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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Wagon Badge: GT220 Engine Size: 2.0 Date Purchased: Jul 2018

Best kept secrete.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2018

Having owned many Renaults over the years.
Taking delivery of my new Megane GT220 i was totally impressed by its driving performance and extras.
Renault are the best value vehicles in australia.
Forget the Koreans and trt a quality european.
If its performance comfort reliaility plus top safety encap 5

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: Jun 2017

The most honest review you will ever get on the Megane GT Line 1.2 turbo

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2018

I used to own a Megane 225 and just loved the car, the GT 1.2 reminded me why i loved Renault sport styled cars so much. Front view of the car it is the sexiest car ever, great styling and just screams luxury (in a French Ascent) the almost purple head lights (LED) at night light up the road a bring an excellent and safe night driving experience, it just feels so good. Ok 1.2 lt turbo doesn't sound great but in sports mode the car comes alive and is so fun to drive, i just love the ambient lighting the alicante leather seats and interior styling. No cd player and the place to install a Micro USB is at the bottom of the dash centre where you would normally put your phone, just out of reach, the Bose sound system just gets better and better the louder it is.
So why only 4 stars, i nearly gave it 3 but there are so many good/great things about this car....
The R-Link 2 system, not enough room on this site to fully explain all its issues and quirks, on paper its awesome and promises smart phone like connectivity and full vehicle integration with a central command centre...... i wish! The maps are old and updating is quiet painful, the live traffic is good but had to be renewed after a period which is not an easy process, the apps are poor and it has a cheap Chinese appeal, smart phone mirroring is available on some vehicles even though your car may support, Renault may have turned it off. Customer support for the R-link is really only in the UK Australia just need to send multiple emails to the UK support team and it can may take over 4 weeks to actually get an issue repaired which may be an another drive to the dealer. There is something wrong with the rear hatch geometry and your hatch will rub the paint of your rear bumper where they touch, mine has been back twice so far and needs a third trip. Fixed servicing costs i though i had a great deal $299 per service wow cheap until i had my Nissan Navara 4wd service done @ $284 so the jury is still out on that. Other faults i have had is a cracked pipe in the conditioning system, took it to the dealer the first time they said they had checked it and it was fine, 1 week later it was back in for the cracked pipe, no stock in Australia, car booked in for repair 3 weeks later, 1 conditioning problem 3 trips top the dealer to fix, minimum of 3 hours of my time and not even a Hungry Jacks voucher.
The cars great to drive comfortable and a little sporty, customer support need to be pushed into a decision sometimes and the dealer (service centre) if there is an issue stand your ground, its your time and money they are wasting and if they want to sell you another car they sometimes need reminding how the got there. Yes i would buy one again i still love the car and still comes close.

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Sedan Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Great value for money and a great drive

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2018

Excellent performance and handling. I love this car and would recommend it to anyone. The adaptive cruise control and park assist are excellent features and work well every time. I would have given it five stars if the build quality was as good as it used to be (this is my second Renault with 5 years between models). They seem to have cut a few corners on this new build and some components are showing this one year in. Will be taking it back to deal with under warranty. Otherwise an excellent driving experience.

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Verified Purchase Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Engine Size: 1.6 Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Renault Megane GT - fault

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 04, 2018

Purchased new model GT just released in 2016. Car looks great and drives really well. Infotainment system is very clunky, but can live with. Developed a leak in the rear footwell Dec 2017, 5 months later and many many trips to dealer + several loan cars later i am due to get it back this week after yet another "fix" - this time a new window spoiler. Maybe I have a dud, although the Renault service dealer found similar problems with other cars on the lot. Not happy - my only Renault car owning experience...suffice to say my last.

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Update - the window spoiler did not stop it. Renault now have some more panels off the car and have flown Renault technicians up to Sydney to inspect....


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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Wagon Badge: GT-Line Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: Mar 2018

Yep, you should buy it.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2018

Went into the dealership with heart set on a Koleos but test drove a Megane GT-Line as well. Was sold on first drive. Came in at under $40k and feels like it has a lot more luxury than is expected from a car under $40k. Drives smoothly, is really zippy and has the most room in the front I've ever experienced. I think we're a Megane family now...

