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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Sep 2010

Just too many faults.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 11, 2017

The GL designs are certainly what lured us in and we are happy with the main rooms which do offer fantastic views through the large spec windows & we appreciate the high ceilings and open plan. However the amount of things wrong & we've had to fix in just 6 years outweighs the positives. The main problem is the lack of quality. Everything is so cheaply made & yet it wasn't a cheap house compared to others so paying for an 'architecturally' designed home made the overall price too expensive for what we now have.
List of problems include, showe
rs leak, soap holders & taps are already falling out of the walls. Doors do not close, the space for the fridge is only big enough for a small fridge, toilet is so small you have to squeeze passed the door to get in, laundry is small (our mistake for missing these things). Bathroom tiles & walls were left with spatters of yellow substance we are still trying to remove, the paint coverage was awful it didn't even look like it had been painted at all, definitely watered down! The skirting boards are already falling apart being just MDF (like cardboard). Outside window frames have these plastic pieces on them that have warped and fallen off (been replace and same thing happened). The window wind out brackets are getting stuck in places. Outside wall panels are popping nails out, I really don't think these things should be happening with a 6 year old house.
The customer service wasn't really there either, you rarely could get to talk to anyone once the contract is signed. The selection process was a shock, they had minimal selections and if you wanted anything outside their range it would add to the cost.
We've tried our best to make our home as beautiful as it can be with the positive attributes it does have. Overall we're really disappointed & would be looking at other builders next time. If you choose GL do your homework & check everything!

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Perfect choice

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2017

After visiting what seemed every display village in Adelaide we found Chris and selected gallery living. Chris was great in ideas and alterations to the standard design to make it into our house for our way of living. Build went very smooth Jon was great supervisor. Everything was finished to high standard and works great. A great builder and something different to the standard brick

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Apr 2016

A little customer service would go a long way!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016

We have just built with GL in early 2016. Unfortunately it was the most horrible stressful experience. The main problems we had with GL were 1. The horrible customer service, they treated us so badly it was disgraceful. Office staff would not return phone calls, rude and condescending emails, refusing to acknowledge errors in our build. 2. Everything in their office moves very slowly. Administration happens slowly, quotes come back slowly, their trades move slowly (the roofer took 3 weeks to complete our roof, our neighbours all had their roofs put on in 2 days), we had torrential summer rains with no roof capping and all the electrical work inside had been done! 3. They have no conflict resolution skills! Our kitchen bench was put in wrong. It took 5 weeks of back and forward before we managed to get them to supply us with what was in our contract. It was 5 weeks of constant stress and was only resolved when we told them our only recourse left was to lodge a dispute with Consumer Business affairs. 4. They have the worst selections process and selection staff. Most of our problems came back to errors made by GL selection staff in our selections, for example letting us select a bathroom bench top in a matt finish, in a laminate that only comes in a high gloss finish. Things that trained selection staff should know. Then due to all the small errors that they made, we had to drop everything to run around town to fix their errors. This happened to us 4 times. All their errors created more phone calls, more paperwork and more running around for us.

By the time our build was finished we were so frustrated, furious and stressed, they managed to suck all the excitement and joy out of building a new home for us. If you don't mind constant paperwork, emails, phone calls and constant stress dealing with their staff then you will get a lovely house out of GL

The shining light at GL is [name removed]. She spent hours tweaking our house design to have all the features that we wanted. She was the reason we decided to build with GL and the only person at GL that went out of her way to try and help us to resolve the issues we were constantly having. She has fabulous out of the box ideas. Our site supervisor [name removed] was also very good, he always returned our phone calls but I felt his hands were tied by the GL managers as to what he could do to actually resolve our issues.

Would we build with them again, never ever, nor would we recommend them to anyone.

