Ambassador Program

Obtain high quality reviews for new-to-the-market products.

Provide samples of your products to our most active members for comprehensive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program aims to help brands obtain the initial few reviews for new products. With reviews being an integral part of most consumers’ researching journeys, consumers now expect to see reviews for new products.

Brands are put in touch with our top tier reviewers to provide new product releases for these Ambassadors to test and review. This enables brands to quickly obtain reviews as soon as their new product launches so that when users begin searching for consumer reviews about this item, this content exists to validate their purchasing decision.

How does it work?

Brands can share a brief with ProductReview.com.au that outlines the product, the target market, and also general information about this new release.

From there, ProductReview.com.au will identify suitable Ambassadors to test these products and submit an unbiased review based on their experiences.

How long does a typical campaign take?

On average, a typical campaign takes approximately 2 months to execute. Though this may depend on various factors like the number of reviews desired, and also delivery speed.

What products are suited for the Ambassador Program?

At the moment, the Ambassador Program is best suited for cookware, appliances, electronics, some babies & kids products, and garden & power tools.

Are the reviews always going to be positive?

The reviews submitted by Ambassadors are unbiased and may not always be 5 star reviews. These Ambassadors have been selected based on the quality of their past reviews.

These users have demonstrated their ability to evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of a product in a fair manner.

What do the reviews look like?

Reviews submitted by Ambassadors will have an orange "Ambassador Review" badge to signify that this review was collected as a part of this program.