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Premium Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: May 2017

Amazing car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 05, 2018

I’ve always owned European cars but I can honestly say without a doubt this is not only a beautiful car to look at but amazing to drive. In the different driving modes the car just changes. Sports mode is fantastic! The ambient lighting in the car is just sheer class. The Bose sound system is Chrystal clear. The front, side and rear parking sensors are perfect with parking. But I use the auto park. It’s never let me down. If you have done a reverse park and it’s time to leave, it drives itself out! Test drive one! You be as impressed as I am. The interior and exterior finish is impeccable. Not a fault. 7 stars Renault
Ps.. I have found the after sales service from Renault nothing but perfection.
Pss.. This car only needs to be serviced every 12 months or 30,000 klms.

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Millmerran, Queensland, Australia

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: Feb 2018


5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2018

I love this car. The ambient lighting that you can change with your mood, the ability to switch from comfort to sport to eco. The eco driving coach. The way it drives so effortlessly. It's a beautiful looking car and it's simply smooth to drive. It's basically the car version of Morgan Freemans' voice. Legit love it. Essendon Renault and Armstrong Auto are excellent to deal with. Both dealerships are friendly, prompt, helpful and know their stuff. Had an issue with the Bluetooth not syncing after phone calls, local service centre Armstrong Autos persevered with the problem, spoke to Renault Tech, had it sorted within 3 visits. Above par service!! This car is the bee's knees. Do yourself a favor and try one.

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Engine Size: 1.6 Date Purchased: Nov 2017

Love my Megane

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2018

Pick what type of driving experience you want on any given day, sports, eco or comfort. I have always had leather interior but this time I went for the cloth interior and its great doesn't get too hot during summer. Free servicing for the first three years and roadside assist! :)

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Verified Purchase Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: May 2017

Super stylish, super comfortable, clunky multimedia and steering controls

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2018

The driving experience has been very good and there has been hassle-free ownership till now.

I think the fuel efficiency is not quite as good as they claim, perhaps average 8L/100km on E95 unleaded.

Cabin is very refined, ride is smooth, comfortable but still engaging and the turbo engine is quite responsive when you need it to be, with a small lag before it kicks in.Love the digital speedo and the ambience.

Boot space is good, I'd only point out a couple of issues with the car.

One is the low seating position, making it a bit uncomfortable for elderly passengers to enter and exit.

The other issue is the strange controls.. if I compare this car to my Mazda, it seems really unfriendly.

You've got the voice-command feature that barely works at all. You need to say "Phone->Call->xxxx".. the voice operated navigation is not available in Australia either.

The steering wheel stalk for the bluetooth, phone and changing volume and stations is really annoying, its hidden out of sight down beneath the wheel.

Then when you need to use the GPS, a pop up keyboard comes on the touch screen which takes 30 seconds of concentration to use.

When it comes to climate control, the buttons are a bit unfamiliar but you can get used to it. Having rear air vents is a massive bonus in this segment of the market.

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Generation: BFB/LFF (2016-2018) Body: Hatch Badge: Dynamique Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: Aug 2014

Very Bad Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 20, 2017

Absolutely appalling service. Please never buy a renault. They are all lemons. Their after sales support is absolutely disgusting. They have had my car for over a week in 3 different dealerships. Sent it back and said there is nothing wrong with it. Car comes back and breaks down on me on the road. I have been waiting for [name removed] from headoffice to ring me back for over 2 hours but she is at "Lunch" and haven't bothered to call a customer that is on the side of the road. Stay away from renault and their service if you don't want to spent all your time on the phone or in dealers.

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Engine Size: 1.2 Date Purchased: May 2016

Value for money with modern European styling

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 08, 2017

Purchased my Megane GT Line new in 2016. I love to stand out in a crowd and that's exactly what this car does. With modern styling, excellent fuel economy and very adequate power from the small 1.2 turbo engine I'm very happy with my purchase so far. The twin clutch 'auto' gearbox does take some getting used to and requires a slight change in your driving style if you've been used to the 'normal' type of auto transmission found in most cars. The road holding is very precise with its firm suspension, and the steering is very easy to operate. I particularly like the electric folding mirrors. The bad points are, electric park brake sometimes fails to release, the inbuilt gps and info is a waste of time due to no updates available in Australia, the keyless central locking can play up on occasion so never leave you keycard in the car. Otherwise you could be locked out. The headlights can fade due to our Australian sun but my Renault dealer replaced these under warranty. In fact the back up from Renault is very good with 5years capped servicing and road side assistance and manufactures warranty. Overall I love the car and would definitely consider buying another Renault.
But please Renault install some cup holders!! That would rate it 5 stars!!

