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Ajitas Vege Chips

Latest review: Other than to much salt and the oil which isn't healthy. The fact their is no dairy or added msg n other things. Makes me buy them. But I won't go more than a pck a week cause way to much salt.

Toobs Tasty

Latest review: Somewhere out there, there are trees working diligently to create oxygen to breathe for the executives at Smiths Chips. Whichever executive cancelled production of Toobs owes those trees an

Cheezels Cheese

Latest review: When on half price special and before a birthday party, these are the best snack! They are always delicious and super moreish! Sometimes a little too cheesey when you eat a whole packet, but I mean,

Tyrrell's Chips

Latest review: Its great to see some chips with reduced salt. I have eaten Japanese and American chips with NO salt. Even better for me, and also for many thousands of people with high blood pressure, heart

Kettle Potato

Latest review: Camembert & Fig chips feel very satisfying to bite into, the crunch is strong and fresh (whereas Smith's is stale and greasy). Flavour tastes different and better than the standard salted, chicken,

Red Rock Deli Potato

Latest review: The best chips are the honey soy chicken ones they are by far the most amazing chips in the world they taste so amazing I love them more than anyother

Grain Wave Wholegrain

Latest review: Found them full of flavour great snack alternative. Great on there own or used with a dip. A healthy alternative snack that kids will also enjoy I really liked the sour cream and chives the best and

Abe's Bagel Crisp

Latest review: My favourite snack with a drink. Absolutely delicious without being over salty or sweet. Even if your not a Vegemite fan chances are you'll fall in love with the crunchy texture and yummy


Latest review: I usually Purchase the original flavour and never had much problem with them. The last batch I got tasted very salty, stale and had a taste that leaves your mouth all Bitter, I did some reading and

Samboy Potato

Latest review: Australian. The flavor really hits you commercial was a big success in the 80s. Been Australian from beginning. Established in the 1950s in Australia. Has been acquired by another Australian company

Cheetos Cheese & Bacon Balls

Latest review: Love how the pack mentions Chester cheetahs favourites and all relate to cheese n bacon balls..Are there such thing as just "cheese balls"?And are they intending to bring out new flavours..keep it

Burger Rings

Latest review: Loved these as a kid more than 3 decades ago. They were quite round and smooth. I recall chasing a rogue burger ring that rolled several metres down a hill. You couldn't eat very many because they

Doritos Corn

Latest review: I opened my packet and had 2 Doritos then Called to complain and it was very rude customer service she hung up 4 times do not eat you will die of


Latest review: Please note: The Pringles can is now only 3/4 full when you open it! They are not stacking the chips in the entire canister. They are charging the same price--but you get less product. What a

Smith's Twisties

Latest review: They definitely don’t taste the same. Bring back the original recipe. Both my husband and myself agreed that , although they look the same, they definitely taste differently to the original recipe of

Freedom Foods No Salt Potato

Latest review: Just discovered. Great find and delish. Bought for daughter who has many food intolerances so plain chips one of the only packaged snack foods she can have but don't like to give her salted ones for

Coles Corn

Latest review: As soon as a packet of Coles tasty cheese corn chips is opened in our house, it's devoured. Even my very fussy mother-in-law loves them! The flavour is just right and I enjoy the taste more than the

Mission Tortilla Strips White Corn

Latest review: Tried these for the first time ever tonight. Pretty tasty. Kept going back for more. Would love to try with dips. Hold their shape well. without the salt I wonder how they would taste. Will try

Coles Stacked Chips

Latest review: Way better value for money in comparison to Pringles, but the salt and vinegar flavor is pretty mild. Doesn't really have that vinegar kick. Otherwise a good chip texture-wise. The plain salted would

Red Rock Deli Thai Chilli & Lime

Latest review: These chips changed my life. They are amazing and I thoroughly urge you to seek them out. They're tangy, spicy with rich contours and layers of complexity and spice. They're passionate with their

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