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Aldi Flat Pack Cabinets

Aldi Flat Pack Cabinets

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Easy to build and good value for money

I purchased this 2 months ago from Aldi and it was very easy to build, very straight forward. The quality is pretty decent and it is value for the money.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Aldi Flat Pack - Mirror Shoe Cabinet

Recently purchased this product. Unfortunately was left very disappointed. It was made from low grade chip board. Chip board was flakey and has massive borer damage product was very flaked and could not hold screws. Holes where either drilled too small so screws did not fit or holes drilled to large so they just simply turned in holes. The mirror used was extremely heavy and could not be held by side supports. It collapsed more than once. Ripping out screws and splitting Malamine. Cheap product. Do not purchase. Have taken it to the tip..for disposal.

These are made PERFECT so You can put together a PERFECT Cabinet

I have just put together two ALDI RITZ Shoe cabinets. You will need the assembly instructions as putting these together isn't just straight forward. These cabinets have been designed and made to be assembled using excellent quality parts and screws etc. Naturally the first cabinet is always the hardest, as you find out how exactly to put it together. Using only a phillips head screw driver and a rubber mallet and following the instructions exactly, I now have two perfect shoe cabinets. Just make sure the holes [already drilled] in the wood is aligned to where the screw goes. Sometimes I had to turn the piece of wood around to align the holes perfectly, and the item will all go together perfectly... I have previously assembled an ALDI 4 DRAWER cabinet and a one drawer french bedside table and they all look professional too...

Cabinet Awareness for Front Load Machines

If you own a Front Load Washing Machine and think it would be easier to access if mounted on a cabinet I would recommend paying a bit extra and purchase a steel cabinet for stability.

The ASKO cabinet is approximately $500.00, but, a similar cabinet from the Good Guys is approximately 1/2 the price.

Aldi had Cabinet Flat Packs out on special and my wife was advised by her Physio to raise up her Front Load Machine to make it easier for her.
Well a NEW Flat Pack entered our home and I set about assembling it for her. It looked professional when assembled, BUT, the top had NO MEANS to prevent the washing machine from walking off it.

The ASKO machine has a TOP SPIN of 1600 RPM.
OK, if it sitting on the floor, BUT, on the cabinet - WOW!
Shake, Rattle, Rock-n-Roll, is the best way to describe the motion.

The Machine proved that the Flat Pack Cabinet was not strong enough to with-stand the HIGH SPIN of the machine.
The method of assembly left too much free play in the fittings and the RATTLING CABINET gave the impression of wanting to FALL APART.
To strengthen the cabinet and make it more solid I made up a Tubular Steel Frame and Bolted it into the cabinet.
The draw also requires a fastener to prevent it from vibrating open.
The machine and cabinet at now firmly attached to each other by 'Pedestal Bolts' from the manufacturer.

I have also seen other Flat Packs on the market and my advice would be to check them carefully to establish if they have a similar method of assembly that may require strengthening for a Front Load Washing Machine.

Remember, accidents can happen too easily in the home, therefore, please take care.

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I have no instructions for Beaumont multi purpose cupboard 61503. Can you be of help please?
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I have lost my instructions and a part that holds the middle shoe piece together for the three plus one small drawer shoe cabinet. can you send me the instructions again as I can’t work out what piece is missing without completely dismantling it
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All the three shelves are the same , using the same two plastic end pieces.... so, You should have three identical shelves... top piece, bottom piece & middle piece, along with the two end pieces.... = I shelf If You have lost an end piece [plastic] that holds the 3 pieces of wood in place, You won't be able to use that shelf.... Lee bugbuyer

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