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Verified Purchase

Fantastic North Facing Modified Picasso - Couldn't be happier

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2016

From the first time visiting Bronwyn in the display home, Gallery Living really showed attention to detail bringing our vision to a reality. We chose Gallery as the Picasso matched the basic layout we were after for our North facing block.
Working with Bronwyn through many iterations to get the plan just right to our requirements was nothing short of a pleasure. Bronwyn's enthusiasm for house design really showed and her advice was invaluable in providing us with an energy efficient, comfortable and practical house. We are absolutely ecstatic
with the result and love our new house that feels more like a lavish hotel than a house.
Reality is that no build is without its issues and ours was no different. However, you can't tell how good a company is until they deal with a problem. Whilst Andrew was sometimes hard to contact (usually a couple of days), we always had practical discussions around any issues and came to good resolutions that left us satisfied. I strongly suggest with any build that you are visiting site on a regular basis to ensure you pick up issues as they are occurring rather than a longer defect list at the end.
We are very happy with the result, the quality of workmanship is very good and the few minor defects that we reported have been resolved in a timely manner.
I would certainly engage Gallery Living, and in particular Bronwyn, to conduct another design and build for us. It certainly won't be for a replacement residence for us as we love this one too much, but we will certainly be working on a sub-division with them.

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Verified Purchase

Dream home becomes reality through good communications.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2016

Throughout the whole process from kicking tyres to finished product the professionalism and communications of the staff never faltered. Our home is now built and we moved in two weeks ago and we could not be happier.
Having lived on site for the entirety of the build, we know the attention to detail that the tradies put in. The work of our site manager to keep things moving along and on track even through some severe weather events shows his desire to see good outcomes for the home owners.
The last few bits and pieces are being fixed fixed
up now (one door sticks) but even after the final cheque has been paid the customer service continues.
For the money conscious, we received multiple credits along the way and ended up several thousand under budget.
My word of advice for building a house with Gallery Living (or anyone really)- set realistic expectations and communication works two ways.
Thanks to Russell and Andrew.

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Verified Purchase

Updated review

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2016

We have made the difficult decision to remove our previous 5 star review, as we feel it no longer represents the company and building experience as a whole. The planning stage was definitely top notch, but once the build began, the service, quality and communication all went downhill considerably.

It's now the slowest build of four in the street, and also the poorest quality. However, the lack of communication from the site manager is the most disappointing part.

We will wait until the build is finished before we rewrite a proper review.

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Verified Purchase

Horrendous Experience

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2015

They've build the house well except few minor things that were not satisfactory but the footpath alone my block was destroyed ; cracked and pieces were missing where plumbing pipes were laid. When I asked to fix it, as the council demanded, Gallery living didn't want to hear about it. I've contacted them multiple times and sent pictures of the footpath that council build and the damage they caused, it was fairly obvious that Gallery Living was reluctant to do anything about it, even though I provided pictures if the missing piece of the path which was a hazard for pedestrians.

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Gallery Living Official

At Gallery Living, we take a great deal of pride in building high quality homes and providing great customer service, as evidenced by the many positive reviews we have received previously from our ... read more »

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Verified Purchase

This is just the Best House, the Best Service and the Best Company to do business with

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 22, 2015

I could not find what I wanted, where I wanted, so I decided to build another house, you would of thought I had enough of that after the my earlier experiences building. So off we went around to the display homes looking for ideas and a builder.

The first builder was too expensive, the second was too cheap and nasty, but Gallery Living was just right (sounds like a fairy tale).

Seriously we went to one builder where the salesman told us how good he was and that he could design anything for us and he would call us next week, well we are st
ill waiting for the phone call. Their name ends in [name removed]. Then there was a another company with a Japanese name that took 4 months to get back to us and the best they could do is send me an email. Given the amount of money a house costs you would think they would give you more than an email, but no. maybe that is why they are no longer building homes in Adelaide.

But it wasn't all a nightmare and this story does have a happy ending, we discovered Gallery Living and Bronwyn Aldridge. Gallery Living was different from the moment that we walked into the display home, the sales rep Bronwyn Aldridge was on our wavelength right away, she listened to us and worked with our request to come up with a design that worked, and if she didn't know she just said so and found out nothing was to much effort.

Then there was Russell, smart and knowledgeable about all the eco aspects of the housing which was important to me. Andrew the building supervisor was just superb very quiet but on the ball and always near by keeping an eye on the house. The tradies were all friendly, polite and hard working, and every single one of them kept the site absolutely clean. The final product is amazing a simply stunning house, a truly unique and beautiful home that both stands out and blends into the surrounding area at the same time. This company did not just take your money and walk away they were there all the time from start to finish.

