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Zager ZAD80CE

Zager ZAD80CE

5.0 from 191 reviews

After 12 years, I still love my ZAD80CE!

I bought a ZAD80CE 12 years ago, and still love the guitar. It has become the "workhorse" for our church band, and is the best sounding electric acoustic I've heard when plugged in to a sound system. Not only does it sound great, but it is very comfortable to play. I also own a Gibson, Martin, and a Taylor, and the Zager still gets more work than those. I've also found Zager to be extremely responsive to any customer service issues. Recently a wear issue arose with the Fishman electronics module, and even though the part was out of manufacture, Zager found a replacement for me at no charge.

Zager Parlor

I received my new parlor today. It looked great. More importantly it sounded and played great right out of the box! Day one no setup required!
I am very pleased w/ my purchase and all the goodies that came with it. I didn't realize I would get a t-shirt. That was fun too! It was a fun discovery when I opened the compartment in the guitar case. The guitar itself of course is gorgeous!
I must say, buying a guitar online can sometimes be a gamble. I am very pleased that your guitar meets up to your presentations on the web and YouTube.

Best regards and thanks to everyone at Zager! You have a new fan of your guitars!

Most amazing instrument!

I'll admit it ... I was curious as to what Dennis meant by "easy play". But how can you go wrong with a money back guarantee? Add to the fact that I am a lefty and good guitars are difficult to come by, I did do my research and felt the value was worth a try. I have both Martin and Taylor guitars to compare it to and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!. I'm not a professional musician and only play for fun but the minute I picked up the 900 CE it felt like an old friend, that I had known for years. The first G cord I strummed seemed like I had played this instrument for years, it filled the room, resonated into my soul, was gentle in my hands and CLEARLY was different. I thought I had only played it for another 10 or 15 minutes until my wife told me to put it up for the night after an hour and half. All with a smile on my face! This guitar is special! I'm a stickler for attention to detail, and this 900 is beautiful! Second only to the deep, booming base and sparkling highs. Denny is not just a craftsmen, but a student of the science and through his obvious artistry has made an amazing instrument ... and my heart happy!

This review was not solicited and I'd be happy to give Dennis Jr the permission to give out my contact information if you'd like to know more. I couldn't recommend a Zager any more highly. I have a new BFG (best friend guitar) for ever!

Skip J

Best decision ever!!

I researched guitars for several months and decided on a Zager guitar. Best decision I ever made. It looks and sounds great. Also purchased the on-line video lessons and found them to be extremely detailed and easy to follow. Thanks to all at Zager!!

I love my new Zager Guitar

I just got my new Zager Guitar. It's easy to play and sounds as beautiful as it looks. I am so very happy!
I remember when I was just a kid and borrowed my neighbor's Gibson guitar. It had such a nice sound. This Zager has that same nice quality.

Holy Moly what a great guitar

Being someone who is musically challenged and having very limited practice time, my Zager zad80ce is a God send. My playing has definitely improved since its arrival. It sounds amazing and I'm even writing my own church songs and playing them in church, which is something I would have never thought of doing previously. Thanks Denny for making me a great guitar that's easy to play and affordable.

ZAD900 Work of art

I had my ZAD80CE for a couple years and really loved it. It is a fantastic guitar but somehow I wanted a more robust sound in the acoustic mode. I found the ZAD900CE to be slightly less easy to play (I have small hands) but the sound is deep and clean. The 900 is beautifully made and the sound it produces is magic. It is what I was looking for. This guitar is a work of art and I have found the perfect marriage of form and sound.

It is the year 2019 I have purchased my dream guitar

I have played and own a few guitars, Gibson j185, Taylor 514ce Gretsch cnty gent and recently Blueridge BR-73ce to name a few. This one outplay's them all and sounds better! I just got the guitar, More will follow--. I have to praise Dennis for his continuous working w/me. I also have to thank Mr. Zager for the upgrade he ended up sending me.

A Work Of Art

This is my first guitar and very glad I chose Zager. The guitar was delivered on time. I was like a kid on Christmas when I first opened the box. The guitar was very secure in the case provided. Then came the moment to open the case. At first I was afraid to pick the guitar up. The craftsmanship and beauty makes this guitar a piece of art. When I finally picked up the guitar, it fit like a glove in the hands. I did have to "tune" the guitar, but I was able to find out how to on the web site. The customer service is excellent. When I had a question during the purchasing process, Zager responded within minutes. I am so happy, pleased, even overjoyed with my experience. As I continue with my guitar journey and eventually upgrade my guitar, I will purchase another Zager.

My ZAD900 sings like an angel!

