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Zager ZAD80CE

Zager ZAD80CE

5.0 from 164 reviews

One of the Finest Guitars I've Ever Owned!

I've owned many guitars; at least 60 over the past 51 years. I still have some very nice ones. I've got to say, though--without naming other brands, that my Zager is the most playable guitar I own, for whatever style playing. Not only that, it sounds fantastic! And if that's not enough, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and top-notch materials. I've received lots of positive compliments on it from other musicians. Add up all the pluses, and my Zager is, without question, one of the finest guitars I've ever owned. Thanks, Denny!

Quality player

I've played guitars for over 50 years, In that time, I've owned Gibson, Taylor and several others. I've always appreciated quality tone woods, great intonation, fine action and reliable electronics. I was really happy when I bought my ZAD80OM CE (?). It was everything the more expensive guitars were but at less than half the cost for comparable wood and set up. I've owned the Zager for more than 10 years and it still does everything I need it to do. I can walk into any situation and either mic the guitar, plug into an amp, or a direct feed and it will produce amazing sounds. It looks great, sounds great and is always reliable. Thank you. Paul Ebensteiner

Nothing But A Zager!

I purchased a Zager travel guitar to learn on a few months ago because of the size and quality. I'm living in Japan and wanted a guitar I could take home more easily than a larger one, too. Now, I'm looking forward to a trip home and wanted another one to keep at my son's home for now. I decided that I wouldn't be satisfied with anything but a Zager and plan on giving my travel size Zager to my granddaughter when I return. She'll be 10 then.

Great product and customer support

Every guitarist who gets their hands on my ZAD80 comments on how easy it is to play. I have had some issues with repetitive stress and this guitar is enabling me to play songs that I could not play on other guitars. And the tone is very well balanced. When I have had questions, their customer support is fast and helpful, with many resources for guitarists. I work in tech support, and few tech support departments have the response that they have. Ordinarily, I never would have ordered an instrument online, but this was as close to a sure thing as a person could get. I am more than merely satisfied with Zager!

New Guitar

Love my new Easy Play Zager - It truely is easy to play- the action is easy- my guitar is smaller but the sound is giant. I am pleased with the smaller case that hugs my guitar plus helps me protect it with the humidifier in the case.


Please check out the Zager guitar website; I ordered a Parlor size and was thrilled to receive it. Better than expected and practice with anticipation. The guitar is easy to play and has the added options of adjusting to your playability. All of their products are of the best quality and lifetime warrantied. May order another one soon.

Great product....great service

I love love love my zager guitar. I bought it when i started to learn how to play and i am very pleased. It felt great on my finger tips when i was building my calluses. Now 2 years later i still love the sound and feel. Being a new and beginner guitar player i was scared to buy since i didnt really know what to look for or expect. Well this has been an excellent purchase for me and i am very happy i went through with it. But what i love most is the customer support and service from Dennis jr. He is a great guy. Before i even purchased he personally answered all of my questions via email and a few times after my purchase. Now, even 2 years after my purchase, he answered me personally about an issue i had with the digital humidity system in my guitar case and even offered to send me a replacement piece for free! What a guy! Great guitar and great service. I highly recommend these beautiful guitars. You will not be disappointed!

Took the plunge, the water is fine!

Just got my Zager 50CE. As advertised it came in a nice hard shell case, with a stylish t shirt. The fit and finish are very nice. The guitar required a minimum tuning adjustment, built in tuner is self explanatory. Most impressive was the sound- loud, yet not harsh. Well rounded tone with a great sustain. I am a relatively new player, 4 months and the logic of getting a good instrument makes sense. Learning on my $200.00 Yamaha is not impossible, but I think the 50 will provide much more motivation and positive feedback - hopefully rewarding me for improvements. The real hope is that I can get good enough to deserve the instrument. Thanks Zager, looking forward to a long relationship.

900CE Great Guitar

All the positive reviews of the 900CE are true. I have extra large hands and have been playing a Martin D35 for a few years. The 900 is easier to play, sounds just as good, and the quality and finish are as good or better. I highly recommend it.

Excellent design and workmanship - fantastic sound!

I've been playing every expensive acoustic dreadnought I could find in the music stores to find "my sound". They all fell short of my expectations in some way, either acoustically or amplified. Even guitars costing over $6,000 just did not do it for me; great instruments, mind you, but there was always something lacking.

I was reluctant to buy an acoustic guitar online without seeing it, but Zager's 100% satisfaction guarantee won me over; I ordered a ZAD900CE. Shipment was very fast and I got the guitar within a few days. The case alone was impressive - I like the built-in humidity meter! The guitar is stunningly gorgeous! The workmanship is easily on par with the Taylor, Martin, PRS, Gibson custom acoustics. The acoustic sound is grand - this guitar has projection and presence! You hardly need amplification in a space with good acoustics. The Fishman Auro Pro (top of the line) system is outstanding - I particularly like the idea of being able to put in custom images. I already own the Aura Spectrum, which I use for studio recording, so I was familiar with the concept of guitar and microphone profiles. If you haven't tried this system yet, you definitely should!

Playability is excellent; I can't point to one single reason, it seems like the whole design and construction has a number of details that make this guitar very easy to play. My other acoustics are jealous!

Dennis Zager Jr. is highly responsive and diligently answered my questions before and after the sale. Customer service gets an A+!

The Zager ZAD900CE has unbeatable value for the money; you would have to spend 2-3x as much to come close with the big-name acoustics and perhaps find a custom acoustic for 4-5x to match it. Highly recommended!