If you want a truly wonderful home and superb building experience then Gallery Living is a company you should seriously take a look at. If you want someone who will take time and listen to you then you should talk to Bronwyn Aldridge if she can't fix your problem there and then then give her a couple of days she will sort it out for you.

I'm loving my Gallery Living Home, design, look standards and comfort.

Thank so much Gallery Living and Bronwyn for this house.

Building with you guys was so much fun.

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Verified Purchase

Worst experience ever, Do not recommend

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2014

My husband and I bought a small land at Lightsview individually and our architect introduced us to build the house with Gallery Living. Once we signed the contract, the nightmare began……

- Contract signed on 6th August 2013 but construction just started in June 2014. They took almost a year to prepare our stuff. And of course, the construction hasn’t finished yet. So here are the processes we have been through…..
- After contract signed, we were offered a colour selection in September 2013. (Well, they did start doing on our project which
was great!!) But the selection finalized in October 2013, took a month to do that because there were some issues to confirm.
- After colour selection, we were not contacted for any updates until we received an email from one of their Admin – [name removed] in January 2014. The email was regarding some amendment for getting encumbrance approval. (Wow, 3 months after they were still working on some sort of approvals…Hmm, I should understand that there is nobody working during Christmas and New Year holiday….)

- We had been contacted with [name removed] via email for almost ONE month and it was all about amendment on encumbrance approval. But then we lost contact for 3 weeks because she went on leave and another Admin – [name removed] took over our project. She sent us an email 3 weeks after…..and still she was following up the issues of encumbrance approval.
- In March 2013, good news!!! Someone else from Admin – [name removed] send us an email telling us encumbrance plans was approved by Lightsview and was sent to Council. (We really don’t know why it would take 3 months to finalize encumbrance plans….the wait was a nightmare…..)
- During these 3 months, we received couples of variations which increased the building cost a lot. We also didn’t know who to contact as they kept changing contact persons especially from Admin. We complained via email and also spoke with the manager…All we wanted was just to build our house ASAP.

- 1st May 2014, they got Planning Approval received. Thank God!
- 9th May 2014, Building Approval received!
- 20th May 2014, Development Approval received! (This was the only month we felt the efficiency which we wanted to see as a customer.)

- 10th June 2014, construction documents were issued to our site supervisor - Andrew.
- There is another nightmare begin…As our land had been vacant for almost 1 year due to the wait for all the preparation done by Gallery Living, our neighbors on both sides already finished building their houses. Originally, our land was beautifully flattened by Lightsview when we bought it. But we knew there were heaps grass and soil left over by the neighbours after a year, so we asked Andrew if we needed to clear up the land by our own. We also quoted an amount from private soil removal company in case they needed us to do that asap. However, he said they couldn’t wait, they had to start so that it wouldn’t behind the schedule. They cleared up already and said it’s included in our building contract. We ended up getting charged for $3XXX, a double of the original sum that we signed on the initial contract…..I would say if they let us do by our own, it will just cost us approx. $1000 as we quoted from the company.

- We didn’t pay the 2nd invoice before we meet their Finance Manager to talk about this issue. He told us there were two provisional sums needed to be confirmed with our site supervisor who was on leave. They needed to wait for one more week. We asked if it will affect the construction progress as we didn’t pay the invoice by due date. He said not to worry about rushing for payment. Ok fine, then we waited two more weeks for his response. We also checked our site every week but we couldn’t see any progress which we assumed that they didn’t work there for already 3 weeks now…….They delayed our new house again……very speechless….

- From Aug 2013 til now Sept 2014, we still don’t have our new house finished. Needless to say, they won’t get it done before the end of 2014. We are really upset and fed up with this builder. We will never come back to this company and never ever recommend it to all my friends and everyone out there. We wanna end this nightmare asap……
- As the house hasn’t finished building, I cannot comment on the quality of their materials and house condition. But I will definitely post a review here again after it’s done. We are expecting a very impressive, stunning and beautiful house because it has been prepared for more than a year!!(woo-ho~) If it is not, my review will be much longer than this one. I give it 2-star in this review as I may vote a lower/higher rate in the future one after my house is finished. Who knows….

