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Ajitas Vege Chips

Ajitas Vege Chips

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Great chip snack

Ignoring the fact that these chips are not a health food, it ticks ALL the boxes for a crisp binge. Great taste, gluten free, made in Australia and no animal cruelty! Love it.

The Best Chips I have Tasted! YUMMM!

They taste AMAZING! :D Love the fact that they have variety of potatoes used in the product and that its Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly. I could eat a bag a day, but as always, everything in moderation and limit. More than anything, I am SO Glad that I have discovered this great product. Super thrilled to know that I can serve these to guests as snacks without hesitation or doubt. Another positive point is that I bought them from Woolies for half price yesterday!!!

Very bland and dry

We bought a multipack of these chips containing a variety of flavors including 'plain', 'salt and vinegar', 'bbq' and 'chicken'. My first impression is that they taste very 'dry' in the mouth. The flavors are very bland, apart from the chicken chip which has a taste that reminds me a lot of chicken stock powder.

The worst chip I ever had

It has too much oil, caught my throat. Don't eat this if you are health conscious. Just useless. Don't recommend to anyone and the oil is not dries completely.

BBQ & Sweet and Sour are great!

I'm not too impressed by them spinning the 'healthy' angle considering that these are just as bad as potato chips in terms of calorie count and carbs, but these do taste great - especially the BBQ and Sweet and Sour flavours. A bit expensive when not on special.

Tastes good - but very unhealthy!

WoW - how on earth is this a healthy food? One 50g packet contains nearly 1,000 kj ... and has lots of added salt! It is basically junk food - containing mainly simple carbs (60%) and fats (38%) - will send your insulin levels skyrocketing and leave you hungry 20mins after eating.

Perfection in a bag

They are amazing! I would honestly recommend these chips to everyone! I love how they are vegan friendly! Definitely worth the money! Could eat a pack of them a day and never get sick of them!

Pity about the bad oil used.

Fantastic product but bad oil. If healthy oil such as coconut was used this product would sell much much more.

Tasty vegie chips although don't like all flavours.

I love most flavours except the vinegar and the sweet and sour ones but everyone has their own tastes. Australian owned and made is the most important part.

Too expensive

These chips are absolutely awesome. Soooo tasty and a great alternative to potato chips, but why so ridiculously expensive? Im sure this product would be so much more popular if they didnt charge unfair prices for it as its a really good product.

Innovative and Tastes Better Than Normal Chips

These chips have a lovely lightness to them akin to popcorn and without the chewiness. They taste even better than potato chips, giving even Pringles a run for their money! They do all this while also being healthy. My only problem with them is that they don't have larger packs. You can always buy more, yes, but that takes up a lot of space considering these are air-filled bags.

Once i opened it, I couldn't stop to eat it

It's one of my very favourite chips in Australia. Gluten, Dairy, Nut free and no added MSG, Artificial colours, flavours but... still so delicious :-) not to salty and good with beer

Perfection (in a bag)

Perfect, flavoursome snacks. Love them. Gluten and dairy free. A little pricey but worth it. Fave flavour: salt & vinegar. Enjoy!


Wow blown away by the flavour packed into these crunchy little delights.
I have never really been a fan of potato chips but I have always liked a crunchy savory snack.
I saw these and thought I would give them a go, I was surprised that they are so tasty.
My kids now search the cupboard looking for them, they have never been big on chips but will fight over these.
They are fabulous with dips, for parties and delightful as an afternoon snack on their own. They don't leave you feeling full like potato chips can.
Totally satisfied with the product. My favorite is sweet and sour!!

Finally Gluten Free Healthy Chips with a great taste

Great healthy snack that is Gluten free with a great taste. You won't be able to put them down. Great for all the family to eat. Also love that they are made in Australia. Love supporting Australia when I can.

Great alternative

We use these as an alternative to potato products because of an allergy situation. Don't change a thing, please. Yummy too.

Loved Them For 7 Years!

I started eating these from the schools canteen because they were one of the only healthy chips avaliable on the market to sell to kids at the time. I started eating them and I can't stop, I've gained a taste for these. It's the new chip! It's healthy and it tastes amazing and that's everything to me in chips. Will buy forever!

yum cha

yea these are really tasty.
Wait till woolies has their cheap deal day get for 2 dollars
never pay 4 dollars screw that

or buy reject shop

They an get boring easily!

First time I tried them, they are quite tasty! After few months then I tired them again. I can't say they are special any more.

Taste Good

They taste good for a healthy alternative to potato chips however after reading some studies online about Cassava (the root used to make these chips) I felt a bit worried about having my child eating them and decided to not buy them anymore.

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How do chicken vege chips taste like chicken without using artificial flavouring?
2 answers
I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure chicken stock is dried out into a powder. Then used to season.Hello Jack. Sorry I cannot really answer this question as I usually purchase the Salt and Vinegar or Sweet and Sour flavoured Vege Chips .I have a pretty debilitating Potato allergy (pain) and finding this product has been great for me, When everyone else is munching on potato products, these have really changed my social interaction at pre dinner drinks etc. I even substitute with these when the rest of the family are having fish and chips (Potato). I must go looking for the chicken variety. Are they just as yummy? I have even been known to arrive at a restaurant with a pkt of Vegie Chips in my handbag, just in case!


Ajitas Vege Chips
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