For Service Providers

Whether your business provides financial services, home improvement services, or household utility services these are the key features of the Brand Management Platform for you.


A quick look at the most important features available to you

Review invitation tools

Embed and pre-fill review invitation links to your email campaigns to collect verified reviews.

Widgets and rating badges

Customise and display ratings and reviews on your website.

Drive leads from

Make reviews a step of your sales journey and and drive users to your website by featuring a link from your listing page.

Link review content with Google Adwords Ads

Automatically link reviews collected on to your Google Adwords ads via our Seller Ratings partnership with Google.

Case Studies

Success stories from some of our existing customers

Domain Home Loans

As an online service provider, Domain Home Loans understood the importance of maintaining a strong reputation through social proof for potential customers.

By developing a review strategy from the get go, Domain Home Loans has been able to maintain a rating score of 4.0+ out of 5.0 on by periodically asking their customers for reviews.

This strong rating score meant that Domain Home Loans were able to confidently feature this content on their website and were also able to ensure that the 19,000+ researching Australians who visited the Home Loans category on each month, were consistently seeing the strong performance of this business when comparing home loan providers.

Screenshot of Domain Home Loans homepage


Showpo is one of Australia’s largest online women’s fashion retailers and knew that reviews would be a critical part of the researching journey of their customers.

Originally starting with a rating of 3.2 out of 5.0 and without an established review strategy, Showpo tapped into their customer base and began to actively ask their customers to leave reviews to improve their rating score.

Within a year, Showpo were able to increase their rating score from 3.2 to over 4.0 and also found that new customers began to come directly from the Showpo listing on as many were looking at reviews right before committing to a purchase.

Screenshot of Showpo listing page on