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2 years on and still happy!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 17, 2014

We moved into our GL home (our first home no less!) about 2 years ago now but are still enjoying and excited with our house. Our block was 14m wide across the front narrowing down to 8m at the back but very long, so we couldn't really use an "off the shelf" plan. But our salesperson was excellent and tailored a plan to our site and needs. We were really impressed by her honesty and thoughtfulness in suggesting design elements we hadn't even thought of but now love. We went through the the same process simultaneously with another popular (brick) home builder but kept coming back to the GL design; the combination of Hebel, Colourbond and other cladding materials, along with the use of lots of really well placed windows, made for such a light, airy but very energy efficient house. The building process itself was smooth and only took around 5 months start to finish (Christmas extended this timeframe somewhat). Our site supervisor, Jim, was also very helpful and was happy to arrange people even to come back and fix niggly little things well after we'd moved in. But in the time we've now been in the house we really haven't had anything go amiss at all. There were no major issues with GL in the process but we did find a few things a little frustrating along the way. We felt the whole selections process was a little basic and "unprofessional" compared to some friends' experiences with their building companies (in terms of the quality, flexibility and thought/planning of the process). We also found the council approval stage a little frustrating; we were prepared for the length of time but found the lady who managed the approvals at GL a little defensive and lacking in communication (I think she felt we were criticising her when we were actually just wanting an update). These are small things though and overall we are very happy with our whole build process with GL and our house now is everything we wanted!

+ Great designs, helpful sales staff and building supervisor, very competitive on price.

- Slightly frustrating selections process aside, nothing really!

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Very satisfied customers

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2014

Like many other reviewers of Gallery Living we found our building experience to be trouble free and very enjoyable. The only issue we had was building through a very wet winter but even that was managed extremely well by the site supervisor Andrew Obst and the various trades.

After six months living in our new home, which is a variation of the Monet, I am still amazed that we were able to fit such a spacious energy efficient home on a courtyard block.

Having built and renovated a number of times over the years we knew what we wanted in a
new home. The process was made so much easier working with Russell Slater on our design. As mentioned by others Russell had the ability to interpret our requirements for the plan and improve on our suggestions, always with patience and an obvious desire to deliver exactly what we wanted.

We found the various contractors working on the job to be very professional, communicative and pleasant to deal with and the end result is a very attractive energy efficient home.

In fact we are so pleased with this project we are now consulting with Russell to build another home for our retirement. We have every confidence that we will again be delighted with the home built by Gallery Living.

Apart from the changes we will make to suit a different block of land, there are not too many things we will do differently in this build. The only slight disappointment was the quality of the interior painting and I will therefore upgrade to a more durable quality paint.

Apart from that, I would highly recommend Gallery Living to anybody who is wanting to build an energy efficient home with many interesting features, for no more cost than that with a standard building company.

Special thanks to Russell and everybody else who contributed to our most enjoyable building experience.

+ Energy efficient, great use of space

- Interior paint not quite up to standard

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Questions & Answers

To those who are now living in a gallery living home, how are you finding heating and cooling costs? Given the larger windows in these designs, do you find it costs more to air condition in summer and heat in winter? Any positives or negatives you could provide would be appreciate thanks.

Pam asked on Sep 27, 2016

Answer this

We've only been in a short time plus we added solar when we did not have it before. All our windows are double glazed except some louvres so I hope it should be reasonably good.

Imhave only been in my home for 4 months. My windows are also double glazed, except the louvres. I have found the north facing windows keep my northern living areas lovely and warm in winter, compared to the south facing bedrooms/laundry/bathroom that a very cold in comparison. I ensure that the blinds are down by about 4.00pm to retain the heat. I have not had any permanent heating installed at the moment I have only been using a portable convector heater and my heating costs are low. With the arrival of spring I have found that there is already considerably less direct sun coming through the north facing windows but I am yet to experience a summer in my home.

I have found our house to be a lovely warm house in winter, we only had our heating on a minor amount throughout the long winter of 2016. Now that summer has arrived I'm finding the house to be warm in summer. If it's 25 outside it's 25 inside. This is great when it cools down at night, your house quickly cools down too, they don't retain the heat like brick homes. But there is no way you could go without air conditioning in the metro area.