I dare you to find a better guitar at this price

I bought a ZAF50CE and couldn’t be happier. It was deliver on and when promised. It has that freshly built wood smell. Even though it is new, it sounds great and should only get better. Excellent electronics that perform well on my Fender Mustang and on a bigger amp at my music school. I highly recommend Zager.

Great Parlor Guitar

Zager Parlor, Absolutely top quality and just a well designed guitar, great sound for a smaller guitar and the wood choices are beautiful! Nice for playing on couch etc. Really enjoy the feel of this guitar!

Lives up to It's Promises (and no... I have no affiliation to/with Zager)

This is a beautiful guitar. I purchased the D8OCEOM specifically because of it's size being 15% less than the D80CE and it was the right decision. It fits me like a glove and is not cumbersome in the way other acoustics I have owned were. Further, the EZ play promise is kept. I have never found an acoustic to be as easy to play as this, especially where barre chords are concerned. The tone is rich, clear and when plugged in, versatile with much added range. The electronics work wonderfully and as mentioned before provide a level of versatility I much appreciate. It is early days yet and as such have not found any flaws or "I wish it..."had or did such and such. That may happen but at the moment I am thrilled. Keep up the great work and excellent communication.
My Zager in it's new home
Bill H

I received a great looking Guitar and accessories. Happy Customer here!

Instruments are not something one usually likes to buy over the internet, I had heard of Zager guitars a few years ago. I have 4 acoustics and now 5, I am pleasantly surprised with my new Zager guitar, great sound great feel and amplified it is also pleasing to the ear. It came with a very protective guitar case, strap, 4 sets of strings, a unique capo, picks and a money back guarantee. But they are not getting this one back. I ordered and received in one day, totally shocked when it came in a day early. It got a work out my first night of having it. Thank you for all of the quick email responses and a great product. I know where I would go should I need another. I can't wait for friends to try it also, you may gain some new clients.
Thanks again,
Tommy S

A friend of mine bought a Zager guitar.

I am stunned and astounded at how comfortable the Zager guitar is to play. When I am
visiting I get a chance to play the Zager and is a real treat. Sweet tone and very easy to make music on!

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Yes..felt good.

Holy Moly Batman.

Got my new zad 80N 1/05/19 .
I am guitar poor, yamaha fg830 x3 years, Taylor 310, martin D18 x24 years, jasmine 30 x30 years gift, been plucking since 1965.
Fit and finish- attention to detail? O M G.
I let her (nita) set in a stand in the great room overnight, named for my daughter we lost in 2004.
Sunday i played her x 6hrs. and was so thrilled in the feeling, tone and ease of play.
This is a keeper, I love her. Just the overall feeling was something you have to experience.
Dennis sr. and i are the same age, his son appears to run things, i am so impressed with their product and service.
God Bless fellas, god bless.
Ira in Virginia

She's a beauty

Hi all, this is William Dodenhoff. I have no affiliation with Zager Guitars. I won a Zager ZAD80CE and I love it. I can play it for hours at a time, Play high notes really well. The guitar looks Beautiful. I think I will give My Martin a rest.

I think I'm falling in love

My first guitar was a ZAD50 full size which I've had for several years. I've enjoyed it so much and love the feel and sounds of it. Fast forward and I wanted to explore acoustic-electric. I looked no further than Zager. I did my research and found Zagar to be the best quality and the best price for me. So now I'm falling in love with my new Zagar ZAD80CE OM. I'm loving the deep rich tones of the cedar and rosewood and I know it will only get better as the guitar ages. It just arrived this week, and can't seem to leave it alone. Practice before work, practice when I get home, think about it as I'm going to sleep.

zager parlor, I cant put this guitar down!!

I read many reviews on zager guitars, there are many that are negatively bashing zagers almost all of these are by people that know nothing about them, have never played them. I almost didn't order my guitar after reading those reviews. I would have missed getting a really great guitar!! I finally decided with their guarantee of complete refund I would try it. how can you go wrong, if I didn't like it I could send it back and I would know and not wonder. To those who bash zager I give a resounding shame on you!!! How can you disrespect a family name not knowing what you are really dealing with. If you are on the fence, order it its guaranteed you have nothing to lose! even if you don't like it you still cant complain!! send it back. But I have a strong feeling like me you will gladly keep it with a smile! what an excellent company!! customer service is second to none I mean second to none!! what wonderful people to deal with! the zager family are truly wonderful people! they do make strong claims. how can they claim this or that you ask? because its true. I am so glad in this world of snake oil salesmen and liars that their are still some honest folk out there. zager guitars are honest people and are there to help you! I read a lot of harping on where they are made quality and such. I tell you I don't care if they were made in the forest of china by panda bears and monkeys, this is first a beautiful quality guitar! more importantly it sounds great!! and most importantly to me the playability is nothing short of outstanding. and this is right out of the box. all my guitars have been set up very well but nothing comparing to this guitar. Once again shame on you for downing what you don't know! You are hurting not only a fine company but also the musician who may be swayed by your inaccurate opinion. I am writing this not because I am affiliated with zager guitars in anyway, but because I almost missed a really great guitar. I love my zager parlor!! thanks for reading! thank you Denny!! Mark

Finally! A perfect guitar!

I started playing in 1964. I have owned dozens of guitars from dozens of makers from Sears Silvertone to Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Yamaha, etc.
They all had things I didn't like, I.e., neck to thick, won't stay in tune, dead sound, tin can sound, rattles, buzzes, poor sustain, poor resonation, action too high, etc.,etc.
Not with my Zager900CE!!
I've been playing for hours and my fingers aren't bleeding yet!
I'm a happy camper and the Zager is a keeper!

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