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A'van Ovation

A'van Ovation

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Love our motorhome hi

We have a M5 lowline motorhome, we are very happy with it. We did have a problem with the electric bed, Pakenham lock tighted the grub screw and have had no more trouble. Love the layout of it. Always had excellent service from Pakenham. The Fiat Ducato 3L is great to drive (love it).
Rhonda & John

Purchased in July 2015.

wonderful A van M5c

I have had my M5c for a couple of months now and must say it's a great van, however a couple of very annoying items that should be looked at.
1. the electric bed gives trouble when the drive shaft comes adrift, it needs a splitpin, not a grub screw.
2. The T.V. operates on 12 volts, but the sound system & video player ate 240 volts, which means, when out of range of a TV station, you cannot watch a movie, without using a generator.
Hopefully Avan will rectifi these problems.

Fiat Ducato Tyres on my M5 c class Ovation

My new motor home purchased in April 2018 it has just completed 16000kms on basically straight roads (across to the west and back). I noticed the Michelin 225/75/16 tyres on the front are badly worn but with even ware. So arranged to have the tyres rotated at my local tyres store. The tyre store manager started looking into replacement tyres etc. for me when he came across the tyre Load Index Rating for my motor home should be 118 or better. The current tyres only have a Load Rating of 116 they are the Camping type tyre that should be used on motorhomes. Has anyone come across this if so have you change to a higher rating tyre and what brand.
Waiting on Fiat in Melbourne for an explanation.

Great Avan Motorhome C class M3

Would like to share our findings after three years of owning the Avan C class M3 (June 2015). The Fiat front wheel drive engine is superb and does not lack power at anytime, (in cruise control) on the open road or driving it manually around winding roads in Victoria,Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland. The Service received by Avan at Pakenham has never been lacking in good advice and support. Ian, John, Jeff Jnr and Snr and the office staff have always been understanding and helpful at all times. This has contributed to our total enjoyment with our Avan motorhome. Thank you Avan Pakenham, Stella and Derek

Excellent M3 Motorhome

Very happy with this motorhome. Only little problems but easily fixed. The only thing wrong with the Avan Ovations is that it has no security door but that has been rectified. It makes you feel a little bit safer.

poor customer service

Safety switch burnt out tried avan no one was answering phones had to get it repaired in port hedland Wa when i sent the bill to avan they will not refund money for repairs as i did not get go ahead from them to get it repaired. the safety switches had 10 amp wires going to 16 amp switch it is a 2016 avan ovation

insurance or warranty which one

we bought a brand new Avan ovation M5 eight weeks ago. The second time out after doing a 150 kms the strUt broke and we had a job to push it back in. We contacted the Queensland Burpengary repairs to tell them and they said that it was user error.We had sent them all the pictures of the broken piece and they said that they did not have that particular piece in the country and it would take a long time to bring it into the country to mend our awning but if we went through the Insurance company they would fit a new awning straight away to the sick 8 weeas far as we know where did everything the salesman told us to do with the awning to bring it in and out but they said it was user error and to contact our insurance company. Our insurance company of course paid. It has been 2 weeks now we have seen neither the new awning or the motorhome for 2 weeks as it's waiting to be repaired. We can't understand why this wasn't under warranty and we had to use our insurance company has anybody else found this?

Happy with after sales/service warranty with Mark at Avan Penrith

Bought new M5. Dec 2017. Been motorhoming 24 years. Mark always helpful. Mark listened and open to try options suggested by us when others were negative about our ideas. Satisfied customer.

Lack of response for warranty issues and claims

Customer service is non existent
Since October 2017 we have been waiting for claims to be repaid and fly screen door to be replaced. Numerous phone calls and emails to no avail, even after contacting the owner nothing has happened. It is now the 13th February 2018.
We bought the AVAN M5 C Class Motorhome from AVAN Pakenham in March 2017.

customer service non existent

If you want customer service, quality, or feedback on problems or happy helpful staff etc then DO NOT BUY AN AVAN or try to get any sensibility or customer service from FIAT DUCATO. Stay away and keep your sanity intact.

Customer Service non-existent!

