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ActivLife SportsMed Tens Machine

ActivLife SportsMed Tens Machine

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Fantastic product

Have recently purchased this for back and hamstring pain. Works really well and don't
need to take so many pain killers. Battery life is excellent and service terrific. It is
really portable and I can leave it on all day even when out shopping. Overall very happy and would highly recommend this unit.

Great for strained and tired muscles.

My physio used a SportsMed Clinical Tens Machine regularly on my strained hamstrings and calf muscles so I made enquires and purchased one. It has reduced my recovery time from muscle strains and aided my recovery from thumb joint surgery, also my wife uses it to relieve back and neck soreness.
Easy to use, can be used while walking or doing your daily routine.

Dupuytren's Contracture

I have suffered with persistent cramping in my hands for a number of years.It became a real problem when eating my dinner,my hands would cramp and I could not cut my meal.I was told about a SportsMed Tens Machine.I was sceptical at first but as nothing else I had tried worked thought it was worth a try.I cannot believe the results I have had.I no longer get cramps in my hands and can return to a normal life.I now use it on other parts of my body when the need occurs.I would recommend a Tens machine to others who have muscular cramping or pain.
Easy to use.Inexpensive.Easy to pack for travel purposes.It works.

Healed my torn calf muscle perfectly

I was in agony after tearing my calf muscle at personal training. I wear high heels every day at work, so this was a very bad injury as, as well as me not being able to wear heels, it's a difficult injury to heal, apparently. I was recommended a tens machine called a SportsMed, which I wore for approximately 6 weeks most days up to 8 hours a day. With my job, I'm walking around a lot, so I needed something to fix it ASAP. The injury healed much quicker and the physio was astonished at how well it healed. He said the Tens machine was the answer to my prayers. I'm now back at PT. Fingers crossed.....
Tiny machine which can fit in your pocket while you have it on and noone knows. If wearing a skirt or dress, i just tucked it into my undies.

What a relief for my back. Great machine.

Got one to see if it would help with my back that I put out moving furniture. Did a great job working the muscles to sort it out in conjunction with physio. Used it for five days running and it really made a difference to my recovery rate. Worth buying.
reliable, easy to set up

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