off tab doesn't always rip off easy and the of course the yoghurt can spurt out if little ones squeeze to quickly!
Fairly high sugar content.


Freeze most, keep some in the fridge and your warm weather lunchbox is sorted. Dairy (and yogurt at that) in a frozen pack. keeps lunchbox fresh, and healthy. The kids (and adults) in our household love this as an after school snack. I find it great to pop in with the Babies bottles, it keeps the bottles cool and fresh. In winter I tend to forget them. More of a warmer weather treat. The fun packaging and occassional promotional add on (stickers, holder etc) are a great bonus.
Healthy, versatile and easy to transport snack. Great for all ages.
A bit expensive, I only buy when on a reasonable sale.

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