Rang Avan Pakenham to find out what was happening with the rectifying of the GPS in the M5 Ovation. Fellow I spoke to was totally dis-interested and just told me to ring FIAT - 'not our problem'. I tried to tell him that on spending $120k+ with Avan they had some responsibility. Not at all interested! Would not recommend Avan Pakenham to anyone. Maybe others have had a more positive response from them, but not me! I would have thought that the least they could do would be to have the name and phone number of the people at FIAT to talk to.

recall mirrors

I was surprised to get notification that the my motorhome was recalled to have my mirrors changed to electric mirrors but no such luck with navigation system I was surprised that notification was send ., direct from fiat and not from the fiat dealer, I notified my fiat dealer at Caroline Springs and after conformation with the service manager they very happy to rectify the mirror saga and now have electric mirrors.

Avan ovation m5

Soft floor also at entrance.
Bought in Adelaide 2008 was brought up many times.
Response can't fix it here you'll have to go to Melbourne own expense crap all the way.
Build was ordinary.
Aircon still doesn't work from new.
Anything else I just did myself to rectify.
We've only done 65k in it and it's a great drive none the less but doesn't meet requirements anymore.
Would like to sell and get a caravan for us three.

Service Becomes too Hard

Like pulling teeth to get any sort of customer service or help with simple electrical problems. The service team in Melbourne become disinterested, give up quickly and tell you to contact a dealer. Service manual does not contains even one diagram for any of the services, electrical, water etc.

Customer service

Dealing with Avan Main office spare parts. Customer service what's that. Will be glad when the van is gone. Bits of trim missing, parts not their then blaming their suppliers for their ordering mistakes.

avan response mmmmmm

well its good to see avan responded i have no such luck, soft floor problem they will not give me any help or response despite pictures as requested oh well go it alone

Home Away From Home

We have had our M7 for 6 months and after a few hic ups with the fridge (3rd fridge in now) and a couple of minor problems we love it. Purchased new from Rockhampton Dealer in March 2016 found the after sales service from there, very very poor but in May we had contact with Brendon from Avan Spares in Melbourne and found his service was and is 5 star.
Comfort 5 Star
Layout 5 Star
Appointments 5 Star
Fiat Ducato 180 Excellent
We hope to see many other Avan Ovation Travelers.

A'van Penrith RV "The No 1 to deal with"

Very unhappy with Avida dealer with new 2015 Eyre. 20 major problems only 4k/kms traveled. Changed to new 2016 Ovation M8. Totally satisfied, no problems, practical layout, dedicated staff. We had A'van Penrith add a Ready Brute Towing facility with our new Suzuki 3-door 4WD, certified and traveled 2k/kms without a hitch. We recommend A'van Penrith, guaranteed 5-star treatment.
Aussie John.

November 21st 2017 Update: AVAN MORRISET No.1 for AFTER SALES SERVICE

We have a M8 Ovation purchased from Penrith. Because we live on the Central Coast contacted Morriset Avan
for some minor issues during warranty period and were pleasantly surprised to receive VIP treatment and expert
service on all the issues we had. Very professional and friendly staff. Aussie John.

Albury Wodonga RV World - Great service and great after sales service

We bought an ovation M3 a few years ago and we love it. The layout is great and drive of the Fiat is excellent. We bought it through Albury Wodonga RV World, the staff are very helpful and nothing seems a hassle. We've been back to Albury Wodonga RV World for servicing and a few teething issues and again the staff were great. The only thing is that is seems like spare parts from avan seem to take ages to arrive. Also I suggest get a diesel heater if you travel around VIC / TAS during the winter months, they are the best!

M7 jack doesn't lift rear

Twice tried to change flat on the rear, Jack supplied with motorhome is useless falls over, nrma roadside assistance man struggled using a bottle jack (I bought) I notified Fiat also Avan, still no answer, also spare lost it 6times, still waiting for a proper solution, it's supposed to be a joy to own but it's the little things that bug you overall the 75,000km travelling has been good, layout 2nd to none, quality control leaves alot to be desired, the Fiat has been a pleasure to drive with a few elements to complain about, I'm 68 and not has fit healthwise, going in for service soon.

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I have a 2017 Fiat Ducato Ovation M3. Is there anywhere a washing machine can be fitted externally
2 answers
I have the m5 c & bought a twin tub machine from Aldi, it fits under the table, I believe Home R V have a similar unit.Many thanks i’ll look into this was hoping to mount it on the back but i don’t think the slide chassis would be strong enough

I have a 2008 m3 Lowline ovation and when driving around a roundabout or sharp left and right corners I have a water rushing sound going from left to right or vice versa not sure if it is in the above canopy or behind the dash hard to tell
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How do you convert the dinning area into a bed on a 2018 ovation
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