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Generation: X84 (2003-2010) Body: Sedan Badge: Expression Engine Size: 2.0 Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Smooth drive, excellent economy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 02, 2017

I've recently purchased the beautiful red Megane, and am amazed with its performance so far. Had a long drive, and regular city commutes, and am enjoying the quality and smoothness of the steering. The all leather interior has loads of storages and features like keyless start, excellent climate control, light sensor rearview mirror to protect eyes from reflections, highly comfortable and adjustable seats and headrests etc. It's probably the most roomy small car in the market, both in terms of rear seat leg space and boot size. It has 17" alloy wheels, automatic headlights and door locks. It's fuel consumption is highly economic, much cheaper than similar sized Japanese cars.

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: Expression dCi Engine Size: 1.5 Date Purchased: Jan 2013

reliable workhorse

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2017

Since buying my 1.5dci in Jan 13 it has never skipped a beat. Driven coast to coast with incredibly low fuel consumption. Never been in the garage for repairs other than regular maintenance. Cruise control is great on long journeys and aircon is very effective. Only complaint is the difficultly in reclining the front seats and incompatibility of my Samsung phone with the Bluetooth and limited rear seat legroom.

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: Authentique Engine Size: 1.5 Date Purchased: Jul 2015


1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 29, 2016

Horrible experience with my brand new megane. Always had squiqy noise from the brakes and engine failed within the first year. Engine replaced however fuel hose popped out on highway nearly cost our lives. Do not trust the service center! Also Do not buy CYY-62R from them as it is not safe to drive! Stay away......

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: Dynamique Sport Date Purchased: Jan 2011 Engine Size: 2.2lt

Buyer Beware

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2016

.. It could be a great car except for the after sales services, as it's Hopeless and expensive!!! I'm sure this is the same with all models.... Shame on you Renault.... Also I was told I needed new tyres and I had only just put new tyres 3 months prior so I took my car back to the tyre place and he couldn't believe what I told him...they also broke my window button and rather then replace it they put it on the back one and told me to be careful not to open it... So bad!!!... I also took my car in last year as I had no air for a month and they said there was nothing wrong with it??? It did start working again , but now it's playing up again and it's out of warranty so maybe now they'll find what's wrong:((

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Generation: X84 (2003-2010) Body: Hatch Badge: Authentique Date Purchased: Sep 2013 Engine Size: 1.6

Great all round car, 2004 Megane Hatch 1.6 Manual

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 13, 2016

I bought it as a second hand in Sep. 2013 the car had 100k. After 3 year the odo meter is now 140k. It is decent European small car. Reasonable performance, comfort, good road handling and economy. It has great 5 star safety rating. Good quality overall however, power window faulty is common(regulator or motor). I had to replace both side of front in the end of 2014. Renault had great audio tip controller and very easy to use curse control with setting speed display. Due to unique tail shape, luggage is not huge. So if you need huge luggage space it is better to check before you purchase.

Purchased at: Private Shoppr

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: GT-Line Premium Date Purchased: Jul 2015 Engine Size: 1.2 L Turbo

We love this car!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2016

Bought this car after a pretty average experience with a Subaru Impreza, I decided at the time that it was time to try a European car to compare.

I was just blown away, first by the service at Peter Warren Renault which treated me and my wife like royalty, seriously the guys at Peter Warren deserve every penny they make, they know Renault's back and forth so they'll tell you everything there is to know about the car before you set your foot inside.

Second, the driving experience, this car was just engineered to be comfortable, specially the GT line with the leather seats, it just feels right, just go and sit down inside one and you'll feel the comfort.

The performance is great for what you need, which is that 60 to 80 kph gap that you end up driving at while in town, let's be honest you are not going to beat a Golf GTI or a VR36 with this car, but if you really care about beating them then go get the GT220 or the RS, for the rest of people who just need a car that drives well and gives you a bit of oomph when you need it,the Megane will get a smile on your face.

A few cons: the turbo lag... yeahp it's got that annoying second of shame when you push and nothing happens,but once it gets going... it really does :-) the other problem is a design one, unfortunately while getting everything almost perfect, some one at Renault forgot that it must rain sometimes and for those with a GT line it means do not open the front windows after the car has been parked under the rain...why??? because the water does not drain away, stays inside the sunroof slots, once you take a turn good all Rennie loves to drench you or your co-pilot depending on the direction of the turn (water comes straight into the cockpit from the slot above), just keep the windows closed until after the first two turns ;-).

Apart from those two minor problems, the car is a dream to drive, goes easy on the wallet with low fuel consumption and capped servicing, also very quiet (specially on tarred surfaces) and lets be honest, it's a handsome car so the appearance doesn't hurt either.

