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A'van Ovation

Latest review: We have a M5 lowline motorhome, we are very happy with it. We did have a problem with the electric bed, Pakenham lock tighted the grub screw and have had no more trouble. Love the layout of it.

Suncamper Southern Cross

Latest review: I like it. If I can sell my new Hyundai i30cw Station wagon, without losing a packet, I will buy one. It is Australian Made,4 wheels on the differential,is air conditioned and is designed for

Trakka Trakkadu

Latest review: As far as functionality and quality of finish goes, Trakka is the leader in the VW camper conversion field in AU. Apart from the obvious, not one other camper allows you to move the rear seat

Frontline VW T5 Transporter

Latest review: This is my third VW campervan. I fitted the first van out myself, the second was a 1974 factory fit out and my third is a Frontline conversion. This car is truly fantastic, as they say, "Third time

Frontline Toyota Hiace

Latest review: Got mine as a used vehicle nearly 3 years ago (Current 200 series model) with a Talvor front galley and rear seats/bed configuration (similar to Frontline's setup) and find it superb. Having a side

Suncamper Sherwood

Latest review: We shopped around and the Sherwood was perfect in every way. Size of unit, comfort, sturdy. It is extremely easy to drive, we tried larger units and from major makers but were not happy with the

Sunliner Monte Carlo

Latest review: I purchased the flat tow system from Jason in loganholme for $5,600 fitted Penrith RV wanted $9,800 for exactly the same system how is reasonable. Also Penrith RV couldn't care less about you with No

Trakka Veneto

Latest review: Talking to a lawyer over coffee, we were told that when Trakka 'requested' our motor-home to 'prepare for inspection', it was totally illegal for them to have it, touch it or to repair it before

Sunliner Euroklein

Latest review: purchased new after couple trips fittings fell off, around 3yrs old from flooring down full of dry rot had to be replaced cost $5,000 and at moment now 5yrs old still finding dry rot through top of

Jayco Jpod

Trakka Trakkadu II

Sunliner Viva