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Alligator Mini Chopper with Collector

Alligator Mini Chopper with Collector

2.5 from 15 reviews

Hasn't lasted 2 months!

Use once a week. lasted not even 3 months!. Dice ONLY capsicum, tomatoes and cucumber. Blades have bent and now fallen off! Bought from House but don't have receipt. Not i pressed with cheap product. The one I bought from Aldi for $10 lasted 8 months!! Shameful Baccarat, I though you sold better quality products, but now I know you too only sell cheap products for a premium price!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Couldn't live without it

I find this great to use, mostly I do onion and potato although I've also done carrot and other firm vegetables. Only seems to work with peppers etc if they are very firm which does not really worry me overly much. I have some trouble with fine cordination in my right hand and that makes cutting with a knife a bit tricky so I love this gadget for that reason also.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

This is an extremely bad product.

Can not believe this is a product made by Baccarat.It was so flimsy. I tried dicing onions,returned it to House they understood and replaced it.I returned that one two days later.Sorry i was expecting a better product. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Avoid this product

The first time I used this, it worked well. But when I tried to slice bell peppers, the blades became very dull and just ended up mashing them. I tried it again on other vegetables but I just ended up with the same poor results.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Full disclosure

Alligator chopper blunts each time I dice capsicum aka pepper. House have been brilliant in replacing the blade once and it happening again as soon as I chopped capsicum. No where does it say do not chop this veg. Have now pinned.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Bent blades, rubbish.

On 5th use the blades bent whilst chopping thin layers of TOMATOES!!! Poor quality metal. I can't find anywhere to source spare parts on the internet. Baccarat website is "under construction".

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Waste of money, it just doesn't cut it!

I tried cutting both onions and capsicums, vegetables that are always in my home cooked meals. I applied a lot of pressure with my hand but the capsicum got half squashed, half chopped; and the onion - I couldn't even get the blades through it.
My opinion is that the blades are very poor quality, very blunt and thin/flexibile. I was quite disappointed as I really wanted this to work.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Excellent but expensive

This product is excellent but hard to find in shops (bought from Amazon). It is expensive but when you realise that one company has the patent for it - the price is understandable.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best time saving Kitchen utensil

I own a busy restaurant, we have been using these alligator choppers for years. It is used everyday with our daily prep, We cut Onions, carrots, cucumber, tomato, and potato with ease.
We have just started using our 3rd one in 4 years. It has a consistent cut every time. for those that complain about it not chopping and using to much pressure ... you need to do the chop in one fast motion! ... Not sit it on and try and push through it. think of an AXE and how you use that.
We have tried many other "commercial" ones and all have failed after a week.
I'm currently looking for my next backup one as they can be hard to find sometimes. best $40 bucks i've spent!

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Can live without out!

Not impressed at all. It is useless for hard vegetables. Even though I cut a carrot in half, I thought I was going to break the thing. All the carrot didn't go through. Unable to do strips for cold slaw. Returning it tomorrow.

Best Kitchen Gadget Ever!

I have had my Alligator dicer/chopper for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it, it is my fave kitchen gadget. Having tried various chopping/dicing gadgets over the years, most are completely useless, this one is brilliant and u don't even have to plug it in! Makes fine dicing of onions and all other firm veggies a breeze, as long as you are only making small quantities, e.g. 2-3 onions. For larger quantities I would use food processor. Very simple to use and clean. Blades are very sharp so keep well away from young children. I have learnt a few tricks, e.g. Slice vegetables before dicing as it is very difficult trying to push blades through half an onion or carrot! The thinner the slice, the easier it is to dice. You will also end up with much finer diced veg, ideal for hiding vegies in meals for fussy eaters! You can also julienne carrots/zucchini by cutting short lengths and placing them in the Alligator vertically (upright), great for salads. Use for onions, carrots, zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms. Can also use on firm fruit.
Quick and easy to use, easy to clean, no electricity required! Dices/juliennes finely.

My favourite kitchen gadget !!!

I have had both the Alligator and the Mini Alligator for a few years now.....and I can honestly say it's my go to gadget in the kitchen.....I'd be lost without it now. It is fast and cleans up easily.
I will add that you have to use some force on some onions, and larger potatoes etc. and that it doesn't always chop through as fast as the demo video suggests.
Also there is a design fault with the clear receiver lid in that the small teeth that insert into the base have a habit of snapping off. I have experienced this on both models, a few times. It is frustrating as the item is expensive for the materials it;s made from. Fortunately for me my retailer replaces these accessories free of charge and recognise the fault within the product.
Knowing all this, I would still buy both.......they save so much time and tears !!!!!!
fast, efficient, works as it's supposed to, saves time, stops painful onion tears
Pricy, design fault in the lid, food receiver

Less tears but not as easy as it looks!

This product is a timesaver, but you still need to do some chopping, eg halve the onion first, not that this is too difficult! What is difficult though, is pressing the handle through the vegetable, it seems it doesn't always line up? I find you have to jiggle it and then press again quite hard and the veggie then gets chopped, and goes into the container.
Least to clean, comes apart easily, top shelf dishwasher safe
Strength needed to put pressure on lever

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this person is right it to hard to work have to jiggle the onion and it dosent chop or dice the onion like you think i still have to cut the onion and that is the reason I bought this gadget so I wouldn't have to do any work so I might as well bring my blender up if i have to do work.n i'm sending it back

This chopper is very disappointing

After watching the video at the shop of the Alligator Chopper, I was convinced enough to purchase thinking it would be good to make finger food for my baby.

However I was HIGHLY disappointed for the following reasons:
1. Doesn't do cubes despite what it says on the advertisement
2. Vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes cannot be put into the machine because they are too hard for the chopper
3. Even with an onion it took a large amount of force to push down the chopper - the blade is very weak.
4. In general the chopper is not very sturdy and when you push down on it, feels like it could break.
5. Price is expensive for what it can't do!

Expensive, doesn't chop harder vegetables, hard to use

Need to do Prep Work

I am reviewing the chopper, rather than the mini chopper. I found the original blade is not much use, but the additional chipper blade seems to work better. You do need to do some prep work for hard vegetables, e.g. carrots etc, however, if you quarter them you can get good cubes for salads, soups etc. It does take a bit of pressing even still, and I do always worry that the thing will break, but with good even pressure it seems to be OK. It works very well for softer vegetables, e.g. peppers, mushrooms, etc.

If you do a lot of salads, and don't mind the bit of prep work, this might be for you.
Chops cubes relatively quickly. (Food processors aren't good at cubes.). Relatively easy to clean.
Expensive, prep work is required for hard vegetables.

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Thank you there is only 4 reviews that I have seen out of the lot all had a complaint but you were the only 1 to go to the problem & explain problems & ways around them. As most cooks knows any cook needs pre as there is many forms of it so thank you very much but it really doesn't sound like the one I'm actually looking for. I hope you & yours have a very good day & the coming of Christmas. Life

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Mini Chopper with Collector
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