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Ikea Besta

Latest review: 1. The cabinet doors were impossible to line up. I think it's due to how bad the hinges were. 2. The screws immediately stripped during installation making the install ridiculously long and painful.

Ikea Omar

Latest review: I've always liked wire rack kitchen storage but was put off by the price. I was a bit sceptical about the Ikea ones because they are (I think) quite cheap compared to others. Having put them togther

Oz Design Arden Storage Unit

Latest review: I couldn't be happier with this cabinet. I paid very close to the full RRP, but the quality it offers is definitely worth the price. I understand it is made from Tasmanian oak. It is really

Bay Leather Republic Trapesium Showcase

Latest review: This unit is made entirely out of recycled timber. Solid timber is used. Has a very strong pine/wood scent, still pleasant though. Glass panel sliders are very sturdy and double interlocking

Ikea Kallax Range

Latest review: Love the shelving by itself but the door inserts are a nightmare. Cannot be installed using screwdrivers. Need a strong electric drill and lots of force. Two screws screw into the bookcase walls on

Ikea Laiva

Latest review: Pros: It looks nice; is economical; has much storage for the dollar. Cons: Why only two backboards? Why 11 nails for each of them instead of an even number? Was most difficult Ikea furniture to

Ikea Billy Bookcase

Latest review: Not beautiful but practical. I bought 2 extra shelves for each bookcase, but found that they can't be placed in the proper position because of the door hinges and some missing holes. Now I have 2

Aldi Flat Pack Cabinets

Latest review: I purchased this 2 months ago from Aldi and it was very easy to build, very straight forward. The quality is pretty decent and it is value for the

Ikea Hemnes Storage Combination

Latest review: We have been happy with our units (a TV bench, cupboard with three drawers and two glass doors and shelves with two full glass doors) since purchased almost three years ago. Until yesterday. For

Ikea Lack Wall Shelf

Latest review: These shelves work much better on brick walls than plasterboard. I find them really painful to install on plasterboard and also probably a bit dangerous from a safety perspective. Still they look

Ikea Detolf Glass-door Cabinet

Latest review: Purchased one of these cabinets about 5 years ago and when we opened the packaging and pulled out the first piece of glass to assemble it the glass panel exploded in our hands . We had young children

Freedom Cancun 1 Drawer Bedside Table

Latest review: This product is DANGEROUS! When the drawer is opened the weight of the drawer tips the whole unit over forward, even when empty! I bought this together with a matching bed for my 3 year old when she