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Ajitas Vege Chips

Latest review: Ignoring the fact that these chips are not a health food, it ticks ALL the boxes for a crisp binge. Great taste, gluten free, made in Australia and no animal cruelty! Love

Toobs Tasty

Latest review: Please Bring back Toobs,they were the best, Australia's tastiest snack,even if they did tear your mouth apart. Yum yum

Cheezels Cheese

Latest review: you cant go wrong with cheezel's. when i came to australia i didnt know what to expect of this odd food but now that i have tried them the cheesy rings of pure bliss are something i cannot go

Tyrrell's Chips

Latest review: I've liked Tyrrell's from the start, when they were first made in the UK. I felt they weren't as good when they started making them here but they are still my favourite. The new "curry night korma"

Red Rock Deli Potato

Latest review: The Champagne Viniagrette & Shallot and the Sea salt and black truffle are utterly Sensational. My go to chips! Several of my friends dislike salt and vinegar chips but destroy a packet of the

Kettle Potato

Latest review: I have been purchasing the individual "5 bag" packet kettle plain chips for years now but unfortunately more often than not, i get at least one to two bags stale and recently the whole 5 bags were

Grain Wave Wholegrain

Latest review: Sweet chilli grain waves I just purchased have no flavour at all. Very disappointed. This is the second time. I wont be purchasing anymore nore will I be promoting them to any friends or with the

Abe's Bagel Crisp

Latest review: change your packaging, the product is very good but half has to be thrown out as they are mostly bits and pieces, perhaps a box might be appropriate. love the roasted

Burger Rings

Latest review: When I opened my packet of burger rings I thought they must of been out of date, they were smaller, lighter in colour, more airy and with no flavoring!! What the hell happened, they are absolutely


Latest review: These, and many other flavors, to me, are lacking, the punch! Bland, n flavourless, like eating cardboard, use of a dip is needed to eat any of their product. Not just thins, smiths are just as bad!!

Doritos Corn

Latest review: I opened my packet and had 2 Doritos then Called to complain and it was very rude customer service she hung up 4 times do not eat you will die of


Latest review: Bought 2 flavors of the new Pringle’s cheddar and bbq. The cheddar taste like cardboard and were all broken. I don’t mean a couple chips, I mean most of the can were broke.the bbq flavor was hot not r

Smith's Twisties

Latest review: The cheesy flavour is addictive! They're super cheap i bought them on special at kmart. Super aussie product, perfect for a party or after school snack! Would recommend smiths

Samboy Potato

Latest review: Umm, who left off the seasoning? My partner was all excited to introduce me to one of his childhood favourites "atomic tomato" and they tasted like plain potato chips. He seemed so disappointed. They

Freedom Foods No Salt Potato

Latest review: Just discovered. Great find and delish. Bought for daughter who has many food intolerances so plain chips one of the only packaged snack foods she can have but don't like to give her salted ones for

Coles Corn

Latest review: As soon as a packet of Coles tasty cheese corn chips is opened in our house, it's devoured. Even my very fussy mother-in-law loves them! The flavour is just right and I enjoy the taste more than the

Mission Tortilla Strips White Corn

Latest review: Tried these for the first time ever tonight. Pretty tasty. Kept going back for more. Would love to try with dips. Hold their shape well. without the salt I wonder how they would taste. Will try

Smith's Limited Edition Mac n Cheese Potato Chips

Latest review: Flavour is awesome, would recommend to all families, keeps you wanting more 1 pkts not enough, hope its not for a limited time should be permanent! Keep the flavours coming

Coles Stacked Chips

Latest review: Way better value for money in comparison to Pringles, but the salt and vinegar flavor is pretty mild. Doesn't really have that vinegar kick. Otherwise a good chip texture-wise. The plain salted would

Smith's All Star Multipack

Latest review: These small snack size potato chips really offer variety because they come in crinkled and in thinly cut. There are also a couple of tasty flavours to try too. I buy these and take them to work to

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