Hope you have as much fun as I am having with it!

Purchased at: Peter Warren Automotive

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Body: Hatch Badge: Dynamique

Great car, great value.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 24, 2016

Very comfortable, easy to drive and handles as well s anything in it's class. Plenty of interior room in the front, good footwell space.
100% reliable - running costs are over the claimed fuel consumption by about 20% around town
Equipment levels are OK and push button start is nice

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Lake Munmorah NSW

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Generation: X84 (2003-2010) Body: Hatch Badge: Expression dCi Engine Size: 1.6 liter

an excellent car to drive

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 24, 2015

I have never owned a European car before, our last car was a Mitsubishi Magna. This car was ok but we decided to downsize, we too the Renault for a test drive and liked it, but was a little above our price range. We thought about the car overnight and decided we both liked the car, we haggled over the price and bought the car.I love the car it is a 1.6 liter diesel engine with a 6 speed automatic gearbox, we get about 1100km to about 65 liters of fuel. The car is very comfortable to drive, and has all the mod comforts we need, after 12 months l am still finding features I didn't know we had. I had a fault light come up on the dash in the shape of a spanner, I took it to a mechanic who told me he knew about all European cars but he didn't. I took the car to a Renault dealer in Gosford and all was good after they reset my computer in the car and I only need a service every 12 months. How good is that, Regards Tony B

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Generation: X95 (2010-2016) Badge: R.S. 275 Trophy Body: Coupe Engine Size: 2 l turbo

Good driving dynamics.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 06, 2015

I have had this car for a month now. This is my first performance car so i don't have anything to compare it with. But coming from motorbikes i would day it does offer a large if not all percentage of thrills. Everything the journos say about the chassis seems to be true. Very capable and dynamic. This would be the perfect car for some one coming from a motorbike who likes to" feel" everything that's going on but can't afford a lotus for cost or practicality. Car offers good feedback and so makes you aware of what it is / going to do. More than enough power for the road.
Interiors for me are acceptable specially with Alcantara Recaros and steering wheel . It is not Golf R quality but i think fitting for the price point. (I paid 48k drive away for a demo model that had only done about 50 km.

Limited Slip differential might take some getting used if you have not driven a FWD car with it but it works good. You can bury the throttle coming out of a corner and under most circumstances it will just grip and go. Although oem potenza re050 could be replaced with gripper rubber.
This model has the titanium Akrapovic exhaust which saves a bit of weight and when the car is Switched to sport mode it pops and bangs on throttle lift off.
ESC can switched off completely as well.

center console displays:
Steering angle
Throttle percentage
Brake pressure
G meter
Intake, oil and coolant temps
has also got the ability to record all the above parameters on a uSB which can be then superimposed on a driving video or a GPS map.

Although the touch screen is too far to be of much use to the driver thankfully there is a armrest console mounted joystick that can also control everything on screen.
Dash also displays all 4 tyre pressures amongst other things like fuel eco Avg and real time, avg speed ,distance traveled etc.

Throttle maps can be changed in the sport mode with options for snow,rain,linear progressive, sport and extreme modes.

The car also has proximity keyless lock and unlock and "See me home" lights function on remote key.
push button start
Also comes with auto start stop to save fuel but tend to turn it off all the time as it is an annoyance in a manual stick shift car plus would not be too good for the life of the turbo i would imagine.

Which brings me to the most annoying thing about the car and for mr which detracts from the driving enjoyment somewhat.
The telemetry system as described above does not work half the time and you have to keep doing a factory reset that takes about min or so. This issue has been there with the new RS MONITOR for a while with renault being aware but they have still not managed to fix it.
Removable sd card with the maps also got corrupted when I tried to update via computer. And there is no option to make a backup either. That is at least getting replaced under warranty.

Renault say that the telemetry will be fixed by Dec this year so ill wait and see if they keep their word. But its not acceptable that a premium product suffers these issues for a long time without being fixed.

The Trophy stripes also seem to be turning blackish , haven't seen this in other cars but the decals are being replaced under warranty.

All in all a dynamically capable car which looks good and drives excellent but let down in part by dodgy electronics.

**Edit electronic issue is fixed now after an update.

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How do I change the clock setting on my Renault Megane a 2012 model? no buttons near clock, button 21 moves an arrow across the top of radio station indicator

tony b asked on Aug 20, 2015

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get a young person to do it, they will figure it out very quickly. Its another annoying thing about the car. to involved for me, I get my daughter to do it twice a year, keeps her amused. Sorry

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