I played many guitars before I found the Zager website. Nothing that was in my price range seemed quite right. I ordered the ZAD80. Beautiful guitar with exceptional sound. Still somehow not "my guitar" even after playing for a few week. I contacted Dennis and he graciously let me try out the 900, sending it to me the next day. The minute I opened the case, I knew this was the one. It, like the the 80, is a beautiful work of art. Most important, the sound is incredible. It sounds as good or better than most of the $3000+guitars that I played. 45 days later, the sound quality continues to get better and better. Love the playability of the set up too. Thanks Denny and Dennis for making a great guitar for an affordable price!

You will not believe the craftsmanship, beauty, and sound of this guitar.

About 10 years ago I started research on finding a new guitar. I came across a site for Zager guitars. I had never heard of them. From what I found I decided to order one. They have the best money back guarantee in the industry. Best decision I have made. Best 10 years of playing. Fabulous sound. Thank You Denny Zage!

better than a Martin

very well made guitar and very tight sounding. I love the guitar. the only thing is the neck markers are hard to see in the dark. looks and feels better than a Martin and heavier than a Taylor. there built like tanks.


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I got the 900 series not the 80

Everything that I hoped it would be!

I took a real chance buying a guitar online. I was blown away by the beauty and playability. It is a work of art and sounds great! I saw some of the negative reviews and at first I was beginning to have buyers remorse, since I could have easily gone into a local guitar store and picked up one of the many Taylor and Martins that I had been sampling. I am so glad that I didn't I have no regrets. I made the right choice! Thank you Denny and Dennis Jr. for making a work of art that a working class man can afford!

best guitar i ever bought

The best guitar i ever bought i noticed right away that i didn't have to press so hard to make a chord and that the sound was so much better with the strings a little wider apart i will tell and show all my friends how great this guitar is thanks again and God Bless.

Great decision!

I'm left-handed, so I'm accustomed to buying guitars without actually trying them. I have a small studio and wanted a great sounding acoustic for recording. I couldn't be more pleased, and the service/support is top notch. I believe the Zagers truly care about their product and customers. I've owned mine for about a year now, and it's always a pleasure when I open that case and pick up my instrument. Even the case is a cut above, and somehow, they've managed to create the best acoustic pick I've found. Read the reviews. Do some research. You won't be sorry. Thanks!

What a Treat!

Hi Zager Family,

I received my brand new Zager 900CE last week. It is so beautiful and unbelievably playable! It has given me a whole new birth in my music making everything I play sound just better.

The incredible craftsmanship and detail are outstanding. I have had other top line guitars in my life, but this one takes the cake!

Thank you for all you do! What a treat this guitar is.

Best Regards,
Thomas A. Marengi
Safety Harbor, FL

The Sound

I bought one of these guitars I told Dennis to pick me out a good one an he came threw.At first i was a little skeptical about buying a guitar sight unseen but when it arrived it was beautiful an it did not have a pick guard on it which Dennis sent me one. I had a hard time with the electronics on the guitar sense they are so small but I figured it out an they are great. Now about the guitar. just playing it acoustically it has a beautiful sound to it. I have a few Martin guitars an it sounds just as good as they do but a ;lot cheaper then my Martins cost. The sound on it dam is unbelievable it just sings out everyone thought I bought a new Martin, an when plugged in wow I love it. And they are right it is easy to play.

Zad 20 Full Mahogany has really opened up now.

I've had my Zad20 Mahogany now for 1year. Wow, its really opened up now.
The amount of projection and sustain is just fantastic to hear. I dont want to put this guitar down now.
I run medium santa Cruz strings on it. I was alittle concerned they were to big and had to much pressure for my guitar.
After contacting Dennis he replied to my email very promptly saying, i could put any guage sting on their guitars.
I would recommend Zager guitars to anyone. Their attention to detail on their guitars is second to none and at a great price as well. Also their customer support is the best i have ever dealt with.
I will be certainly looking at getting another Zager in the future.

Better than any guitar I’ve played in 40 years

I’ve played all sorts of acoustic guitars —Gibson, Martin, Yairi, Takamini—since I was 12 and my new Zager beats them all. The sound is crisp in the highs and resonant in the bass. Huge sound. Somehow, Dennis has found a way for my fingers to fit in between strings more comfortably, which makes playing so much more forgiving. The workmanship and finish are superb. The built in tuner is super handy. The electronics rock. I love this guitar!

Love my new Parlor Zager Guitar..

Haven't played guitar in decades and my last instrument was a classical. I have some arthritis and was hoping the Zager easy play design would work for me. Have had it about a week and my fingers are getting the requisite callouses so I'm finally able to start making music again. The play-ability is as outstanding as advertised, but what I am most impressed about is the sound and the fit and finish. Thank you to Denny and Denny for a great product. I'll cherish it forever..

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